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Strange Man Spotted Again


Now if you have not read my previous story Strange Man in My House than I'll just inform you that my middle sister (Ria) on several occasions has seen a male figure in our house while there has been no one in the house except her.

Only last night did he "show" himself again with others in the house. Now I was downstairs in the kitchen, and my middle sister's boyfriend (Carl) was in her room. Now Ria came out of her bedroom and went partially into my little sisters (Alice) room and noticed a figure laying in the bed. Turned away from the door. Of course Ria assumed it was Alice (The bedroom light was turned off, so it was darkish).

Ria stood in the door way looking at Alice in bed and could hear the shower going in the bathroom next door to Alice's room. She then walked downstairs into the kitchen to surprisingly find me in the kitchen. She said to me "I thought you were in the shower?" and I told her how I had been downstairs for ages, she then asked "so who's in the shower then?" I told her it must be her Boyfriend OR Alice. But she told me it can't be as Carl was in her room and Alice was asleep in her own bedroom.

I said to just go check, so she was walking back up the stairs when Alice walked out of the bathroom (wet and in a towel) obviously been having a shower. So Ria rushed into Alice's bedroom only to find no one in the bed.

I teased her that it was the strange man again. But Ria was really spooked. Maybe she thought she had seen someone laying the bed (it had been darkish) or maybe it was the strange man again? Ria was adamant that she had seen a figure in the bed. I believe her as she doesn't make stuff like this up, as ghosts etc don't interest her. Alice had assured us she had been in the shower for a good 15-20 minutes before she met Ria in the hallway.

Who is this strange male figure? Does he even exist?. It does give me something to tease her about.

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Manikofmagic (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-12)
As you didn't experience the real thing you couldn't explain things that happened so, to myself. The real thing is the ghost is trying to tell them something so they rest on their beds and they wait for the related people to talk to them. But most people get frightened and reject to talk to the spirits. DON'T DO LIKE THAT. YOU WIll MAKE THEM SCARED TOO!
Flutterofwings (13 stories) (428 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-11)
Wow a strange story indeed. I have seen ghost, and shadows, orbs nearly everywhere, but not laying in a bed. This is a new one for me I might add. Not saying its's not real just different.
ErinT (9 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-11)
Hiya again. My grandad never lived with us and so my sister's room didn't use to be his. Although, it was the last room he decorated for us.

I too, don't understand why a ghost would choose to show itself lying in a bed but eh, people are odd in life why not death! Lol
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-01-23)
Boy, I do not know Erin. Is it possible that Alice's room was once your granddad's? I just... There is another story on here that I questioned the "in the bed" thing too, only as I have a personal problem with figuring out why a ghost would lay down in someone else's bed.
I am not trying to discredit your story, please do not think that is the case, what I AM trying to do is to figure out the connection that goes on with beds. (And bathrooms, for that matter.)
Truly interesting. Thank you for sharing all of these experiences with us.

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