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My Father's Younger Experiences


This is my second story posted on here. This is a story that was told to me from my dad from when he was younger.

My dad's father died in a car accident when he was about 12 or so. This story happened sometime after he died, although there is no evidence that this was his father doing these things.

These are a few stories my dad has told me, and I'm not including more stories I have also heard from his brothers and sisters. When my dad was young he and some of his brothers and sisters (my aunts and uncles) were watching TV in the living room. (Connected to the living room was the kitchen). Whilst they were watching TV, the water in the kitchen turned on by itself (you can't see in the kitchen from where they were, they could hear it). They thought it was their uncle in the kitchen. They went to the kitchen to see what it was and saw a figure of a man standing in front of the sink that then disappeared. They went to investigate, and saw that their uncle (who they thought it was at first) was in bed sleeping. The water would turn on lots of times with no explanation other days.

Another thing also happened when my dad was in bed. He said he woke up and kneeling on his bed was a dark figure of a man. He said he looked like he was wearing an army outfit and was staring at him. My dad didn't know if this was in fact his father trying to get in contact with him. He also witnessed the figure leaning on his dresser looking at him another time.

These are two stories that were told to me from my dad from when he was young. I have also witnessed other stories from his brothers and sisters and have heard of them saying the same story about the sink and the figure.

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