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So we just moved into our house about 3 months ago it was built in the 20s and we have had a lot of weird experiences in this short time.

The first night I knew something was off, I was unpacking dishes in the kitchen when I heard footsteps coming from the stairs that lead down to the basement (it is right of the kitchen), I thought it was weird and I took a look no one was there and the rest of my family where in the living room. Then not to long after my mom's boyfriend said he saw a teenage girl who was wearing a 50ish dress by the stairs and she said "hi". Then there have been the zippo fiascoes that have been happening the past week, My mom and her boyfriend were sleeping (they where the only ones in the house with me at that time) when I heard his zippo opening and snapping shut, I thought it was weird so when they woke up I told them about it, my mom's boyfriends felt in his pocket and it was missing, it was later found in my boot.

Finally just the other day my brother came home and went to his room where he found his remote on his ceiling fan. No one had been in his room.

So we don't know what to do, on one hand these things are small and harmless, but should we still get the house blessed anyway?

We also would like to find out more about the history of our house.

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whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-23)
I always suggest a House Cleansing, or Blessing on the start in a new home. I also suggest that it be done periodically throughout the tenure in that home. That way, YOUR energies are what is entering the home, and the passed are cleaned out, making it "fresh".
It just sounds as if someone is curious. She (I am going to refer to this as "she" as your Mom's boyfriend claims it IS a girl) MAY have passed long enough ago to not KNOW what these items are that she was playing with. Zippo's are fairly new (just about seventy years ago) and remote controls began making our lives a bit easier only about a hundred years ago (yes, I know... Unbelievable! Wikipedia), so both devices are rather new fangled "toys". Sixty years ago, (going on the description of her in 50's dress) they may not have been readily available, and she just does not know what they ARE.
With that being said... IF she is playing with these things, IF she is communicating with people, she would be an intelligent haunt. If she IS, all you really have to do is to tell her that you are uncomfortable with her in the home (if, indeed you ARE) and talk her to The Other Side. Just explain that those she loves, and have gone before, are waiting for her over there with arms wide open waiting for her arrival.
Thank you.
Wardo (8 stories) (171 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
I would definitely recommend a blessing anytime you move into a new home. It will keep God present in your life more than if you did not bless the home, and it could release a trapped spirit or get rid of unwanted activity. That is a great starting point. It sounds to me like someone just wants to be acknowledged and noticed. You could even say something to the effect of, "Okay, I noticed that you put the remote on my ceiling fan. Is there something that you need from me? Please be patient with me as I can not see you or hear you very well. Did you know that you are dead? Please look up and see your light, and go into it. Jesus is waiting for you on the other side." Something like that could be all you need to do. If the situation progresses or gets worse, you definitely want to have the home blessed. Someone who has passed away may need help or not even know they died. Try to set them free however possible and let us know what happens! By the way, you'll know if it works because you'll feel that it has been freed, and the feeling will be awesome for you as well. God bless you and your family and I hope you find your answers!

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