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My Experiences In My First House


I didn't know if my house was haunted at first until I started to get a bit more experiences over the last few years. It started when my grandparents came for a visit from Bryan, TX to Dallas, TX. I had to sleep in my younger brother's room so they could sleep in my room. I ended up sleeping on the floor that night but the strangest thing was that when I was asleep I immediately woke up but instead of getting up I was paralyzed. I started to try to move until I did so I started to look around the room and saw nothing so I went back to sleep but the bad thing about it was that I kept on waking up paralyzed all night it was exactly 12 times that I had woken up paralyzed.

The next day my brother went for a sleep over to one of his friend's house so I had a chance to sleep on the bed so I did and the same thing happened to me. I kept waking up paralyzed this time I woke up 9 times but the thing I hated was that in those two nights I felt as if something was on my chest something heavy the only thing I always did was to breathe hard and close my eyes and try to move.

The next day I told my mom and she responded with "Se Me Suvio El Muerto" that means "The Dead Got On Me" so I got a bit scared and that night my mom started to pray so all demons and evil spirits could leave the house and ever since I haven't had another paralyzed experience.

Another experience was when I go to the restroom when I slammed the bathroom door. I would turn quickly to the mirror and see a little boy or a girl wearing an all white dress. Another experience was when my whole family saw some white shadow run in our back yard from one corner to the other about three or four times from the exact same place to the other so my dad got up and went to investigate and found nothing.

One time I came from school I immediately ran to feed my dogs and in the corner of my eye I saw a black shadow of a dog and that bought back memories of my old dog "Oso" which means "Bear" who died of heart worms a couple of months ago.

The last thing that we've heard was when my cousin's mom came to babysit me and my two younger brothers she was asleep and felt as if someone was putting a marble in her palm of her hand and closed her hand into a fist and when she felt that feeling she immediately hugged my cousin.

I have written this story two other times one in my room and the other in my living room and the first time it said that it was posted and the next day I was looking for it and found it wasn't posted. The second time I had highlighted all of story so that I would save it on a flash-drive so that if didn't want to post I wouldn't have to write it again so I had my finger on the "r" key and my finger felt as if someone pushed it down so all the story got replaced with a stupid letter "r". These are all the experiences in my house thank you for your time and if you could leave a comment or some advice.

Thank you for your time to read my experienced in my first house.

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bandet888 (85 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-09)
At least THIS time it got posted. I'm sorry you had to keep writing though. It would have been kind of funny If I saw My First Experiences At My First House "r" lol
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-27)
Morpheus55: You will probably find that the paralysing was caused by a condition called sleep paralysis, it is quite common and there is a lot of stories on this website that are the same experience as yours you could find some by using the search tool and there will also be some helpfull information for this condition. All the best.

Thank you for sharing.


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