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Farmer's Cart


This happened 5 months ago (roundabout). I live in the country. One night I'm driving down a country road (called the Causeway) to my (then) boyfriend's house. My ex boyfriend was driving in front of me (we had taken both our cars to my house) but being a typical guy, he speed off ahead.

I carried on at a reasonable speed when I came up behind this pld fashioned cart being pulled by a horse. Now I drive this road everyday and most nights and I have never seen this cart before. As it was night time, there was also a lantern sat by the driver at the front. I didn't think it ghostly, just strange as I know most of the farmers round our parts and none have a cart they pull by horse or would use a lantern.

There soon came a pullover point which the cart kindly used, so that I could pass. As I drove a bit down the road I looked in the rearview mirror and noticed I couldn't see the cart anymore. I just reasoned that maybe the lantern had gone off and so it was too dark to make out the cart.

It wasn't long when I came up behind my ex boyfriends car. When we got to his house I asked him if he had had a look at the guy driving the cart back on the causeway (so that he could tell me who it had been). He replied that there hadn't been a cart at all on that road. I even described it to him just in case he didn't understand what I meant. But he was adamant there was no cart.

Also the causeway doesn't have any junctions off or on to it. So the cart could not have just pulled on behind his car! I ain't sure whether it was a ghost but I can't explain it otherwise. I don't know of any stories about any farmers that have died but my town has been around for a VERY long time so you never know :)

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corrine (1 stories) (3 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-17)
Thats quite a good story! You don't think he could have come out of a field gate onto the road or anything...?

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