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Grandmothers Spirit?


My grandmother, who passed away a year and 5 months ago. She was an amazing person who unfortunately had a tough life. All her life she had the, wait on me hand and foot thing going. My grandpa is 72, he is real fit and in shape and she had him running raggid... Well she started hitting Alzheimer's around 2005 during the hurricane and got worse and worse. She soon hit the nursing home for years. Well before my days, she had told my grandpa if he ever brought home another woman after she died, shed haunt him... What happened?

He was visiting her in the nursing home. She died as soon as he told her he loved her. Well he had brought home another woman. 'He has told me he had a feeling he was watched, and the stuff would fall and blamed rats... Rats can't for one move heavy stuff and two; he has never had rats in the house.

He also said he has felt covers rise (the woman left the house since they broke up) But before my grandpas girlfriend left, my mother had a dream of my grandmother and she had asked my mom who that lady was in her bed, and you know in dreams you can't really control what you say or do... My mom says, there's no one in your bed, my grandmother said, yes there is, I see her laying there. (As a paranormal investigator that's kind of a fork in the microwave thing for me, because my mother is skeptical of ghosts and spirits, she believes but doesn't believe in seeking, so I'm all why go to her you know?)

Well one day myself, my grandpa and dad went out to eat. Came back and they sat outside, and I was inside It was getting dark so all that was on in the house was the TV and kitchen lights. I heard a noise down the hall, so I decided to use my droid cell to take pics... And I have caught an image tilting its head... Could this be my grandmother?

Weeks later I went back and started taken more pics and got several white streams in my photos. One in front of the screen, one in bottom left corner and one going down the hall. As a paranormal investigator, this stuff gets me pumped! But... Kind of has me a little iffy... Should I even try contacting my grandmother at that house? Investigating other places isn't a problem, but it kind of feels weird since this time it's my own family member.

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blue_raven80 (13 stories) (338 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-13)
oh yeah... Can you post the pics please? Thanks. I would love to see it and give our input about it.
blue_raven80 (13 stories) (338 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-13)
your grandmother hasn't passed through yet and since your granddad brought another woman in the house, it made her restless. Well that is only my opinion.
princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-12)
It would be nice if you could post the pics you took. It's too bad that you lost your grandmother to such an awful disease. That must have been hard for all of you. There seem to be many connections> what your Gran told your Grandfather, your mothers dream & the woman leaving your Grandfather. If her problem was a new woman & the new woman is gone but things are still happening makes me wonder if it was really your Grandmother in the first place. I believe we are never really alone & spirits know about private conversations we share with each other & play off those to cause us to believe that it is in fact one of our family members or someone else we have lost. So as far as you trying to get answers & yes it does hit a little close to home so I understand how weird it would feel, but I really don't know if you should push any farther. Only because it could be something much worse than your Gran's spirit needing acknowledgement. I wish you the best of luck & safety. Bless you & yours.


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