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As I have grown up a Christian (Although I've never been a believer), I was always taught ghosts don't exist. As I have come to realize I believe in no religion, I have also realized the strange things that have happened to me, the crazy things I've heard, and the weird feelings I've gotten are Supernatural. These are the things that have happened to me in my life, and although I may not remember many of my ghost experiences, these are ones that stick out.

I think one of my first experiences with ghosts was when I was just a child. It happened when I was about four and was living in the house my family occupied for the first eleven years of my life, a large trailer on a big property in the forest and on the water. It may not seem like much, but one night I came out of my room, seeing shadows out in the hall that I knew could not be there, as my brother was asleep in the bunk above me, my mother still at work, and my father having been fast asleep for some time now. I heard nothing but the buzz of the computer outside my bedroom and I quietly got out of my bed, a scared but curious child. The thing I noticed when I got out of my bedroom was two white lights, one on top of the other, on the wall beside the only window in the room. I spent some time looking at them, trying to figure out what it was. Surely it couldn't be the computer, as the only lights were yellow and green on there and as I stood in front of it, the white lights were still there. My second thought was to look out the window to see in anything outside could cause these lights to appear. It was pitch black everywhere. Then, I stood in every angle in front of the lights. No matter what I did, they stayed untouched. I must say that what I was seeing were not floating balls of light or 3D, they were like lights on the wall caused by something I couldn't see. Anyone have ideas as to what these might be?

Now, I have always found that things have gone missing or have been moved around in my life. The strange thing is, when I was in my old house, it was usually child-like things, such as toys. When I was about five, my favourite Barbie Trailer was missing from the closet I kept it in. No one in my family had reason to steal it, and none of my friends had been over since I'd last played with it. We searched the whole house, and even when we moved out it was never to be found. The same happened to a baby blanket of mine when I was a child. I had left it in my mother's room on her bed for about an hour while we baked. Neither of us left the kitchen and we were the only ones home at the time. The loss of it was saddening and I never saw it again.

As well, all throughout my life things have been moved or lost when no one has touched them for me. Another thing that has happened to me to make me believe I'm being haunted is that I often feel the presence of another 'person' when there is no one around. It's as if someone is standing behind me or watching me. I feel like there are eyes on me, and I get a very bad vibe. I also feel that the presence is a man, is that weird? It also happens that, when I am alone at house or I'm the only one on a floor, doors slam closed, my door, which I lock EVERY time I come into my room, is magically unlocked, and I see dark moving figures around me.

And lastly, I've had some very... Unnatural dreams... The thing is I'm not really sure if it was a dream or a warning about the supernatural beings in my house, as I almost NEVER remember my dreams and they are never as clear as the one I had was. All dreams I have are warped, the buildings are funny and off, I can't see the character's faces/clothing, and I am almost never in my own body etc. Etc.

In this particular dream, however, I was walking through my house. As I entered the basement, I heard strange voices, so I hid behind a half wall. Keep in mind, in this dream my house was the exactly the same as it's always been, and my dreams have NEVER been that vivid! Anyways, I looked around the wall to see two ghosts, a female and a male, walking from my basement rec room, speaking eerily to each other. I can't remember to this day what they said, but I know what they were saying was extremely creepy and dark, as if they were bad people. These ghosts wore very old clothing, which may makes sense if they are real and lived in my house because it's over 100 years old, and the man had a beard. Their faces were creepy and evil. I startled myself awake when they saw me.

Anyways, guys, I just wanted to see what you could make of my experiences. Do you think I have encountered ghosts? Do you find my experiences creepy?

Sorry it's so long, I didn't mean it to be but I ramble.


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TheUnknown (1 stories) (192 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-28)
'History lasts longer than any known material.' Like what the phrase meant, the history never leaves the place you live. Anyway, try ignoring the spirits or just move with the flow of your dream for calming yourself down from fear and knowing more about the history of the place you live.

Spirits find themselves lonely even though there are lots of wandering spirits and residual spirits, but nevertheless, they still feel lonely and in need of 'live' company. After all, who doesn't feel lonely after their family leaves them and not a single life is found?

Moongrim might have a point about multiverse realms meeting at specific times, creating images we cannot explain. (There could have been any parallel dimension that could have created those two white lights 😐.)
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-27)
Spirits have a tendancy to take things and move them around, I believe they do this to get our attention and to let us know they are there. If this has happened to you a few times I wouldn't put it past that you have had a few encounters with them. Regarding the dreams I do believe that sometimes what we dream of is sometimes more then meets the eye and our imagination, many times I have dreamt about dead loved ones and ghosts also I think there is more to it especially when your lucid dreaming example: dreaming within a dream.

Thank you for sharing.

bigC (4 stories) (80 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-27)
I've had thing disappear and never be found also

A portable dvd player which I keeped in a suitcase in the closet

A dvd which was on my computer

And a dictionary which was above the tv

We moved out and none of these things were ever found even though we searched through everything as we packed to avoid taking junk
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-27)
Possibly ghosts. OR the two lights with no source- and this is something I recommend one tread lightly upon- from another dimension.

NO I don't mean 'from a higher plane' or all that other claptrap. But from my readings of Flatland and Flatterland, what you describe could be an extrusion into our 3dimensions of something from another. Be it entity, or just what said item from the other is a natural phenomena.

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