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Heavy Weight In My Bed


Around 5am, I was laying in bed when I felt a huge weight on me. It actually felt like it was next to me at first. I had been sleeping so I thought it was my boyfriend. I felt the weight start touching my face... But like pushing heavily so that's when I started to really focus on it. I started to wake up and I remembered that my boyfriend was working the night shift at his job and wasn't in bed with me and that's when the feeling of heaviness got more intense. It went from light pushing on my face/mouth (which I thought was a strong kiss) to more of a hand over my mouth pushing my face down, but I couldn't feel anything on my face just the weight of something. Next it came over my whole body and I was unable to move. I tried to open my eyes, to scream, but nothing came out. My mouth was a little bit open and I started to feel a lot of pressure on my tongue, almost like a pulling. I was trying really hard to close my mouth but I couldn't.

I was lying there completely aware of my body but after what felt like an eternity of pushing I almost felt my "spirit" leave my body because I felt like my spirit tried to run out of the room. To explain better, I felt like I had got up to run to the door and then remembered that I couldn't leave myself behind so I ran back into the bed. The pressure was still really strong but I was able to break myself from it by trying to reach for my phone (was going to call my boyfriend) and trying to scream. The second I opened my eyes I reached for my phone. I thought I saw a dark figure standing about 4 feet from my bed, but it could have been my imagination at that point.

On a side note, some weird things have been happening at my house recently. My roommates radio turned on randomly in the middle of the night when I was the only one home about 3 weeks ago, and then when she was home alone her electric toothbrush turned on and off a few times by itself. So, we tried using a Ouija board about a week ago. I'm scared that we've let something in.

Another thing I read is about "incubus". It was a weird energy that I thought started out as a kiss, and my boyfriend and I had just had "relations" in my bed for the first time since the Ouija board about two and a half hours earlier. But, I didn't feel any more violated than just the pressure on my mouth.

I'm not really sure what to expect.

Should I be afraid?

Is this real?

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ghostaric (9 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-17)
😐 😕 I've read your storie but you have got to get thet thing out of your house trust me allthogh I'm only 13 I have grown up studing ghosts that thing is someone you know that died recently but do some resurch on this site it taut me a lot looking forword to helping you! 😐
Ryno (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-29)
You should be scared. It could be a evil spirit, I have experience it alot. My house is haunted to. I like your storie. Take care xxx

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