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My name is Rachel and I am 18 years old, I live in the north of England with my Mum and her partner. I recently posted a story on here containing descriptions of the strange events which I have experienced since beginning to live here; I believe these events are due to the lingering spirit of the old man named Tom who resided in the house before my Mum.

Literally days after posting my first story I was sat right where I am now, typing up some English coursework on the computer, which is in my room, also where I first physically saw the entity, or whatever it happens to be. This event would have scared me much more had my Mum not been in the next room ironing.

As I mentioned I was on the computer, with my TV on behind me for background noise, when the light in my room started to flicker quite badly. I called through to see if the light in my Mums bedroom, which is right next to mine, was doing the same- she said that it wasn't.

Then, and can I just mention nothing this bad has happened to anyone in the house before, although we have all had strange experiences, I heard a voice which seemed to come from right next to me. It wasn't threatening, nor was it particularly loud or clear; but from what I can gather it said something along the lines of "I'm still here". And then, without any warning, my TV switched itself off immediately after.

Since nothing this extreme has ever happened to me before I am beginning to get quite worried. Any help please?

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Dimber (1 stories) (50 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-23)
There is nothing to worry about. It up to you if you answer it. As long as it doesn't try to hurt you then just leave it alone.
melody1084 (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-23)
this thing seems to want to make contact with you. You say your tv went out! For me it was my computer went on! The thing about these things is that they become more active over time... Show no fear of it and event try saying outloud (I know it my sound silly but it works for me) "Tom, I do not want any problems from you, I will not interfere with you so please do not interfere with me". It will be fine, he obviously doesn't seem to be harmful but rather curious if I may add.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-23)
You are going to get a LOT of opinions on the dangers of communicating with a ghost that you do not know (honestly, it is pretty difficult to know without any uncertainty that a ghost that you are looking at, even if it resembles someone you once knew, IS who they present themselves to be).
Personally, I see nothing wrong with assisting the life impaired over to The Other Side, and in order to DO that, you have to communicate to some degree. Some techniques do not use face to face TALKING, but it IS a communication of sorts. In my opinion.
I truly would not be thinking in terms of "target"-ing you. I would not put such a "bad feeling" word with it (sorry, I could not think of the word I meant to type at that time), but I MIGHT say "singling you out". I know, it sounds a bit the same, but it is more in the emotion that goes behind the word.
It MAY be that he simply can not be "picked up" by the others in the house. That could either be as he chooses not to be, or they just are not perceptive. Some of us get rather busy, and things like what you describe, we do not so much take much notice of.
For instance, a blinking light? Normally, I would go in search of a fresh bulb to replace the one that I assume is about to blow. I would really not think too much further on it. As YOU seemed to notice it and QUESTION it, maybe that was his "foot in the door". He KNOWS he has your attention.
If he is scaring you (he does NOT seem to be a bad guy), just pretend as if you are talking to the air (if you wish him gone) and say "You scare me and I do not want you here. I live here now, and am asking you to leave." In that manner, you are not directly communicating with him, but are letting your wishes be known.
While it IS true (or seems to be) that fear feeds SOME beings, it is not always a bad thing to admit someone is scaring you. In fact, it seems that SOME have a conscious and do not want to be seen as the bad guy as they mean no harm at all. They do not WANT to scare people. They just do not always know they have lost their life.
Thank you.
rach120991 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-23)
The only reason I'm getting so worried, since I believe I have had experiences similar before, is because no-one else in my family has ever been spoken to by this...spirit, or whatever it is.
It seems to be targeting me, the events are getting more frequent and I don't know why.
kellbear (2 stories) (17 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-22)
The entity is trying to make contact with you. Under no circumstance should you try to communicate with this entity. It may seem to be nice, but a lot of times it turns out to be right the opposite. Sometimes when you don't acknowledge their presence they will leave you alone, but not always. What I'm trying to say is be very careful and good luck.

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