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Ghost In Grandma's House


This story starts off about 25 years ago after my grandmother's father passed away. They were close and resembled greatly. A few days after he had passed away my grandmother lay in bed trying to fall asleep, but couldn't quite do so due to the insomnia's that had been occurring after his death. She told me that in the midst of the night a dark cloud appeared above her and a voice spoke; "I am Death" (which I believe would imply it was a form of the Reaper). She turned to wake my grandfather, who was fast asleep, and by the time she turned again she could see the cloud fleeing through the window. She later told me that she was agnostic to the belief of ghosts and paranormal activity and such but that she believed that if she had touched the cloud she would have died. I remember her saying to me that she could feel a grim breeze over her body, she felt death.

Despite my grandma's and my own agnostic beliefs, my mother is very spiritual. Before I was born, which should have been in about 1993, she had gotten a pendulum and asked "it" questions in the kitchen of my grandmother's house such as; "Will I ever find a husband?" "Will I have a child?" "Soon?" "This year? (Which would mean the following year; 1994) ", and all were "answered" with yes. About 2 months later she met my dad, another 2 months later she received the news of her pregnancy.

Now, lately I have been having experiences with spirits, etc in my grandmother's house too. Though I can't say they are really ghosts or spirits, more feelings or rays of light.

About a month ago I was in my room at my grandma's house (I have my own, separate room there) and I was sitting at my bureau-desk. My phone's Media Player was on, playing rather loudly. All of a sudden the music stops about 1 minute into the song, being that my phone was about 3 years old, I just thought it was a glitch in the system and didn't think too much of it. I turned around to go to bed and I saw a ray of white light next to my bed. As I noticed it I started to focus on it more, but by the time I did it was gone. I've been seeing this ray of light often in my room lately. I saw it again yesterday, and somehow seeing it creeps me out but reassures me at the same time.

This morning I found this site and started to look into other posters' stories. My views on the supernatural definitely have changed since my own experiences. From what I saw on other stories I think maybe "my" ray of light is just a spirit who is afraid to let go of life here? Or is someone that wants to look over me? Could it be that it's my great-grandfather even if I never knew him?

My second question is that; is there a possibility these events are all tied together? Or are tied to my grandmother's house?

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pfannkeks (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-09)
Hello Jinkxy, being a Belgian citizen myself, I know that in both official languages Death and dead sound the same way ("Ik ben dood" can be either "I am Death" or "I am dead" and "Je suis mort" also). It could be that it was a deceased person saying it was dead as in deceased.
I hope this could be of any comfort to you or your grandmother 😊
(PS don't mind the timestamp, I just discovered this site today and I'm browsing around)
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
13 years ago (2010-03-27)
Jinkxy: Well, I think you have a spirit there...It's hard to say exactly who it is though... If it's not doing anything like trying to harm or scare you, I would say that it is pretty benign... If you feel uncomfortable at all, it's probably because you're not accustomed to seeing such things, or that up to this point, you didn't believe in the paranormal...

What kind of history does your grandma's house have?...Are they the only owners, has anyone passed away in it, how old is it, etc.?...

It very well could be your great-grandfather or your guardian, or BOTH... He could be watching over you! 😊...I don't know if all of these events are tied together, but since your Mom has an interest (you didn't say whether she is gifted or not) then I'd say it's likely...

Seeing IS believing! 😆

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