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Figure Watching Me Struggle While Paralyzed


Here's just some background information on me and where I live: I am 15 years old, I live with my mother and 3 older brothers. When my mother and father got our apartment in 1987 somehow they learned that a previous tenant died in here. I believe I have a psychic gift, When I was little (age 4-7) I remember seeing a short man wearing a red shirt, dark pants, with black curly hair and holding a cup for a split second. Then he would disappear. Age 12-13 I would feel something pulling on strands of my hair. Sometimes I would get a strange feeling like I'm not alone, then a couple seconds later; my cat would go berserk and run up and down the apt at top speed, then just calm down. I heard stories of when I was an infant, every night for a couple months; I would wake up in the night at the same time every night, cry for hours and stop at the same time every night. My father also used to see things and would identify that something was there before I started crying.

On with my experience:

It happened Last night/this morning. Usually I sleep in the bedroom with my mother (we have a 1 bedroom apt), but 1 of my brothers was spending the night at his friends house. So I slept in the living room with my 2 brothers. I was having a hard time falling asleep but I did around 1:30-2:00am. This is where it got strange. I haven't had a bad dream/nightmare since I was 12. I started dreaming that I was in a cathedral type hall, and sunlight was hitting from all the glass windows. Suddenly it got dark and 3 men appeared in from of me. One looked like a priest and the other guy looked pretty normal, but the on in the middle was hideous, purple grey skin, tall and skinny with long white stringy hair, and a crooked creepy grin. His eyes were very angry and he was staring at me through out the whole dream. The priest stated that he was a rapist and then the priest made me hold this thick metal plate, that was divided in four pieces had designs, and was lettered a, b, c, d. I balanced the plate on top my fingers and held the mans hands down to the plate with my thumbs. Suddenly the priest and the other man walked behind the creepy looking one and disappeared, and from some reason I kept repeating the letters to myself, a,b,c,d. Then the man said "e,f,g...e,e" he was trying to get me to recite the alphabet. I started glaring at him and closed my eyes, and tried screaming, but woke up mumbling. That was weird seeing I hadn't had a bad dream in so long. I tossed and turned and fell back asleep. That happened around 3. One of my brothers was awake and one was asleep.

I woke up again when my youngest of 3 brothers was finally coming to sleep, around 4:30-5:00am. I turned facing towards my mother's bedroom and closed my eyes, lying on my stomach. I closed my eyes, but couldn't fall back asleep. My body started feeling really heavy really fast so I opened my eyes, and saw this black hooded shadow, standing in the doorway between the living room and my mother's bedroom. The bedroom door was open so the street lights were coming in making a silhouette perfectly visible. I tried to turn my head to my brother sleeping the in bed next to mine, but I couldn't move. I swear the heaviness was so strong I could hear it.

I tried screaming, and thrashing, but my body wouldn't move and my screams came out as little squawks, that I could barely hear, but I felt the strain in my vocals. I knew that wasn't working, so I focused on moving my body again. When I opened my eyes the figure looked transparent now, but I was still petrified. I tried to move my arms, it wouldn't work. I looked away from the figure and focused on my fingers. I stared at my index and thumb on my right hand, and tried to pinch my left arm (I was sleeping on my stomach with my head on my left arm and my right hand in front of my face right next to my left hand) My fingers were barely twitching, slowly I gained enough control to give my self 2 weak pinches and after that I was able to move again. Through the whole thing I was telling myself "please move, just move, just move" after I gained control I was scared to get up and leave the bed so I turned and faced my brother.

After I calmed down enough, I got out the bed and walked to my mothers room, my brother woke up, and I told him to go back to sleep. I turned the bedroom light on, and my mother was sleeping, I laid in the bed next to her, watched the sun rise, and when she got up to go take a shower I told her what happened, and started crying while doing so. She told me she knows what to do. I told my oldest brother before he left for work and he told me he slept funny the night before to. He said usually he's a light sleeper, but last night he was knocked out. I was so shaken I missed school today. I feel a lot calmer now, and I'm not afraid about what happened. I just hope it doesn't happen again, because it wasn't a nice feeling.

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JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-10)
Sounds demonic. Try Catholic Holy water, and comanding it to leave in Jesus name. The names of Mary and St. Michael the Aechangel also work well. If Catholic, attend Mass, confession and receive communion often. Good luck and God bless.
xavenging_angelx (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-08)
I get this too and I would also like to hear different ideas as to what it is. I'm completely paralyzed and can't move anything but my neck and head. When I try to scream I can't, and whenever I look to one side of my bed, there it is... A black, humanoid shaped hooded figure. I can't see his eyes though.
Akemi (guest)
12 years ago (2010-02-09)
this is strange. My mother told me once of this thing called 'tied during sleep'. What it is is that while you are asleep, you suddenly feel as if you are tied up. You can't move at all. It happens during your sleep but you can feel it, I think. My mother experienced that a few times in her childhood, but it was never as frightening as yours. She only her of this in japan though, which is where she lived in her childhood. I think she said it was said that spirits do that to you sometimes. Your case may be similar, except for the fact that you saw the spirit, and your family members seem to have felt it too. You should be careful. If something like this ever happens again, you should get a paranormal investigator to help you with the spirit. I hope this helps. Good luck.
sterhawk123 (1 stories) (28 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-09)
WAS THE PERSON WITH THE BLACK HOOD SHORT? And was it not really a hood but like a somewhat drape pulled over the persons head? If so can you tell me please
Wilmer (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-03)
Ok, I have some advice for you. First off I'd like to say I don't want to offend you passionate Christians who have posted saying that God is the only solution to sleep paralysis, and that you're only escape is prayer. While I too am Christian, I guess I have a more logical than emotional approach to problems than you do.

Here's my advice. You can accept it or decline it, but I deal with sleep paralysis about one night a week, which is much more than the average amount of people who experience it.

When in a paralyzed sleep state, suck in all of your breath and hold it. Within seconds you will be awake. It's hard when in that state to remember to do this, but if you can remember, believe me, it works.

Sleep paralysis is a real sleep disorder, and while the paranormal may play a part in it sometimes, I don't think sleep paralysis is born out of pure evil. If it comforts you, than pray before you sleep or call God's name as suggested before, but one approach that always solves my problem is holding my breath until I wake up.

Like I said take my advice or leave it, but I deal with this a lot and it always works. You can try the other suggestions, I don't know how effective they are as I never use them and don't feel like I need to but its your choice. Good Luck!
ZiShu (281 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-18)
Technically it is sleep paralysis. However it is caused by DEMONs to put fear in their victims and keeping them for escaping. They do that to feed on your fear. They always show up as hooded shadows, or may have some type of cap. The usually have red eyes.
Don't you think it's strange that these people who claim it to be a normal everyday sleep paralysis forget to spot that half of these experiences has shadow creatures appearing or something with more of a form.
It is said sleep paralysis causes Hallucinations. However why out of all hallucinations comes out shadow figures that actually move, or demonic looking creatures. They don't get the pattern, hallunication = shadow/demonic creature during sleep paralysis. You also said you had a dream, which is obviously about some type of demon as well. So somehow when we are in our feared state during hallucinations, we automatically create the same images that everyone else imagines concerning all the infinite things that many different personalities can imagine in which it all ends up being shadow/demonic creatures. Sheesh these skeptics are not making logical sense here. There is still no scientific explanation for why everyone is seeing these same hallucinations. The question is, why would fear = shadow/demons?
There are also atheists and people whom never think about these type of creatures existing yet somehow they share same experience after the attacks.
I share these same experiences, however I have my own way of combating them. You can pray to God before you go to bed for protection. When you are being attacked call out God's name. The reason why the demon showed you a dream dealing with church because God is the demon's enemy.
It's never too late to start praying more.
God Bless

I am not sure what Lealight mean by making pass the false God that tricks us into coming back into this world. Never heard of that happening except in OBE. I don't know why he/she uses the word "trick" when afterward he/she states that their own theories may not be true of what can happen in the afterlife.
greenpondmike (1 stories) (82 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-18)
JESUS CHRIST is still the answer--HE'S always been and always will be. If HE can't help you--nobody can. HE can do anything for HE is GOD, the only GOD, and there is none other. Try HIM and then write back and tell us about your victory. Just put all your trust in HIM, HE will never let you down.
KirkoBezerko (guest)
12 years ago (2009-11-17)
Hey mate it's called 'Sleep paralysis, nothing to be afaird of considering it's a fairly common sleeping disorder, don't let it scare you, just your brain playing tricks on you.
bankesio_17 (9 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-17)

Was the creature you saw is a cat-like creature...?
Cause if it is? It might be a "Sigbin" a Philippines mythological creature that been said to have a pair of reversed hind legs and do walk like a cat but in a reverse manner. And looks like a mummified cat...
bankesio_17 (9 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-17)
that is not normal maybe there is an old church or something like beneath youre residence now...
So try researching about it and you might find the answer to you're own question... 😕 😢
Lealight (3 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-17)
I experience a few dark hooded ones chanting over me once before I woke up, but I scared them away by trying to suck in their dark energy and change it to light. Many people have seen these dark hooded beings and is not uncommon.
I will tell you this they are not positive hence the darkness. They get power from fear so the more fear the more power hence more darkness. So do not be afraid instead try to focus on their energy and try to grab them and turn them to light. They will run away in fear of you because you actually have more power over them. They want us to think they are more powerful and teach us something or BS like that when in fact there is another agenda. They want to control our perceptions so that they can get power from that. They also like to try to control our dreams, for instance when I was a child I would have this dream about a monster chasing me, but when I decided to chase it, it then ran away. This is exactly what they are afraid of us, when we are not afraid. They will also pose as entities after death which many in Gnostic text have called them Archons also referred as Dark Masters and Spirit guides. They are tricksters and will try to make you believe that you have no power to create anything on your own after death, when this may not be true. I believe we can leave this world and create our own without any other entity over us. So if you can make it past the false God that may try to trick you into coming back to this world you may make it through.
Faraaz (14 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-17)
Really, its too scary, you must be frozen while watching that figure as it was now transparent. If I would've been there, I would have a heart attack.

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