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Where to start? My family and I have had dozens and dozens of experiences. I can't really talk about them to people I know, so I figured I would to people who really have no idea who I am and won't judge... I'll just put some that actually had an impact...

When my brother was younger, he had an imaginary best friend named Charlie... I later learned that Charlie was a big, glowing, floating ball. When I was ten or eleven I remember falling asleep in my brothers room, only to be roused by a rustling. I opened my eyes and was shocked. Inches above my face was a large, white, glowing ball. I don't think I was scared, just surprised out of my mind. My first thought was... "Charlie?"

A good bit of my stories come from a certain house I like to call, "The green house". My sister and I originally shared a room there as children... We used to play around in it, but not as you would think. Lights would turn off and on, doors would open and close and so would windows. It got to be so common that I could actually say, "Open the door" and it would open for me. Eventually it stopped being so frequent, though.

My most curious memory from the green house is someone I call "Fred". I remember it being spring, I was also about eleven. We had a basement, dirt floor, nothing special, really dark. I was walking into the entrance (which is outside) when a figure ran out of the shadow, right past me, and out the door... It was about six foot tall and completely opaque, no features. It honestly seemed to be made of the shadows. I was not afraid in the slightest. It actually seemed like "Fred" was scared to death of me.

Knocking on the inside of closets, stuff moving, and noises are pretty much every day for me. They aren't considered a big deal to me anymore, really. The last time I was really scared was a night I like to call "wtf was that?". My sister and I were staying in rooms that were side by side. The night started out normally. Around two in the morning I noticed something that looked like an outline of a person on my wall. I looked and was almost still from fear that time. It was gone in just a few seconds but I went out of the room into my sister's room... I could tell right off she wasn't so happy herself. I asked if she was seeing things. She said she had near the wall, the same wall I had seen the person on, just on the other side. The whole night my floor was HUMMING. Yes, my floor honestly seemed to be vibrating with a very low noise. Strange flashes would come up in my mirror. My sister and I were not so happy that night.

The last story of consequence at the green house was a strange, very close voice. Very sick, I had gone to bed and was trying to sleep without any luck... I could hear my brother, his friend, and a girl talking. It was getting on my nerves so I told them to be quiet. I heard the girl speak from a space near the closet "Are you trying to sleep? Well, are you trying to sleep?" I didn't say anything because I was annoyed and sick. I eventually got up to tell them politely to please shut their faces. I looked all around for the girl. There wasn't one there. When I got into the room they asked me what I was saying earlier. I said I had just told them to be quiet. They replied that they meant after that. I hadn't said anything, the other girl had. Too bad there was no other girl.

Almost forgot these. There is a dead end at the green house. Could always see the outline of a car and what seems like wreckage, but there hadn't been a wreck for quite some time... One day a car ran head on into the dead end, killing two people. Now I suppose you can really see the outline. Noise that sounded like an alien space craft came up from our basement at one point in time...

The next are stories from two houses. Mostly from "The Yellow House", but a couple from "The old barn" I lived in these houses years apart.

There was only one house that ever scared me enough to just not want to be there anymore. The yellow house. It felt so bad, especially in the back of the house, where my room was. The first set of things to start happening was extreme nightmares. When I say extreme, I mean extreme. I would have this man not so much talking to me, but pushing words into my head in these dreams. I don't know if anyone can make sense of that. The things he said were horrendous. Mostly about how I could never escape him, how I shouldn't try. He could always see me and have me. Things like that. That wasn't enough to make me leave my room, though. Dreams where dreams, right? What actually made me leave was a simple laugh.

My sister and I were heading back to my room when we heard a deep, VERY LOUD VERY DEEP almost mocking laugh coming directly from my room. The next day lying on my bed I heard a noise that is not really describable. If you've ever played Zelda you'll know what I'm talking about when I say Redeads. Well, that's what they sounded like mostly. I was the only person in the house, nothing was on. I didn't want to move. That was the only time I actually cried from being scared. There was one more nail in the coffin. My dad, not a believer so to speak, had gotten frightened out of his mind one night by a shadow hand, literally. He had woken up telling my stepmother to stop waving her hand in his face, that it was annoying him. She looked at him and told him that she thought it was him doing that... I stayed with my sister after that, who lived in the front of the house. The only thing creepy that really happened there was a purse moving, and my sister having her covers thrown off of her. Those are more my sisters stories, though. Mine is that I saw a face that looked a lot like my sister just hovering a couple feet off the ground, only for a few seconds. A couple years later she took a picture of me, behind my head was the face of a girl looking so much like my sister. Strange considering she took the picture. After a month or so I went back to brave my room... The minute I stepped foot in the room I had the man "push" words into my head. "So you're back"? We moved not long after that.

Finally I will only put one more house in. Not too long, I promise. The barn house was probably the oldest we had lived in. Over a century by a bit, the green house is now 102 years old. 2 main things in this house. Lights would go on and off like crazy, locked doors would unlock and open. That's about it in that house.

I have many, many other stories. Literally dozens more, but some are just a bit too personal for me to divulge. Some are of no consequence at all.

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EkoKay (2 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-29)
TheUnknown, I suppose some would have to be intelligent... I never thought poltergeist, though. Mainly because 70 percent of time time the things are not all that scary, some aren't bad, actually... I don't know if it's all the same thing, or a bunch of different things, that's why I'm on this site. Information with no judgement. I just wonder if there is a single thing that can act good, then turn bad, and back again and stay for your life?
TheUnknown (1 stories) (192 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-28)
Intelligent hauntings are what you mean in your story, does it? I mean, what other kind of hauntings would you get for a spirit to talk to you or even listen to you ordering it to open a door like a servant when you were young?

Or it could have been a poltergeist. Lets just say what else can cause a humming floor and a face that looked like your sister's face, EkoKay?
Zeldafangirl4 (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-27)
I loved when I would stay the night with you at the"green" house... Very much loved it when we were kids... ❤

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