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Memorial Day Will Most Likely Be A Memory I Wont Ever Forget


I want to let you know that in the past. I've had a fair amount of experience with the paranormal and I am supposedly physic and I hardly imagine things unless I'm getting lost in my day dreams which I have from time to time.

My friend invited me to Palm Springs for Memorial Day. We had a sleepover the day before but we were happy to spend more time with each other. Her parents had rented a house which was why I was able to tag along around the 'last minute' the house had a strange feel to it. The door seemed like a cage with iron bars and so we had to walk through the side of the house, go to the pool in the back and open that door to get into the house. Everything went fine until me and my friend, who were sharing a room, were about to go to sleep. She was asleep but I seemed wide-awake. I heard something fall and I thought it was my imagination. I thought it might be an earthquake, but I knew I would've felt it and her parents would have noticed and came in to see if we were OK. I decided to ignore it but this seemed to be a mistake. In the morning when I and my friend woke up we saw that the two lamps by our bedside were on the floor and the cloth painting that was hung above out heads with iron was only a few inches near our heads. We decided to ignore it but we still wondered what it was, we even asked if there was an earthquake at the time but her mother said that as far as she knew, there wasn't. We then made a few jokes about the lamp and painting. Things like,

"Danny Phantom must've come out of the T.V at night and tried to kill us because we don't watch his show."

I now know that this wasn't the best idea but it was the only way for us to help us not to worry. Sometimes I begin to remember the house and how to felt to be in there and I always felt as if I wasn't alone and I always wonder, "If it's such a nice house, why rent it out unless there's something wrong with it? There has to be some reason why. "Whether it's to make money or a haunting me all ways question but I never manage to figure out.

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HADOKINZOR (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-23)
Thats really Creepy o.o Do you have a Cemetary or Other Places around there That are Haunted?
Shadead (91 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-22)
Thats really creepy but I know what you mean with weird feeling and questions like "why is it for rent if its so nice?" Might have been a ghost or spirit just trying to fool with you guys.

Thanks for the read and good luck with it all.


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