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Shadowy Figure


At the age of 12, I had a friend sleep over my house. After a day at the local pools, we came home watched a couple of movies and went to bed, we slept in my Double Bed. It was around 3:00 am in the morning when I awoke to the noise of someone breathing, very, very heavily. I looked around the room for the source, and my heart literally stopped when I looked to my friend's side of the bed. A man, about 6'1 in a black trench coat was standing at the side of my friend's bed. I shook her, waking her up. She looked at the figure, and he just stared straight down at her. They stayed like that for about two minutes. Scared as hell, I grabbed her hand and yanked her out of the bed, we ran to my parents room, leaving the man in my room. We woke my parents up and told them about the intruder. They went to see if it was true, and upon arriving, the room looked exactly as we left it, only the Shadowy Figure was gone, and my window was open.

I ran to it and looked out the window, but saw nothing but my darkened, empty street; the man was gone, disappeared. We called the Police, they dusted for fingerprints on the window, but there was nothing. After that, I locked my window every single night, and even though I knew that nothing could get into my room without force, I still had a deep feeling that I was being watched, that whatever we saw that night was still in my room.

Until this day, me and my friend still believe that we did see something, that it wasn't just our imaginations. And the scariest thing about that night the way he just stood there and stared at my friend. I hope I never see the Shadowy Figure from my bedroom ever again, ghost or real.

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mrsmla4ever (3 stories) (53 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-26)
Wow! That must have been incredibly scary. I want to commend you on your bravery for getting you and your friend out of that room. I shutter to think what could have happened if you hadn't.

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