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When I was 4 years old, my family moved to a house near the pacific coast, specifically Malibu, California and that's where it all started. My first month at the house, my sister and I still slept in the same room though begrudgingly by my sister. The room had windows on one side of it, with no curtains. I'm going to estimate around 2 months after we moved in, my first scare happened. My bed at the time was nearest the windows, also nearest to the door. I was trying to sleep but somehow was unable to, around 1 in the morning I believe I was finally starting to drift off when a very close harsh voice screamed into my ear, saying my name. I was instantly awake and staring into the doorway where an extremely tall outline of a human was standing. The shadow seemed to be staring at me for some time, then suddenly walked swiftly across the room and faded away with each step until it was gone. I stared at the corner it disappeared at for awhile and slowly I turned my head across the room and while I was I noticed that the room was getting lighter and then my head was facing the windows completely, I screamed, it was morning. I know it doesn't sound exactly horrifying that it was daylight but the whole ghostly experience took only about 30 minutes, which would have made it around 1:30 am. It doesn't start getting light until 5 or 6 am so apparently whatever was here with me could control time, right?

Next experience did not happen to me but to a close friend of my sisters. I was around 7 at this time, which made my sister and her friend 12 or 13 at the time. My parents were at a company meeting and had entrusted me to my sister for the night. I was playing computer games while my sister's friend, Samantha, was lying on my parent's bed watching a movie. My sister, Holly, had just gone to the bathroom when the TV turned off. Samantha and I looked at each other and were about to yell for Holly when all the windows and doors in the room opened with a huge gust of wind getting into the room. Papers flew around and Samantha ran from the room followed closely by Holly who had run into the room when hearing Samantha scream but had become frightened and run away. I, who desperately wanted to leave the room didn't. I don't know why then and still don't. All I know is that 2 seconds before it all stopped, I heard a voice at my ear say, "Ready?" I stiffened at the noise, the shadow was back.

The next year I changed schools. I was 8 and just starting 2nd grade. The student body was tiny, only about 35 students. In contrast, the school grounds were enormous. It took me about 15 minutes to walk from the front entrance to my classroom. Trying to use common sense, I used the bathroom near entrance gate so I didn't have to wait until I got to the classroom to use it. Ever since the year before with the reappearance of the shadow I had been alert for anything that would end up in a meeting with the dreaded apparition. When I stood in the doorway of the bathroom for a few minutes and didn't detect anything suspicious I hurriedly stepped into a stall. While I was midway in doing my business, I heard another person come in with what sounded like shopping bags and went into the stall next to me. I finished up but when I got up my hairclip fell out and being a little kid and not knowing about germs I went to pick it up. When I was picking it up I looked to the side and expected to see the feet of the person there, nothing. My heart sped up, and I ran out of the stall. The mirrors lining the walls all starting shaking and cracking and luckily there wasn't a bathroom door and I ran out of the bathroom. I was there for 3 years and for some reason if felt a need to go to that specific bathroom every day, as if I didn't then something would not be right. Only one other incident happened in that place and that was when I was leaving the bathroom and "someone" in the bathroom yelled the name Kelly multiple times, getting angrier every time it was spoken.

Before the Kelly incident all my experiences, like voices saying things or people in corners and the feeling of someone watching me or my bedroom door slamming shut randomly had been strictly only been at home. Then all these occurrences started to happen everywhere. Once when I was in detention for getting too many tardies, a boy came up to me wearing a green shirt with a logo on it and blue jeans. I remember slightly tilting my head to see him sideways and seeing blond hair, and then when he didn't say anything I turned my head the rest of the way to ask him what he wanted but when I did he just disappeared. I asked the teacher doing detention if there was anyone else doing detention, the answer confirmed my fears it was only me. No blond haired guys.

One of the most vivid supernatural occurrences happened a year ago. It was just Holly and I and some of her friends. I could hear them from where they were downstairs. I was at the time on my bed with my laptop looking at my email and such. I was almost done looking at junk mail when the lights flickered a few times before coming back on completely. I didn't even have enough time to register the uneasy feeling in my stomach bubbling up to the surface when a huge menacing crash came from the sliding door leading to my porch. The whole door started to shake violently and I stumbled to my bedroom door and ripped in open and fell into the hallway. My door slammed shut behind me and left me panting trying to figure why the shaking had stopped so suddenly and just when my door shut close.

I ran downstairs to see my sister in the kitchen, waving goodbye to her friends who were apparently departing. When I saw her joyful and ignorant face and her friend's identical ones, I knew that I had been the only one to feel it. I was alone in this. My sister closing the bathroom door shut drew me out of my brooding state and turning around to face the counter separating the kitchen and TV room. Out of nowhere, a huge bright light in the shape of a human appeared behind the counter and turned brighter and brighter until it was so bright that I had to shield my eyes from being burned and trying to get away from the dangerous light I tripped on a stool and laid sprawled across the marble floor dazed and terrified. It was getting worse.

That night I had dreams that I was an orphan who lived with her brother Connor in a house for foster children in a huge house near a lake in the woods. In the dream I believed the house next door was haunted and I warned my new family to stay away from it. They didn't heed my warning but no harm came to them so I let it go. One day in the nightmare, my "sister" and I went downstairs to go tour bedroom. While we were down there we suddenly knew that a supernatural entity was with us, for every time he came instead of the air getting cold it got hot. We ran to where the stairs were to get out of the basement area but the stairs were gone. We started to yell for help but our family was at the other house. I started to feel weak and I knew I was dying, the last bit of the dream was my sister yelling at me to save her and she kept repeating my name, Kelly.

The day after the incident and terrifying dream I knew I had to figure out what was happening to me and what was in the house. The only person I could think of to ask was a person who knew the house, the previous owner. I didn't want to ask my parents because then I would have to tell them why I wanted to call the owner and they would have thought I was crazy. Luckily my mom has OCD, about filing so I looked up under the house section in the cabinet, no contract or anything. I couldn't think of anywhere else to look, except my mom's office. I didn't think it would be there because she only keeps her VERY secret files there. The ones when asked about she glared until the subject changed.

In her office, there were few cabinets, one of them was locked or stuck or something so I left that one to be. At the 3rd drawer I looked at I hit the jackpot. I found house ownership papers, with a phone number of the house the previous owner now lived in. When I tried it, I found it to be disconnected; thinking he probably moved again I searched him on the Internet for some shred of evidence of where he could be. I found a website that contained old articles of a certain local newspapers and his name was highlighted on one of them. I clicked on it feeling a pit of dread develop when I actually read it. The owner, Nick, had disappeared into the ocean after trying to rescue his surfboard during a storm. After days of searching he had been pronounced dead, for how could a man survive in the ocean for days? I knew this was wrong for the only thing my mom had ever told me about this Nick was that he had won multiple surfing contests. A guy who had almost literally surfed everyday would know not to go into open sea during a storm. Then why did he do it?

For weeks I tried to think of a something to help but I came up blank and decided to quit on this "investigation". The rest of the story will be in the next post.

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wolfeyes72206 (32 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-31)
it sounds to me that there was something there, maybe he was just trying to get someone to notice him after all you did say he was lost at sea for awile or maybe he was trying to get attention if so just ask him to give you some kind of clue as to why he is there and maybe you can help him to cross over. I wish you the best of luck and may God bless.
elawton1980 (13 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-19)
You've had a lot of experiences that are scattered all over the place, seemingly, but that is VERY common for pre-teens & teenagers. It doesn't mean you're crazy or even strange. Youth is a very strong life force & spirits/demons/etc. Are very attracted to it (think of the movie "Poltergeist"- without the Hollywood overtones, that's what I'm talking about).

I would say it's likely you're a sensitive & will have these experiences for the remainder of your life. They will come & go out of nowhere. Sometimes they're meaningfuly, sometimes they're not.

As far as your dream (and any more that you might have), accept the possibility that past life experiences can show up there. Unconscious fears, mental disturbances, family turmoil- be it in a past or your present life- have a way of showing up in dreams. Unlocking the key of what the dreams could mean in terms of handling a present-day problem you may have in your life is very important.

Nick could have been suffering from depression or something & committed suicide. Or something along the lines of foul play could have been involved, which is even more disturbing. He might of seen or heard something that he wasn't supposed to & made an enemy of someone. It wouldn't be the first time someone who'd been a very strong swimmer just "disappears" into the ocean. Without knowing him, who knows what he could have been involved in? He may be trying to reach you during the times you've experienced another presence you can't explain. I don't think he's trying to scare you, but is just trying to get someone to know what happened to him. As illogical as it is, plenty of people have had dreams, visits, etc. From those beyond the grave.

The menacing voice, though...that's never a good sign. As I would tell anyone in your situation, though I believe you're probably mentally sound, it's a good idea to verify with a doctor that you have nothing wrong mentally or physically. If not, I would try a house blessing, burning sage, any type of ceremony to possibly release this presence from in your life. It could be something completely separate from your "haunting", just be aware of that.

It is fairly unusual to lose time when I ghost appears. But the mind can do very strange things, and you could theoretically blank out activity that you don't want to deal with. Or you could have fallen asleep & just think that you lost time. Keeping a journal of your day-to-day life (especially when it's turbulent) & seeing if there's a link between that & your paranormal experiences (dreams, ghost sightings, etc.) may help.

Good luck to you.:)

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