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The Angry Lady That Oppressed Me


Good day YGS! Long time reader, I found this site when my experience below happened and have been reading ever since. Recently, I felt I was finally able to write it down and share it. My experience may seem not so hectic, when compared to others. However, it left me shaken for quite some time.

About 20 odd years ago, my family was considering moving somewhere closer to the city - Johannesburg - for work commuting practicality and our house was built before WWII and full of odd goings on that we didn't feel like living with anymore. My sister and I, even though we were in our pre-teens, were kept in the loop and taken to all house viewing trips. We found a house we liked, in a good area and we went to meet the owner, to discuss the purchase offer. While my parents were negotiating in the lounge, my sister and I were sitting in the TV room and we both felt odd in the space, as if there was a heaviness in the air that made us want to be still.

A little history on the house: It was newly built on a piece of land that previously had no buildings on it. The previous owner had built it for his family and soon after he had gone through a divorce and simply didn't need a house of that size any more. So the building itself was approximately 5 years old, when we moved in and had only had one resident. The neighbourhood is located next to a large dam/lake, with public picnic areas, slides, jungle gyms, swings, etc.

Over time, I experienced several things. I would hear the phone ringing when it wasn't, which I attributed to my mind just playing tricks on me. Things hanging from my cupboard keys would swing and knock against my cupboard doors, which I couldn't explain... As my windows were closed when it would happen and there were no gusts of wind.

In mine and my sister's rooms, we had these ceiling lights that were made of three spot lights, the kind you can move to direct light to certain parts of the room. While falling asleep, you could hear the lights creak, at first you think, "Oh, it's just the material expanding and contracting with heat, totally normal." Then we started to notice that when we woke up in the morning, all three spot lights would be facing the bed. You would hear the creaking when working at the desk, again thinking expansion from heat and notice when you got up from the desk, all three lights were now pointing towards the desk. This happened if you spent several minutes in one specific area of the room. On a daily basis these lights would move, my mom thought we were just imagining things, until she spent some time at my desk on the pc and found all the lights facing her when she got up, and having noticed they weren't in that position when she entered the room. You always felt like you were being 'watched', as if someone was right behind you all the while, anywhere in the house. I told myself it was EMF, to be honest we never tested it though.

I would feel someone stroking my cheek, while I slept. I would be half awake, during the light sleep phase... Notice the sensation, then jolt upright and awake. I thought that I was imagining things, being half asleep and all. Then one evening a friend stayed over. We had made a bed on the floor for her, next to my bed, so we could chat through the night... As teenage girls do:) The next day she told me that she awoke during the night and saw a girl kneeling next to my bed and stroking my cheek. Somehow, I knew exactly what the girl looked like before she told me. I explained the girl I could see in my 'head' and she confirmed it was the same. I'm one of those people who sleep with my eyes half open and sometimes completely open... Could this be why I knew the girl, without an awareness of having ever seen her?

Somewhere between 15 and 17, I estimate. Every now and then, I'd say maybe weekly, I would get this flash image in my head, only while in my room. The image was of me throwing or stabbing someone in the stomach with an axe! This image came from nowhere and would disappear just as quick. I never saw the surroundings or the person, the image was focused and came with an overwhelming sensation of intent, is the best way I can think of to describe it. It scared the s@#% out of me! Thought I was becoming a sociopath. Thankfully, the images stopped.

One evening, I was lying in bed, still awake just relaxing. I rolled over, with my eyes closed and suddenly it was as if I had opened my eyes. I saw my room, exactly as it was, with the light right, as I had my bedside lamp on... I remember being confused for a second, as I knew my eyes were closed. Suddenly, I saw myself pop up in front of me. You know when you crouch on the floor, on your elbows and knees, then sit up on your knees, that's what it looked like. But the eyes I was looking at, in my own face, were not my own. I tell you, I opened my eyes very, very quickly! A little shaken, but again chalked it to imagination at that point.

Fast forward to my mid-twenties (2011) and yes, still living with my folks. I had just finished my degree, after a 4 year break after high school. Was working full time and saving money. I started to have strange sensations while falling asleep. It started with feelings of 'energetic waves' coursing through my body. From my belly button/stomach area, expanding outwards in both directions, over and over for a little while, then it would just stop. I figured it wasn't anything to worry about, must just be something that happens when going from awake to asleep, and only now becoming aware of it. This experience would happen every now and then, say once or twice a week over a few months. It would intensify each time and one night, the sensation changed. Hmmm it felt as if I was a body of water and I felt another drop of water fall into me, exactly at my belly button. It rippled and merged, exactly how you would imagine a puddle felt when a rain drop hit it. I've always been interested in the paranormal and supernatural, however, it always scared me some, so I never dabbled in anything.

I had never read about any experiences like mine so I asked some friends with similar interests. No one was sure what it could mean and was told that I should use my gut instinct. If I felt threatened or uncomfortable with it, then I should assert my intention and tell 'it' to go away or stop. At this point I wasn't threatened by this feeling, more curious, so I let it be... Still half thinking it was just an awareness thing.

Shortly after the 'water drop' incidence, I was waiting to fall asleep and I saw this angry looking lady storm into my room, stomp straight to me and start strangling me. I fought and struggled but she was strong and on me. I was struggling to sit up, breath, fight! Then I was on the floor, in my room, I could feel the carpet under me, but my body and limbs were all floppy, my body was alien to me. I remember trying to drag myself along the floor, like my legs just wouldn't respond, as I could distinctly hear my mother and grandmother chatting in the TV room. I could see the light at the end of the hall, through my open door and the flickering of the TV. I tried calling out to them, while dragging myself, but nothing was coming out. Everything was so much work, so much harder than it should be. All of a sudden, I jolted up right in bed and inhaled the deepest breathe I think I've ever taken. I was still in bed, I wasn't on the floor and I was exhausted. Now I was petrified of these sensations.

A couple of nights later, I was in bed and I felt that sensation start and the feeling I had when I saw the lady, I mustered my strength, faced my door and with total conviction said, "BACK OFF!" The sensation quickly retreated, to my absolute relief!

Coincidentally, at about this time, a friend recommended a medium to me. She didn't know of my experiences but mentioned her to me, as she had just had a great experience with her during a Reiki session.

I made an appointment and asked the medium if she knew what the sensations were. She looked quite startled and told me it was a sign of something trying to 'posses' me. I broke down into tears, I had no idea what to do next, I was so scared... This didn't help, I know. My sister had cleansed the house, after my experience of the strangling, the medium said it didn't help, she was still there, that this spirit was strong. She did home cleanses, but I didn't dare that route, as my father has a massive fear of this kind of stuff (due to some experiences in his childhood). I got home and cried on my mother and told her what the medium had said. Now we all didn't know what to do.

The nights that followed, I slept in my sister's room. On the nights she didn't sleep at home, I could sense the angry lady there. I focused on my bubble, made it strong and bright white. But I could feel her all the same, I felt like she was there, crouched on the floor next to the bed. This is when my cat would jump up, hiss and dart out the room.

We employed a domestic worker, at the time, let's call her M. M is a very spiritual lady. On a side note, she became a pastor and has recently opened her own church. M was chatting to my sister and told her she heard female singing from my room, while she was alone in the house. My sister then told her of my experiences.

Well, I tell you, this wonderful lady took no prisoners. The next day, while me, my sister and mom sat on the couch at the TV, M marched into my room and had it out with the angry lady. We could hear her, first chatting calmly, then her talking intensified. We didn't know what she was saying, as she was speaking in her native language. I remember feeling/seeing the angry lady after a little bit of this, she was by the fireplace, glaring at me. I just looked straight ahead and ignored her. Then suddenly, I literally felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. A couple of minutes later, M came out of my room. I gave her the biggest hug. My room, was warm again and I could sleep there no problem.

When I go back to my parents' place, I'm still a little uneasy in that hallway. But nothing like how it used to be. I still avoid sleeping over there though or going there alone at night.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience.

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littlelight (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2016-05-03)
Hi AugustaM, I like your theory! Makes lots of sense to me.

I find water energises me, so maybe for me personally, water may bring on more experiences, simply because I'm more balanced and aware 😕

Thanks ❤
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-29)
'M' the housekeeper come pastor sounds like the most awesome person! I bet an in depth conversation with her about her experiences would be amazing!

There has been a lot of discussion in the comments on this and other recent stories about the frequency of paranormal experiences associated with water from naturally occurring bodies of water to domestic plumbing - many asserting that this may mean that the water acts as some sort of conduit, attractant or stimulant for spirit activity. I have another theory - historically, mankind has clustered around bodies of water to settle because of their immense utility. The largest oldest cities have evolved around them all over the world. Practically speaking, until the advent of canals and plumbing, it was pretty much impossible for a settlement of any permanency to exist in their absence. The importance of these resources led to their preeminence in society on many levels - influencing art, mythos, dogma as well as economy.

In terms of users on this site, if one has access to a computer with Internet and the ability to share their experiences, odds are they'll also have at least a decent proximity to domestic plumbing - it is the ubiquitous waterway of the modern age. I would be willing to argue that the most common denominator in the varied households of YGS users worldwide would be plumbing be it simply a tap or full on bathroom (s) +kitchen+laundry set ups.

Now, at last for my point (sorry, the set up took a while) maybe the frequent association of paranormal experiences associated with water has less to do with any paranormal significance of said element and more to do with its ubiquity in human society. I.e. Many folks report experiencing a ghost manipulating the taps in their house or flushing the toilet because many folks happen to have those in their home. I'd say just as many people experience footsteps in hallways or on stairs but not necessarily because linear or vertical architecture has any spiritual significance.

Just an idea:)
littlelight (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-28)
Hi Redwolf, have to take the opportunity to say I'm a fan of yours. I love your stories and comments 😊

I did not know that quartz attracts or energises spirits?! I use them for cleansing, recharging and protection. LOL, I just realised while typing... Recharging. I think I got it.

Unfortunately, another general side affect of the area I live in. You dig a small hole for planting and BAM, you hit quartz. Almost every time.
Starting to think this area should become a psychic, medium go to town 😆

Take care ❤
littlelight (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-28)
Hi Mhannerism, thank you, that makes sense. In that situation, it was all I could think of. Which may very well have led to me jolting out my own body, as some arbitrary sense of escape. Which in turn, would leave my physical and psychological self vulnerable.

I know we all jump on sleep paralysis, but I really feel that sometimes the cause and effect aren't always the same. From reading a lot of the experiences on here, I have come to wonder, is sleep paralysis sometimes a side affect of an entity? Not necessarily, that they control us in any way, but that it may be some sort of flight or fright reaction we have? Our primal, hard wired reaction to something menacing and unknown for our survival. When I almost stand on a snake, my body freezes, the fright response. I can't move, no matter how hard I try. Which feels very much like sleep paralysis, when totally awake and strolling through a field or my back yard, as of late. I then feel my body release adrenaline, so I can be ready if the snakes moves towards me. Just a theory in progress:)

Thank you, also soooooo glad she's gone from my life! ❤
littlelight (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-28)
Hi Mazz, thank you and yes, dreams are much better now. Still some creepy ones now and then, but normal creepy 😆

No apology required, this site is for all opinions and they all valid and welcome:) The movie you mentioned rings a bell, but I don't believe I've seen it. I used to be a Horror movie fan, but when all this started happening... I kind of stopped watching them. I don't like the images they leave in my imagination. Older movies looked more fake. Nowadays they just too real for me!

I really learned a lot from M. Learned how important and powerful standing your ground is and keeping your Faith in the Light is, even when all seems lost. I'm so very thankful to her!

I have contemplated sleep paralysis. I had only experienced it once before and it didn't freak me out, was more interesting than scary. It felt more like astral traveling, like I had been jolted out of my body and my astral form was squirming around on the floor. Having no real practice, in using that form.

Thanks again for your perspective and info ❤
littlelight (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-28)
Hi PunkysMamma, thank you, I hadn't thought of that. Makes sense though. The area I live in is full of dams, lakes, marshes, streams and loads of underground water. From what I remember, the area was a large marsh/wetland and when they found minerals (not sure which), they drained the land and concentrated all the water for mining purposes. You always a stones throw from water round here. Which is very revitalising, but there's that other thing too 😆

Wow on your new home! Yay, that its awesome and nothing funny in it and creepy knowing someone died of non-natural causes in the front yard! But hey, when you're drawn to something, its always for a reason;)

I still have my sensitivities, but they kind of turn on and off. I too miss them, when they not there and then creep out when they are. Just got to get a handle and stop being fearful I suppose ❤
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-27)
Hello littlelight,
You had some interesting things happen in that house. Thank God for M.
I have to tell you that, yes living near water can cause supernatural events. I had an underground stream running under one corner of my childhood home and the house was haunted. We also had a lot of quartz crystal in our yard.
Mhannerism (2 stories) (82 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-26)
Hello, littlelight

Great to hear that the angry lady is gone! That was really creepy! And I'm glad that your family is supportive and helping you.

I'm with Mazz about the sleep paralysis. That's what I was thinking while reading about the lady strangling you.
I think the lady took this opportunity to finally harm you. I know the feeling of being paralyzed during sleep and it is really scary, you couldn't think of anything but to move and wake up! 😨

Thank you for sharing this!

Take care,
Mhanne ❤
Mazzmarach (2 stories) (78 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-26)
Ahoy, there.
Well, that's mighty creepy. Your experience reminded me of that movie (I'm sorry, but it did) The Conjuring - how the mother was possessed when she was sleeping. Your household help sounds like a cool lady; maybe you ought to learn a thing or two from her. 😊
Your sensations of being limp and helpless while looking for help sound like sleep paralysis, and it is a frightening experience that I think I'm going to write about now. I personally think you did good given what happened to you, and I'm glad you're doing fine now.
Better dreams,
PunkysMama (4 stories) (62 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-26)
Hello littlelight,

I didn't know you guys were by water... I know it is said that spirits can derive kinetic energy from flowing water to manifest but I started thinking about your comment and what you said in the story about the feelings you were having when presumably this entity was trying to possess you. The references to the rippling water feeling and the fact that you say she looked as though she may have drowned. Depending on how close you are to water, this spirit could have very well died or had a tragic watery death miles and miles away and was carried by the water and ended up at your home (the land) who knows how long ago! Which would make it even harder to research.

I am very happy to hear that you are comfortable in your current home! I have had a few experiences and I am currently waiting for my stories to be reviewed and posted as I have quite a few but I have not experienced any sensitivity in a while which I kind of miss!

The Wiccan faith and paranormal things have been topics that I have always wanted to learn more about! BUT I am kind of happy that I am not so sensitive anymore as I just purchased a home in October 2015. Come to find out, the woman who I bought the home from, her father died of suicide by cop in the front yard under the big shady tree the year before! I would have been PISSED if I purchased a home that was haunted because this information was not relayed to me previously. But I was so drawn to the house and I just had to have it.

But I guess he was ready to die and accepted his fate as I don't feel him around... And I too can walk through the house without turning all the lights on as I go! 😆
littlelight (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-26)
Hi PunkysMama, thank you for comment and I'm glad you enjoyed my story, was worried it was soo long ❤
Researching in RSA is difficult, we don't have easy access to records (and most itmes, there simply just aren't any) I would love to find out if something did happen on the land! The whole neighbourhood has stories, I think the whole area is charged, perhaps because of the proximity to water...?
Hmm she wasn't actually wearing anything. She was very pale, big eyes and dark hair. She looked a bit like she was wet, from her look I thought she may have drowned *shrug*
I also wondered, why me? The only thing I have come up with, is that I was the most energetically weak in the home. I've always been curious about the paranormal, but fearful. At the time my sister was shielding herself and her room. My mother is a no nonsense kind of lady, with a 'don't mess with me and I won't mess with you', energy about her. I honestly have no idea about my father, he may have seen or felt something, he wouldn't have said anything about it to anyone. And then again, maybe she just liked me better 😕
Thankfully, the house I stay in now is free of negative spirits! Sometimes when I go to the fridge or bathroom at night, I get so thankful that I don't need to put every single light on, along the way 😆
PunkysMama (4 stories) (62 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-26)

This whole experience is crazy! I could not imagine going through what you went through. I wonder if you researched further back if you would find something about the history of the land, anything! Because it definitely seems like something happened there and left this vengeful spirit in its wakes. 😭 You described the lady as angry but did you see what she was wearing? A clue to where or when she came from?

It sounds as though your spiritual domestic help, assisted the spirit in passing over though she really didn't seem to want to. I wonder why you were targeted and your mother and sister were not?

Anyway, thank you for a great read! I hope you never experience something this terrifying again! ❤

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