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More Than One Spirit


This is a story about the house I live in now. I live in Central Queensland Australia in a small town, and I was around about 15 when this experience happened. I'm 18 now and I still can't explain what I saw. Back before this event, I actually used to sleep in the middle room of the house which is directly across from the open plan dining and living room. I used to wake up at night and see this dark figure of a person looking over me, as though it was someone tucking me in to bed. It used to scare me a lot. After awhile I moved out of the house and into an old office building outside and the room became the family computer room.

One night I was the only person left awake. I was sitting in this room with the light on talking away to friends on msn with my dog sitting at my feet. After about a few hours at about midnight, I saw a female figure in a white night gown walk past the door and as I looked over my dog gave a little bit of a growl like it does when my mother or sister walk past. The dog went outside the door spun around a full 360 and then looked at me as to say "where did they go". I know what I saw and my dog must have seen it too. So I got up and walked towards my sister's room and opened the door. She was still sound asleep I tried talking to her, no response. A bit of history about this house is it used to be an old piggery (slaughter house).

On many occasions my mother, father sister and I have seen this lady. But also when sitting in the lounge room there is what appears to be a man who walks past the window towards the door. But we never see him at the door; he will walk past the window and disappear.

My mother was in the kitchen one morning about 5months ago and she looked up at the old shed (which was the slaughter house) and she saw an old man wearing a checkered flannelette shirt walking towards the shed. But after she saw him he disappeared into nowhere, this was during the day...

This room I sit in now which used to be my sisters room. While my sister was in hospital for cancer I used to sleep in here at night instead of out in the office building which was my room, and I can swear that every night... I would open my eyes and see a dark shadow tall, built like a man, walking from the far side of my room across the door. Sometimes it would walk from the door and disappear near the wardrobe.

This same wardrobe used to unlock and lock its self over night. I would lock it with the key and leave the key hanging off the handle... I would wake up in the morning the doors would be wide open and the key still hanging...

A lot of the furniture in this house is my mums, mothers and fathers (nana and pop) after they died mum got most of the furniture.

Believe me or don't. But I have a lot of other stories...

Please comment as this is my first story. Sorry for the long read but I hope you enjoyed it.

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Paranoid (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-24)
I think animals are more sensitive to things like that than clown are. Our clowns have been acting strangely. I'm going to submit my own clown pretty soon
Jamie04 (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-18)
well, nothing has really happened lately... Which is strange. But my sister and I did leave home... I came back home but shes still not living in this house and nothing has happened... Maybe... It could be a clown conected to her, because her house has a lot of strange thingsa happen. And her cats are always staring at things that arnt there...
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-24)
If your clown something then it's definitely something going on.

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