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The White Spectre


This story did not actually happen to me, but it DID happen to a very good and very trustworthy friend of mine, who I will only refer to as Daniel to protect his identity.

One night in the late fall, sometime between mid-November and late October (no this is not a Halloween haunting), Daniel and three of his friends- Rocky, Sam, and John- were sitting on the roof of Sam's house near the rural community of Pegram, TN, when they noticed a white form across the roof from them. This apparition had an unusual glow to it, almost as if it were an angel. However, when the ghost noticed them coming closer, it reared its head toward them and showed them its glowing red eyes. Naturally, they were scared senseless and ran away from it. When they told Sam's parents, they didn't believe them, so the guys didn't press the matter.

But not too long after that, Rocky and Daniel were in the basement of Sam's house when they noticed that the door was rattling as if someone were trying to open it. Thinking it was Sam trying to get in; they ignored it and said, "Sam, you have a key." After rattling several times, the door swung into the wall so hard that the knob was dented and the cinder block wall had a neat hole in it. The door had blown open as if there was a high-speed wind outside, but when they went outside there wasn't even a breeze. The two began walking up to the front door (the basement has no indoor entrance) when after walking a few feet they noticed the apparition again, waiting for them. Daniel and Rocky ran up to the front door to find John and Sam watching TV and eating pizza in the living room.

Again, they tried to relate the situation to Sam's parents, but they still weren't buying it.

The third and final encounter of this story (Daniel swore off going back to that house after this particular incident), the four guys were riding in Sam's dualie pick-up on the way home down the field near his house when all of a sudden the engine quit. Thinking it was just the primary gas tank running out of fuel, they switched the fuel over to the secondary tank nothing. Sam got out and popped the hood when Daniel noticed the same apparition about twenty feet away. Like the first encounter, the ghost had its back to the guys, and for some reason Sam felt an itch to get closer to it. It showed its head and eyes again, then it grew in size and a growling sound emanated from it. Once again, they ran and didn't go back for the dualie until mid-day. When they did go back for it, the truck was moved ten feet away from where it had broke down. They started up the engine with no problem, and after that Daniel made it clear that he would never return to Sam's house again.

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ZiShu (281 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-06)
Hey there, does any of your friends or you still experience anything supernatural? Send me an message if you can.
SunStar (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-12)
thats strange. Why would this ghost be so mad? Maybe it was disturbed in a way?

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