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Is This An Angry Spirit?


During the night, I have had plenty of unexplained encounters. Here are a few of them. You may have remembered me from before, but I have not shared any stories in a while. My parents have experienced none of this, nor have I mentioned any of my experiences to them. To me, the spirit of whatever is happening to me is becoming more and more violent.

First, its mischief was harmless such as stealing DVD's from my shelf but returning them the next day. This is the only experience my parents have witnessed, but they are not suspicious of spirits. When my parents are asleep, I hear footsteps on the top floor when I am down in the basement on weekend nights. I am not sure if it appreciates me staying up so late with it, but I need to play my video games. Sometimes when I am the only one in the basement, there is a model plane thing that hangs above the ceiling. It will not move unless you turn on the power. If you catch it just in time, it will move on its own and then faster and faster.

Another night When I was finished with everything and decide to go to bed, I found myself walking up the stairs slower than usual with the lights off. (I usually run up the stairs with the lights on) when suddenly I felt a tug on my hair that pulled my head to the side a bit. I see shadow figures at random times during the day as well when my parents are not at home or at night.

One day when I finished taking a shower and removed the towel, I noticed a print going across my stomach; it appeared to be a hand. However, the fingers were not spread out, almost as if they were stuck together but the thumb print was very visible. There were also scratches on my sides, stomach and a huge scratch and unidentified print on my back.

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DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-01)
Hi Dracosgirl it does sound like something resides in your house I think it wants some acknowledgement and attention. The pulling of the hair is a bit off putting, there are a few things you can do that can help you if it becomes to much for you to handle. Was any history of the house or land ever found out at all?

Thank you for sharing.

Halo3ODST (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-21)
😨 😨 😨 Hey I stay up late with my video games too and once when I was taking a shower I looked at my mirror when I got out it looked like a werewolves hand print with the fingers spred out.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-19)
Hello and thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry that this thing has hurt you and caused you trouble. I don't think this spirit would do much of anything while you're asleep except maybe move your DVDs, because I would imagine that if it's trying to terrorize you, it would want you to be awake to witness it.

Perhaps try cleansing your home and psychically shielding yourself. Removing any factors of negativity from your life, if possible, generally diminishes the negative energy you give off and reduces your chances of being harassed by something like this.
Dracosgirl (3 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-19)
Thanks. No, the bruises did not hurt. But they were frightening. However, I have not found any more bruises on my body for a while.
nyarlathotepsama (1 stories) (43 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-19)
I'd say there is a good chance you are experiencing real spiritual phenomenon, although I am a skeptic I'm open minded so I am admit when something seems genuine.

I'd say that first it doesn't seem truly hostile nor does it seem to wish you great harm. Stealing a few DVDs isn't too terrible. I don't believe that that your entity cares if you are awake with it at night and the plane moving on it own, or any object really is fairly classic haunting.

Now though, the hair pulling and bruising might been a little worrisome. Do the marks hurt? Have you ever felt afraid of these events, I mean more than that normal creepy feeling that we'd all have? If it gets worse you should keep us updated, this is a very good site and many of the people here seem to know a lot and are more than willing to help.

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