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Hello! I have had many paranormal experiences throughout my lifetime, and some close friends including my husband, believe I have a psychic ability. I would like to start with my most recent events and work my way down if I have the room. Earlier this week, I had a dream with my deceased Grandfather who died in 2004. In the dream, he was holding my newborn son, who I am still pregnant with, and I knew in my dream he was a spirit. The next day, my Grandmother, (his ex wife) had a bad stroke and is currently in the hospital. I have a feeling that his visiting me, was to forewarn me of what was to happen, and to let me know he will be watching over his great grandson when he arrives.

Besides the usual psychic experiences I have, I believe in the supernatural and have done a great deal of reading and learning on the subject. My current home I live in with my husband is haunted. He has lived here for a while and has told me of light bulbs constantly blowing up on him when he would freshly change them, and the distinct movement of a dark shadow behind him. These events haven't happened to him in a while but they have happened to me since the second day we moved in.

That second day, I had no clue that any of these things had happened to him. I was feeling very lethargic and decided to try and take a nap in our bedroom. Now our bed was located right next to the doorway so you would have to wait until someone walked into the room to know who it was. As I was saying, I was laying on the bed, home alone, and I heard a car door slam right outside in our driveway. I thought that was odd because no one that we knew would be visiting us. After this happened, our side door opened and I heard footsteps walk around our kitchen! I did not know how to react because I thought it was a burglar at first. I just laid in bed frozen from fright of being attacked and/or killed. Finally the footsteps stopped and I waited. I grabbed a heavy object and snuck out into the kitchen, only to find no one there. If the person had left I would have heard the door close again. But I heard nothing.

A while later, still shook up, I returned to bed and started reading a prenatal book. Again, I heard the side door open from the outside and a person walked inside. The footsteps came right up to our bedroom doorway and stopped. I was so scared that I couldn't move. I looked but no one was there. Suddenly my cat jumped down from the bed and ran into our hallway and stared intently into our bathroom which is right next to our room. I was so scared I called my husband at work and told him and he laughed and said "I was wandering when you would experience something!".

Since this experience I have had a few others here. Nothing as scary as that, but I soon started seeing dark shadows pass out of my peripheral vision. We will have items disappear from where we thought we put them, and show up somewhere completely different. Too much creepy stuff.

Before living here and meeting my husband, I was a maid for Merry Maids. We had a ton of houses to go to on a weekly basis and a few houses I have been in once and that was it. One house in particular was of an elderly gentleman who lost his wife quite a few years ago. He lived alone in his home and we came there weekly to clean. While I would be cleaning, I would get the impression that someone or something was watching me. I asked my maid partner if he had cats or anything and she said no. So every time I would be vacuuming a room or cleaning the shower, I would have an intense feeling of being surveyed. I ran out to my partner and told her about it. She said that she has never experienced anything like I have, but she has gotten bad vibes from there.

He was a sweet old man and I'm sure his wife was too. I just somehow got the feeling that she wanted the home left alone, and disapproved of my presence. I've had other experiences at other houses, but I will write them at another time. I still have more to tell from my high school years at my parents home.

My parents home is relatively small and was built in the late 1970's. My family is only the second or third that has inhabited the home so I never thought to experience a ghostly experience of any kind.

One day after school, I was reading my English homework and was home alone. To my right, in the doorway to the kitchen and the living room where I was, I heard a man and woman standing 6 feet away from me and bickering to each other intensely. I couldn't decipher what they were saying because it was kind of muffled, but it was right next to me! It was like recorded in time! My dog sitting at my feet got up and stared at the area and barked and growled like crazy. I checked the entire house to see if we had any tvs or radios on, but nothing.

A few months after that occurrence, I was at home, and my father had just left for work. I was then left home alone and was in my closet searching for a pair of shoes. My closet door was right next to my bedroom door that was opened. I then heard my father's heavy work boots walk down the hallway towards my room and they went into our den instead and the door slammed shut very hard. He had already left so I said "Dad did you forget something?" And I did not get a reply. When he didn't come out after a few minutes, I thought it was odd because he was going to be late for work. I opened the den door and he was gone! No one was in there. I looked outside and his truck was still gone, he never even came home! The window was closed so there was no draft for the door to slam shut as hard as it did.

Sorry this is a lot of things to read. I will write again later when I have more time. I have had more experiences as a maid, and throughout my life in general.

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ThaKiddMushyy (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-16)
Just wanted to put my point in, ghosts are everywere, I have been seeing ghosts since my granfather passed away when I was 5, I see ghosts where ever I go, there diffrent from shadow people, an how television portrays ghosts, ghosts look like normal people but only be there for a split second, then disapear, my first supernatural experiance was when me an my mother where renting out a movie to watch at home when she got a text from my grandfathers fone saying, 'i love you, an ill always miss you' my mother didn't understand it but figured shed call up when we got home, 5 minutes later when we were at the till, mum got a call from her younger bruther saying grandad passe away half an hour ago, we were like how is thapossible we just got a text from him 5 minutes ago, so we looked through the fone for the message, an couldn't find it, since that day, I have been seeing ghosts, a friend of mine has been possesed while praying in a mosque, I have had one experiance that stands out from the rest, some say it was a shodow being, but I don't no, I was watchin television at home, lying on my sofa, an from the corner of y eye I saw some one walk from the kitchen to the living room door an disappear, but I didn't pay much attention assuming it was my step father, a while later I went to the kitchen to make some food, saw the light was off, an I no that is normal but for some reason it felt weird like wrong, I didn't think much of it at the time though, after making some food for my self, I went upstairs to find my step dad, to ask him if he wanted anything to eat, but wasn't home, I called mum to let her know he went out an to ask when she was coming home, an she said they both left together about 2 hours ago, that's when it struck me it wasn't him, the rest of the day I jus sat in the corner of my sofa scared waiting for mum to come home, I told her what happened she took me to a priest, I have had many experiences, but nothing like that, an I love the fact that I'm not alone, that others have experiences, it makes me feel more normal:)
march2 (3 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-11)
my first question is are you a pisces? I think your a prhophet from god and have a specific path that you are meant to follow. Everything that your experience is a sign. I too have had similar experience's myself. I will post my stories and share for I am a new member.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-14)
Love to hear the rest of your stories. Very interesting indeed. Could it have been that the little old man's wife was jealous of you being in her home with her husband? Funny how some people even after death can still influence the enviroment around them. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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