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Another Warning Of Caution


This is just another addition to the last experience I posted, about my resident spirit.

Around 3 weeks ago, I met the mother of my kids friends, I got an uneasy feeling, and new I needed to keep my distance. It comes with being able to read people. New friends, they have just recently started getting to know each other, and figuring out which kids personality best fits the other.

With kids sometimes it takes a few days to figure out who they like best, who they like a little and who they just don't want to bother with at all.

Then I met another mother and another. All in all I have met 3 mothers in the last 3 weeks, all due to school letting out for the summer.

All was going well, kids were getting along, playing with numerous toys.Bikes,water guns,phones,etc etc.

Then the activity started.

2 days after I initially met the 1st mother, I laid down in bed next to my hubby to begin my nightly meditation.

As I was beginning my visual, I noticed I was surrounded by darkness. So I envisioned a bright flame of protection burning it into ashes, and finally into nothing. This took about 15 minutes to finish with. After this as I was taking myself out of the meditation, I noticed my body on the right side was vibrating,I've only felt this while in a deep meditation, not during a regular.

The next day I could feel a heavy energy in the house, and outside the house. Again the kids were outside playing, nothing unusual. So I did a protection prayer, for the home and surrounding area.

Over the last couple weeks, I have noticed tension grow in my home, 5 nights ago...

I had fallen asleep, and was dreaming this is essential to what I'm about to write here.

I was dreaming my husband, several others and I were running around having fun, when I felt the need to hide, and lay down. I laid down, and I could hear a man, walking toward me, and a clicking noise, with every one step he made. It would go Click 2 seconds Click. It did this until the man made it right behind me, then with the last click I woke up.

When I woke up I opened my eyes, and could hear the click engulf the house along with a vibration that seemed to emanate throughout my entire home.

This sound and vibration lasted all but 30 seconds, and I noticed my phone had lit up. I was terrified to get it, as it was across my room sitting on my t.v.stand.But I grabbed it, and checked what time it was 3:20 am, and no notifications that would cause my phone to light up.

Just as I put my phone down on the floor next to the bed, and laid back down to think about what had just happened, this feeling of being terrified came over me, and as that happened, I started seeing a man prying open my patio door, and coming into my house, walking through at a face pace, and coming up the stairs.

While I'm seeing this, not actually in front of me, but if this makes sense with my minds eye, I could actually hear someone downstairs feet shuffling across the carpet, and up the stairs.

Mind you my almost 6 month old pup hasn't made a peep, and that's another thing I thought about while this is happening "Why didn't he bark?".

I heard the feet coming up the stairs, and I'm literally sitting up in my bed awaiting this persons arrival into my bedroom, with a knife, and a hammer one in each hand.

(I sleep with both under my bed). We don't live in the most secure neighborhood.

I hear the footsteps approach my bedroom door, and I see nothing!

I let out a sigh of relief, and go ok just the resident spirit, warning me of something phew. I get up, check all bedrooms, go downstairs, and without any reason turn off the thermostat. Now mind you it's warm, humid and muggy outside, so inside my home it's a good 10° higher than outside.

I turn right back around and go to bed. I never checked the doors, or windows, just went upstairs and laid back down.

My hubby turns and asks me what I was doing, and I calmly told him nothing I thought I had heard something, turned over and drifted off to sleep.

When he gets up at 5am he turns to the thermostat and asks me why I turned it off. I honestly didn't have a reason for it, and couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation as to why I would, thus causing a little spat between us that morning.

Now onto the reason I'm posting this.

The first mother I met, the one I knew I needed to stay away from, over the last few weeks, has been nit picking and complaining about all the kids except for hers. So me being me, made sure I'm out there with them, to control any sort of ruckus going on.

All in all she includes some people who I've never seen on the property, and I almost get into a brawl with this woman. Through the apartment manager, I have found out, she has made several uncalled for complaints on numerous children playing around the apartments.

Found out she told the apartment manager all sorts of lies, to keep the other children from playing with her kids when she found out many of the children's families,don't go to church.

Anyhow... The tension is gone, and all is back to normal. When my phone said 3:20 I thought back and said to myself that's my grandmothers birthday.

Love my resident spirit

Thanks for reading


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pokemon_trainer (10 posts)
20 hours ago (2017-06-24)
Hi spiritwaiting,

I was wondering, similarly to Melda, if the negative energy caused by this mother could be affecting the spiritual energy in the house, but I believe that perhaps there must also be something more behind it.

I think it's great that your meditation was able to lessen the darkness you experienced. I think that this darkness could have actually been caused by the negativity shown by the mother, so I assume that if any other negativity occurs, you will be able to diminish it reasonably well. I believe your mental strength as a result of your meditation will protect you from harm.

Best wishes,

spiritwaiting (34 stories) (786 posts)
5 days ago (2017-06-20)

First thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Smile

My apologies for not making it clear, on what your asking. She was complaining to her neighbors, in her building. Of which I've never seen around, but they do live in her building.

Yeah it's quite possible I was picking up on her energy. I tend to do that a lot, without knowing it.

I have since kept my distance from her, and one other mother, I found it was a combination of both of them. One is negative, and the other is quite volatile. What I mean by that is, she loves confrontation, so I just left her alone.

Again Thank you for reading

Melda (8 stories) (366 posts)
6 days ago (2017-06-19)
Spiritwaiting - Great that your resident spirit reminded you of your grandmother's birthday.

I'm not sure but it seems as though you feel that the disgruntled mother is bringing in a lot of negativity, leading to negative spiritual activity around your house.

When you say she complains about people that you have never seen on the property, do you think that she can actually see people (ghosts or spirits) which you cannot, or do you think she is lying?

Regards, Melda

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