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Grandmother Or Coincidence


My dad had a god mother that we called Grandma. She was cool but slightly crazy. She was getting old and her health started to deteriorate little by little as the days went on. Of my siblings and me, she claimed that I was her favorite because I was the smartest and prettiest.

One day, my fiancée and I are hanging out in my parent's apartment and he tells me that she is going to die within two weeks (he has a weird sense for these types of things). Being a skeptic, I obviously did not believe what he had to say. I brushed it off as if he were joking with me.

A few nights later, I go to my bathroom to get ready for bed and I see her reflection in my mirror. This would not have been weird given she was in my house at the time. But we had just dropped her off at her apartment. She lives all the way in Chinatown, which is a long highway and bridge drive from where I was living at the time. I brushed it off by making excuses like I was tired or I did not take my make-up off correctly.

Later that night, she appears in my dream. She is telling me that she is not dead and that she's just asleep. The next day, my dad brings her over to the apartment and she falls asleep on my couch. My fiancée tells me that she is going to die the same night. Still, I did not believe him, thinking he was just trying to be funny.

The next morning, my mom calls me telling me that she died. It still did not shock me because I knew she was dying for a while now. Later that night, she appears in my dreams again saying that she is not dead and that she was just asleep.

A few weeks pass by and I think I see things in the apartment but I kept telling myself it was my imagination. One day, my little sister and I were in my room on my computer. I had just fought with my brother earlier that day about him using my ironing board and not putting it back where it belonged (in my walk-in closet). So I propped the ironing board up against the back wall of my closet with a few things in front of it so my brother will not get to it. So my sister and I are on my computer and we hear three knocks coming from my closet door. We know we did not put anyone in there nor did we put anything in there for it to make that kind of knocking sound. It literally sounded like there was SOMEONE knocking on it. We ran out of the room but decided to go investigate it (just in case we were being drama queens). We open the closet door and my ironing board falls right to our feet.

The Chinese has a superstition that when one dies, their spirit lingers around for 49 days (7weeks) from the date of death. From the day she died until the ironing board incident, I would wake up in the middle of the night, every night at exactly 4:08AM. I told my mom this and she told me that her time of death was 4:08AM.

The day of the ironing board incident happened on the 49th day. From that day on, I was not waking up at 4:08AM anymore.

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DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-27)
Very intriguing there was obviously something definitely happening then. There really is to much of a coincidence for the times you had been waking up and the time that your Grandmother past away, I think this may be her way way of saying goodbye and that she is fine. The way she told you that she was just sleeping in your dreams also makes sense as you mentioned you were her favourite. Great story.

Thanks for sharing.


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