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The Third Shift Hauntings


My first story takes place in Copley, Ohio, not far from Cleveland. I had just started dating my first, late husband. One evening, while I was visiting his house, we started telling ghost stories. He lived in the house with his dad, and he was telling me that the house we were in had a ghost or two.

He went on to tell me of his experiences. When he was a child he was awakened in the middle of the night by something grabbing him by both feet and yanked him out of bed. He also told me that sometimes when you are outside, if you looked at his old bedroom window, you might see a face looking back at you or lights started turning on. He tried to tell his dad, but his dad was a sceptic, and didn't believe him. At the time, so was I, so just to prove his point, he told me to watch. He had a little apartment down in the basement, and his dad had the upstairs and was at work since he worked third shift. Mike walked over and turned up the stereo, and than there was a pounding on the floor above, it sounded like a broom handle being pounded on the floor. I really didn't think that proved much, and didn't have another thought about it. Until I moved into his little apartment with him, and that is when my experiences started.

One night Mike and his dad were at work, and I was in the house alone. I was watching TV when I heard something sliding around on the floor above. I just kept watching my show, and a little while later, I went up for a snack, as I went into the kitchen I looked off into the dining room to find that one of chairs had been turned around and facing the kitchen, and it felt as if someone was sitting there watching me. I know that doesn't sound like much, his dad could have moved it, but his dad was a neat freak and he didn't go to work with a thing out of place, he never used the dining room and he kind of jumped all over me the next morning for not pushing the chair in when I was done with it.

There were other nights when the guys were working that I would be on the phone talking with my best friend, and the other line in the house would pick up, I knew my friend only had one phone in her house, so it had to come from mine.

The scariest one for me though, was the one that convinced me that there was really something there. Our little apartment only had a shower, and I am a bath person. So again, while the guys were at work I went upstairs to take a bath. The bathroom with the tub was long, and had a mirror the whole length of the room. As I walked into the room I got a sudden chill, and felt as though someone was right behind me. When I went to turn around, I turned towards the mirror and there she was, an elderly lady, in a long white nightgown, in the mirror and standing right behind me. By the time I finished the turn she was gone.

Whatever was in the house stayed upstairs, so I stayed downstairs, and things seemed to stay quiet as long as I did. After a few months of being in the house, we were married and moving into our own house. The funny thing though, Mike's dad would come over, and lecture Mike about coming over while he was at work, and wanting to know why he left all the lights on, or turned on all the burners on the stove. He still didn't believe that there was anything in his house.

9 years ago my husband passed away, together we had a son. After my husband's death, our son spent a lot of time with his grandpa. For years I didn't think of the experiences in that house, let alone talk about them with my son. A few years ago I thought about the house, my son was 12, so I thought I would ask him if anything strange had ever happened to him in that house. I about fell on the floor when he asked me if I was talking about the old lady and the white nightgown. He has also told me that his grandpa is now a believer, and that they have both experienced some of the same things I did, and my son was even touched in the middle of the night. He found out that when his grandfather passes away that he is inheriting the house. I had to laugh when he informed me that before he moved in, he was having TAPS or another team go in first.

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TinaBug1975 (2 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-12)
Thanks for reading guys. As far as a Ougi board, I would never let someone bring one into my house. I let it happen one time, and we were just getting ready to use it, my computer screen was a little dusty, and when I looked over at I could sware you could see the face of Jesus etched into the screen, I don't know if it was my over active imagination, or if we were really being warned not to use it, but we put back in the box and removed it from the house and within the hour, the image wasn't there.

As far as the history of the house itself, my father in law says that he is only the second owner of the house, and that a gentleman had the house built for his daughter, and she disappeared before she could move into it, so my father in law is the only person to have lived in the house, but I don't know about the history of the property itself.
Whenever I think of who it may be, I always pictured a grumpy old woman, who just likes to be left alone, and things quite.
Nor_Cal_Girl (3 stories) (97 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-02)
Interesting. Maybe she was a grandmother once, and still lives there or something. It seems like she made more of an appearance to younger kids, other than the time you were in the bathroom. Maybe she passed away there? Perhaps you could do some research on the house's previous owners. Great story, thanks for sharing.
tee_jo1980 (1 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-02)
She doesn't seem to be harmful, maybe she just use to live there. It would be awsome if TAPS or another team went in there to find out who she was, just be cautious about who actually comes in there. I know every person is different and I have seen people using Ouji boards and other rituals to communicate with the other side, I personally would never do that as you never know who else you are opening the door too.
kissofdeath13 (8 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-02)
awesome story. I would be freaking out if I was you and telling anyone I could about it.

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