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Is It My Dead Granddad?


This is all kind of new to me since I'm a teenager, so bare with me! Plus it's kind of long.

My granddad died in September. My dad wanted to read but he couldn't because it was his dad so my dad asked the vicar if she could read. I heard about it and asked my dad if I could read instead. I added my own few words and a poem. When the funeral came and we were in there I burst into tears. And when I cry my face goes red and a bit puffy. I still read anyway with my dad by my side and this is why I think he has come to visit me. Since then loads of weird stuff has been happening mostly in my bedroom but other places as well.

When I was in my bed about to go to sleep, my phone made a noise. I had a look and hadn't got a text and my battery wasn't low. My television has been turning channels when I hadn't sat on it or touched it. This has happened once at my Nan's and it was kind of freaky.

I and my family go away for weekends to our friend's house; I close the window and the curtains. When we got back my small window was fully open, my curtains were open and my jeans that were on the radiator were on the floor and so was my dream catcher. I thought it could have been a burglar but he would of have to have been really skinny. My iPod was turning up and down on New Years Eve as well when I hadn't been touching it.

When I and my friend and some others were in my bedroom, my friend switched off my lamp. She went back to where she was standing and it switched back on again, we got freaked out, but there were young kids in the room so we left it.

We went to our other friend's house, with my Nan. These people don't really see this one couple, but tonight they were there. This lady saw my granddads wedding ring on a chain around my Nan's neck, because it was too big to fit on her finger. My Nan said yes and she had a look. It turns out this lady was a psychic. She said to my Nan that he was always with her. At first my Nan didn't think this; she thought that he had the hump with her.

Anyway, later when I came in the room the lady said to me whatever I do will be the right choice. I was a bit speechless then. She told us that she could tell what to stuff by looking at things that the deceased person had gave you. (Before they were dead) My dad had my granddads watch on, so they went to the dining room and they talked and stuff. I don't know what happened though.

They told us that in the dining room there were about 18 bulbs. One of them started flickering. About 20 minutes later after they had come back, we were all sitting down. The song played at my granddads funeral 'When You Say Nothing at All' by Ronan Keating came on. But you don't hear it a lot on the radio. My eyes started to well up; the psychic noticed and asked if I was alright, I started to cry. We left like 30 minutes after that.

That was only about a week ago. Thanks for reading my story and sorry it's a bit long. Any comments welcomed!

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