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It Wasnt The Wind


Every year when I was a kid, my family (dad, mom, me and little sister) went to Wyoming to see our friends. They lived in a farmhouse with a huge yard and a ranch, so I loved going there. The only thing that freaked me out was its history. Their house was 200 years old, and had a graveyard in their property. They had so many stories of seeing things, figures showing up in pictures, and hearing talking, laughing singing. Etc. In the graveyard there were a few children, so I think they have something to do with this story.

My sister, my friend Grace, and I were sitting on the back porch talking. They had a big wrap around porch and we were sitting on the corner. It was a hot day with very little if no breeze. We were eating ice creams as we were talking when the back door suddenly flew open and started opening a closing really fast. (The opening was facing us, and there was no hand). By the way it was moving it would be impossible for the wind to be doing this, even if it was a very windy day. But, there was no wind at all. We stared at it in shock for a couple of seconds, then screamed, dropped our ice creams and ran around to the front where everyone was there, no one was missing.

That same day the three of us were sitting in the same spot talking about ghosts. Grace was saying how she could tell when they were near, me and my sister just looked at each other thinking, "yeah, right." Grace went to take a drink; she saw there was a bug in the drink. She put down her glass and said, "Ew, there's a bug in here!" Then suddenly, the glass flew off the deck as if someone had pushed. Again, the way it done, it would be impossible to have been the wind.

Our prediction was that it a one of the ghost kids playing a prank on us. We don't know what is it was but what we do know is that wasn't the wind.

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Lone_Wolf (36 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-23)
Is this anywhere near Cheyenne? I'd love to investigate! I'm just a local wizard looking to expand my supernatural experience. There's something about Whitaker rd that I'm looking forward to investigating too!
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-20)
It is quite possible your prediction of it being someone from years past is true, or with that much history to the home and the land, it mnay have been poltergeist activity.

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us!

God Bless!
WReck72 (1 stories) (116 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-20)
No wind in Wyoming...😲...?!? That alone would be paranormal. 😲.

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