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My Supernatural Child Hood 1


I am Asep and I am living in a city called Bandung. Actually, I was adopted by a little farmer family. My family consists of only three persons, me, my mom and dad. Here is the story.

I was 5 years old at that time, my house is really small, you can see the main bedroom from the kitchen through the living room. At that time in my village there was a project from a company so my dad also joined the company project to get some more income. He was working at night maybe around 8 pm to 12 pm. Me and my mom was sitting in the kitchen eating when I suddenly felt so thirsty. My mama told me to bring the cup in the living room, so I went to the living room to get the cup but... Suddenly when I saw directly into the bedroom corner, I saw my father standing right there wearing clothing that was very familiar to me. It was smiling to me and I was just curious at maybe some seconds I realized that my dad was not home and he only had one kind of that clothing. I started crying and went to my mom and my mom brought a bamboo broom to cast away that figure.

Another story when I was a child is about my dog. Once, I had a village dog and I called it Doggy. He was really friendly to everyone especially to me. I usually scare my friends with him. One day, suddenly I felt really sad like I was going to loose him. Since we are Muslim so we kept Doggy outside and by the fact he was really big, we could not sleep with him. At about 10 pm I was playing with my toys and suddenly I saw doggy inside my house but the head was really bright and he was like flying, above his head there was kind of design I could not explain but it was sure really beautiful and I just laughed. My mama asked me what I saw but she just did not believe me.

In the morning my papa told me to check Doggy. I was suprised that Doggy was not there where we left him and the chain is really tidy without any signs of struggling. He never came back until now. I wonder if what I saw the night before was the spirit of Doggy saying goodbye to me.

I was told by my parents that when I was an infant, I was really sick. They even told me that I had died twice, miraculously I survived those phenomena. They called it "mati suri" or death for a moment. I have others stories of my childhood. They say that I was very innocent at that moment so I could see kind of things.

Just for your information while I am writing this story my neck hairs are up.

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