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I live with my Mum in the middle of a small town, but my Dad however, lives with his partner up in some pretty thick countryside near Shropshire, north England. He lives in a village which only contains around 30 or so residents (it really is that tiny) and one farmer who lived in one of the larger houses in the village with his wife and two kids, one of which is a little boy who's almost 4 years old.

One not so special day I was visiting my Dad and we (meaning myself and his partner's daughter Charlotte) went to hang around with this little boy's older brother who's much closer to our age. Anyway long story short his little brother needed someone to look after him, so we ended up bringing him out with us as well. We took him into one of the fields round the back of their house with a football to play for a bit. The field we were in is pretty flat for the main part, but towards the bottom end it sort of slopes downwards towards the wall at the bottom. So basically if you were standing at the top end of the field you can't see past this slope.

One good kick and the football went rolling away down this slope, and Matt (the 4 year old) goes running after it before we can tell him not to, and disappears over the edge of the slope. We wait a minute and he's still nowhere to be seen, so we go running to the top of the hill shouting him with no answer. Once we got to the top we could clearly see him stood by the wall down at the bottom of the hill, holding the football.

So anyway we run down, and that's when it became clear something was wrong. This kid was clearly freaked out. He was white as a sheet, shaking, sweating, almost in tears. Then he started stuttering some story about a "Nasty Lady on Trip Trop" who had shouted at him. Obviously your first instinct is to look around for whoever he said told him off, but there was definitely no-one there but us.

If anyone is wondering what a "Trip Trop" is, it's the word Matt uses for horses because of the noise their feet make when they walk. So basically it could have been anyone, because a lot of people ride horses around there. But we would have seen anyone on a horse nearby at the time. The most we could get out of him after that is that she was wearing "funny" clothes and that she looked very angry and scary.

Afterwards, every once in a while, he would be walking somewhere, or looking out a window, or playing in the garden- and its as if his eyes would focus on something we couldn't see, he'd mumble something barely legible about a "Trip Trop", panic, and move away. Fortunately the family has moved away now and I've been told whatever it was that he was seeing has stopped. I thought I would put this story on here because it's what first got me believing in ghosts.

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