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Ghosts at my Husband's Parents House


Hi its me again! Today I am writing of a very recent event that has happened to me. My husband and I were visiting his parents for the weekend up in Northern Illinois. We usually stay on their couch in the living room, but since I'm very pregnant now, it's hard for us both to fit. So the last time we stayed, I slept on their sleeper sofa in the room adjacent to the living room. A sitting room is what I guess you could call it. My husband stayed on the couch in the living room.

That night, around 3:00 am, I woke up from a deep sleep and right next to me, was a figure of a man staring down at me. I kept blinking really hard and looking and he still stayed there. I was so scared, because the room's atmosphere changed to bad vibes. Also, he was standing where a piece of furniture was, so no human could stand there. Very freaked out to say the least, I got up and grabbed my husband's flashlight headlight, and he was gone by the time I got back. Although, he was visibly gone, I could still feel his presence there. I would try and think of happy thoughts such as friends and family to calm myself down. But when I thought about my father, the air around me seemed to feel angry again. It really scared me. I even got angry at the entity because it shouldn't get angry at my own father.

The day after this happened, I told my husband as I usually do because he always listens and has suggestions. Well it turns out that my husband's family has all seen, heard, and felt strange things in their home that is 106 years old now. He has experienced as a youngster, his door being kicked in at night while he was reading and footsteps running down their upstairs hallway. Also, both his parents have said they have seen a man who will stand at their side door on their front porch or sometimes the front door. I have seen this too twice since I have visited them over the past few months. It's usually very brief and he will walk away and disappear.

Also the next day after my scary experience, the family had a party there and I was on the staircase talking with his Aunt, who is scared of going upstairs. She avoids it like the plague. As she was talking to me, I would look up and see a shadow dart across the hallway in and out of bedrooms. It was so fast though, but a distinct black shadow.

I think with the age of the house, it is no surprise that there are hauntings that happen. Its a very cozy home and I love going there. The house has beautiful architecture and is a perfect family home. I just hope that whatever was there that night, won't haunt me like it did before. That was a little too much for me.

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Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-16)
If I had read your Bio Jen I would have known you were wiccan and you would know about the crystals, sorry. Do you practice with a coven or are you a lone wiccan? I find your beliefs as a wiccan fasinating.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you
phishin2hoist (2 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-16)
Thanks for the advice! I will look into that! :) It is just wierd because nothing malicious has ever happened to any of the family members before. Just that one night when I was sleeping in there. I also found out, that the around the time the house was built, it was very common for people to have wakes in the home. The room I stayed in could have been where they once were held. Also, their laundry room was once called a "sick" room. Housing the members of the house that were too sick to sleep upstairs. It was located right near the kitchen for convienence.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-15)
Hi Jen, just for a little piece of mind you could pick up a piece of clear cyrstal quartz and keep it on you while visiting this should help in repelling any malicious spirits that try and come near you. You can also purchase them on line for almost next to nothing. One place is, I know that is a witches site, but I don't believe all the hype that has been leveled on them. I have other methods, but since its not your home I don't think it would be appropriate to do them.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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