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Who Else Is Living Here? 2


This is a continuation to my first part of all the things that happened to my family while we were living in our old house. I've never thought about it being hunted until recently when my siblings and I sat down and discussed about our childhood memories at our old house. For a particular reason, when I have dreams about being at a house or at home, the home will never be the current house that I live in but the old house. My siblings have expressed the same thing as well that when they dream about being at home; it takes them to the old hose we use to live in. We came to a conclusion that maybe all our childhood memories are from there that that's why we keep dreaming about our old house when we dream about being home. We lived there for about 8 years and we basically grew up there before moving to our new home. Does this happen to anybody else?

Back to the stories, one summer my grandma who is my mom's mother came to visit us from France. She slept in my room, but at that time that room was not occupy by any of us yet. My sister and I were still sharing a room with my oldest sister so we basically used that room as a storage room. One morning we over heard her telling my mom that while she was sleeping, she woke up and saw a red figure standing by her bed. For the rest of her time there, we never heard her talking about it again, so we assume she never saw the red figure again. My brother and I asked my mom a few weeks ago but she deny it and claim no such thing happened. Of course we knew she was lying to us, she was surprise when we brought up the topic in the first place and asked who told us that story.

This next incident was told to me from my brother, I have heard it before but didn't have as much knowledge in it so since my brother and my two youngest sisters shared a bedroom with my parents, he knew more. He said one night, my parents were pretty spook out for some reason and my dad had went to sleep with his gun on top of his night stand (we assume something's been happening to him, which we later found out and I will tell you guys soon.) In the middle of the night, my dad woke up and started shouting towards the door as he had his gun pointing at the same direction. He was shouting somewhere along the line "get out who ever it is, or else I will shoot you if you if you don't leave me alone!" Again, we asked my mom about this incident and she denies it. She probably thought we were too young at the time to remember such thing.

For a few years, my dad began to have strange things occur to him (I forgot if the incident I mentioned above came before or during these strange events). We started to hear stuff from my mom that my dad was being haunted. My dad continuously had dreams about a woman claiming to be his wife from his previous life and how my dad had left her and their son to war. She wasn't going to leave my dad alone unless he agrees to go with her. (Hmong people believe that if a ghost/demon comes and take your spirit away then you will die soon). She even told my dad that they'd both implanted some kind of stones into their arms as a promise that they will always be together no matter what.

A few months after finding out about this, my dad went in for some kind of x-ray/scan testing and found out that he had some kind of stones in his right arm. I do not know what it is called or what kind of procedure he went through but I remember the day he was going in for his minor surgery to remove it, he gathered my whole family together as we pray before he left, my dad doesn't go to church often but he was always a believer. It wasn't a big surgery, only a minor surgery so it only took a few hours at the most. We continuously had our church members and pastor come over to bless our house and pray for my dad. For a certain amount of time, things will be back to normal but not for long and my dad would start to feel the presence of the lady again.

We believe that whatever this presence is, it was evil or it was some kind of demon that is trying to taunt my dad. Sometimes when my dad drove by himself, he would realize that he ended up on the other side of town but can't remember how he got there. Another time, he was on his way to go pick up my grandma from a relative's house, he drove off a ramp but luckily, nothing serious happened to him. He told us that whenever this stuff occurred, he would feel like an evil presence is there with him blocking out his mind and making him not come to realize anything. One time my uncle came over and my dad told my mom that something was wrong with my uncle's face. Somehow, my uncle looked like some kind of animal with pointy ears, but the weird face quickly changed back to my uncle's real face within a blink of an eye.

We continue to have my pastor and church members come over and pray for my dad. Finally, one day my mom told us what my dad had said to her. One night, my dad had a dream that the lady show up again. This time the lady looked in distress as she asked my dad why he has to be so mean towards her and had blocked her way from seeing him with strong wind and thunder/lightening. It was getting too hard for her to meet my dad so she was going to leave him. Ever since that dream, he never once experienced anything like it again. All the prayers have helped and we believe God have put that barrier in between that demon and my dad so that she can no longer harm him. We praise God that through him anything is possible.

Remember that we were still young, so my parents were still keeping most of this information away from us because they did not want to scare us. They would still explain to us about what was going on but it wasn't until we got older and my mom told us more details about the events that happened with my dad. But in 2001 during our last day of moving out of that house, my brother and I were with my dad in his truck. He had told us to keep quiet and not say anything out loud about moving out or else whatever spirits that is in there will follow us to our new home. This led to the conclusion that my parents were well aware of all the strange things that have been happening and we weren't the only ones experiencing this stuff. Can it be that the lady who was haunting my dad and the footsteps my brother was hearing, alone with everything we were experiencing in the house be the same?

Sorry for the long story, if there's any confusion feel free to ask me. It's a long story so it probably got confusing to read.

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Flower (4 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-07)
I think that's really scary, very very scary.
I have had simalar experiences, let me know how your doing...
Albany211 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-15)
Dear Imsmiley,
This was a well written story and even though I don't know you I'm still proud off you for putting up with the paranormal activity in your home for 8 YEARS!
You are now one of my role models! As claudia mentioned the stones in your dads arm are very intriguing! But I would really like to know how can stones from your fathers old life FOLLOW him to the present... You never mentioned in your heart-felt story if you managed to get away from the demons/spirits. Did they follow you or did the history of spirts stay put at your haunted old house? ❤ ❤
butthead (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-02)
im just guessing but sounds like it could possibly be a "familiar spirit' that is looking for some type of acceptance in your fathers life.
You should ask your father if he has seen that "evil" face your uncle had on him, if he has seen that face on anyone else. That type of spirit attempts to drive people crazy and ruins lives if been given the time of day. I hope it's not such a spirit though!
Someone posted a link on here before, its quite a long story but based on true events, you can google up
'hostage to the devil, Uncle Ponto and the Mushroom-Souper' to learn more about it. It's an interesting story anyway.
I don't know, but if the spirit was that of someone he knew in a past life, I can't see how he would feel an evil presence when its around.
Best of luck

chopis (78 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-01)
Hello ImSmiley,

Yours was a well written story and I was able to follow it completely so, no confusions 😁
Those stones on your dad's arm, that's very intriguing, but at the end, I'm glad your family was able to move and leave the haunting behind 😳


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