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My story isn't exciting or dramatic. It happened today and scared me so I wanted to tell someone and see if they thought I was just nuts, hearing a ghost, or something else.

I was downstairs in my house. I had the television on, but I had the program paused because I had been doing some work on my computer. I was done with that so I was just checking out random websites and whatnot. I have dropped my laptop a few times and so the speakers no longer work. Also it was about 11:30 pm so my mom and brother were asleep. Anyway, out of the blue I heard a woman talking. She had some sort of accent, I don't know what. She was speaking English but I couldn't tell what she was saying. Her voice sounded strange like a radio from the 50's or a vinyl. I was really confused and nervous. I turned the TV and cable box completely off. The voice continued for about 5 seconds. In all I heard her talk for maybe 45 seconds. I didn't hear anything else. I went upstairs and asked my mom and brother if they had their TV or anything on. They said no, they had been asleep.

Also, her voice had this weird quality I've felt / heard a couple times. It kind of felt close, like in the same or next room, but sound far away. It's hard to explain. A couple times when I was living alone in an apartment, I heard a woman whispering in my ear, but yet it sounded far.

Anyway, it scared me. What do you all think?

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miss_amos (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-24)
Ey preeeti yu seeem like yu know lil bit about being goood with this stuff do yu hav email adddres also is coool how Yu haven't wrote any of yur own ghost story like me hav just comment on others like me lol I'm married to sik man but I'm Christian also believe god is one iv never seeen ghost but hav experience spiritual dreams An few wierd thing like lights flickering anyway I think would be coool talking with yu hope to hear from yu man tc
Preeti (100 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-15)
I think friend you should keep rosemary below your pillow maybe you'll get relief...
God bless ❤
valerie67 (2 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-15)
Thank you for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it. I love this website because it is so informative and some of my experiences are making more sense.
Trix (14 stories) (407 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-14)
Hi Apreslaube812,
It's very scary to hear a voice without any company around. It happened to me too, and it scared the hell out of me. It's an interesting story. You must update us about this. I would like to know if you find out what is the story behind this voice. With my experience, it's still a mystery for me.
Thanks for sharing.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-08-13)
as812: I totally understand about the fear factor!...But, you see, if you want your fear to subside, you have to find out the who, what, where and most importantly: WHY... And ask yourself this question: "Am I really afraid, or just spooked?"...Because trust me, even the most seasoned in the paranormal get spooked 😆...If it's just being a little spooked, then you should be able to continue with some research... The more knowlegeable you become, the less spooked you'll be if (when) this event happens again...

I'm fairly confident that you'll be hearing her again...So, the choice is yours... You can hide under your blanket and continue to be scared, or find out the reason behind it and possibly be of assistance to a poor lost spirit...Or, most likely, be able to deliver a message to someone in this life from someone they're wondering about...

You have the guts to do it, otherwise, you wouldn't have posted your story!...Have faith in yourself... 😊 ❤
biblefreeme (2 stories) (137 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-13)
apreslaube 812 try this technique if you start to feel uneasy close your eys and relax visualise that in the centre of your chest there is a bubble of white light coming from you imagine it growing until it completely engulfs you and you are on the inside of this ballon let it emanate around your whole room until your in a room of white light and positive energy then ask your guides to hold it inplace so nothing negative can come near you, once you have masterd this you can do it in seconds I find it realy helps. Good luck
apreslaube812 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-13)
Thanks for your comments. After thinking more about the voice after I posted this, I really got to thinking the voice has never sounded menacing. You know? It scares me and everything, but I don't know.

The whispering definitely seemed to be talking to me (I heard my name), but the talking from a couple nights ago sounded like I was just overhearing something. We bought this house new I think 10 years ago. This is only the second time I've experienced something here I think. The other time I saw a female figure in a bedroom by the closet. That was probably 5 years ago.

While in the apartment I heard more. That place was pretty old. I think I've heard of residual. I sometimes watch that show Paranormal State and they had that on there once.

And with the whispering vs. The talking here. I feel like it's the same woman, but I don't have any reason to believe that, except that it's a woman's voice.

The thing is, it's exciting to watch on tv. It's really terrifying to me when it has happened. I'm not really sure if I want to know what she wants, assuming that she's real.
biblefreeme (2 stories) (137 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-13)
the way you describe hearing this voice is just like a lot of mediums explain there spirit guides talking, do you feel that its you in particular shes talking to or does it seem like your just over hearing? If it happens again you could try answering her tel her you can hear her but barely if you feel up to this of course.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-08-13)
as812: This is really exciting to me! 😆...I agree with Pjod (hi! Long time!)...I suggest you try to get some EVP... You don't have to communicate directly, just set the recorder, and let it run... SET IT AND FORGET IT... Oh I'm so sorry, I just had to! 😆...Anyway, the voice may come through clearer... I really don't think it's anything to fear though... Good Luck and keep us posted
MyChaoticPeace (1 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-12)
I agree with Haysw, don't worry about it.

How old is the place you're living in now?
Watersprite (3 stories) (85 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-12)
I agree with haysw1012, that it is probably residual. Even if it was in another location in the house, it would still be residual, just in a different room. I have had similar experiences, and you described it perfectly. I don't know why hearing a voice from a distance - maybe a different dimension? - should seem so eerie, but it scared me when I had the same kind of experience. Residual noises can't hurt you, they are just spooky! 😨

Thanks for sharing your story!

Best wishes,

Watersprite ❤
haysw1012 (1 stories) (22 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-12)
maybe they are an imprint that is further back in time. Sounds residual. Nothing to worry about.
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-12)
I was going to suggest a residual thing...
However, being as you have heard it in another location... Maybe it is some intelligent spirit trying to make contact.

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