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My Grandparents Old House


This is my first story so sorry if I ramble.

My grandfather died when I was 6, I barely remember him to be honest, he died of a heart attack, and it was sudden and unexpected. He was a healthy old man, farmer through and through. He died in the house I currently live in. After he died, strange things happened in the house nothing big just electrical problems, lights switching on and off, etc. I don't remember any of this, as I was little. My mother has told me these stories over the years. I was my grandfather's favorite being the youngest at the time and the only granddaughter.

She told me that the week after he died when all the electrics had a mind of there own, I would wake her up at night telling her that grampy had woken me up and told me to go get her. This happened everyday for a week until his funeral, when the electrics behaved themselves and I had no more 'visitations'. Now I do not remember this so can't really say if I dreamed these things or it was just an over active imagination.

When I was about 17 my grandmother started to struggle to maintain the house on her own, which is far to large for her, so my parents brought the house and we all moved in to live with her. (We being my parents and 2 older brothers). Nothing initially happened that I would say was supernatural, the house is old and run down and you can often here noises. The dogs would bark at nothing in the early hours of the morning, all stuff that we could explain away. Then small things would be moved around and rearranged, again nothing that I couldn't rationalize. But something happened that really made me doubt how insignificant these small things were.

My parents were out, just me and my older brother. I entered the living room to shout at my brother to let me watch the television as he is a total hog. I saw him sat in my granddads chair. The lights were off but his body shape and clothing were highlighted in the glare from the television. He totally ignored me which is nothing new, so I walked back to the kitchen made a drink and returned more determined to take over control of the remote. Again he was still sat there, still ignoring my protests. So failing this I turned on the main lights, flooding the room in light, to see no one sitting in the chair. Shocked and completely scared rigid, I legged it from the room calling my brother, who I eventually found outside tinkering under the bonnet of his car, completely oblivious to me acting like a crazy person.

Just to add, my granddad and my brother share very similar builds and height. My granddad died of a heart attack, sat in his chair watching TV. This I found out after recounting the story to mum, she never told me the details as I was too little to understand.

This was about 5 years ago now, still live in the house. Things will on occasion happen, but I think I have written enough. So it's a bit of an essay, I did warn about the rambling.

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aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-25)
Hello nemo, These experiences are not your imagination that's for sure, our dearly departed love ones always watch over us and it sounds like he was a good and proud man, thank you for sharing your story.

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