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The Kids Aren't Alright


My haunting is on behalf of a friend of mine, his name is mark, and we used to be good mates about ten years back, maybe even longer! Everybody knows what lads are like (between the ages of 10 and 15) always up to no good and mischief. And you know that when you're that age there's always a fair few ghost stories going about. Now, we lived in or around a village in England called Broughton Astley, and it's got a huge history with a whole lot of ghost stories to go with it!

This particular summer holiday (9 weeks off school, how I miss them days) I will always be remembered for the events that happened around the unused railway line. I'll try my best to describe what this place looked like, there's plenty of information online, going back ten years before the village expanded at the end of this particular housing estate you had a building site (now houses) and then it was miles of fields. About two fields in there was an unused railway line, it was built in the 1840's and was used up until 1960's, it linked local villages and is quite a landmark locally.

There have been lots of rumours of ghosts and ghost trains and this was what we set out investigating. We set of from the village of ullesthorpe and decided to walk the track back to broughton astley via leire (all surrounding villages), there was about eight of us, it was very intense, think Stand By Me but not quite! We scared each other I think and absolutely nothing paranormal happened to us, until we got to the end of our journey. The site I'm talking about is near clump hill in broughton astley. Back then it were miles from anywhere, very quiet and it was spooky. We got under the railway bridge where we would ascend up the railway banks and across the field's home. Now what we found is still a talking point today! There had obviously been numerous fires down there and people must meet there regularly from the amount of empty beer cans and vodka bottles. The place had an uneasy feeling but at the time this was very exciting, until jack came across a collection of dead animals, rabbits, badgers, foxes, chickens anything you could think of that you can find near villages and farmland. There was rotting decomposing bodies of poor animals in a pile under this bridge, it was weirder than anything else. So we ran away!

Back home we all told people of our findings, my dad telling me it was probably something to do with the local farmer! But when we met the next day Mark had a better explanation. I remember the words coming from his mouth now "my sister (who was 18) says that there are devil worshipers that go down there", so naturally when you're stupid and at that age there's only one thing to do, go back down and investigate! We agreed to meet at six after dinner and in the long summer nights sit out as long as we could, except we didn't last that long because some clever clogs bought with him his older brothers Ouija board.

It lasted all of ten minutes; we sat there asking questions, moving the pointy thing. It was quite a laugh and some people obviously were moving it and spelling out others names, until it spelled out MARK, then MARK again, followed by MARK again! Mark got up shouted at us and left. Next thing we know our friend's brother had followed us down and jumped out the bushes wearing masks and scared the hell out of us, we ran away! We didn't see Mark for the remaining weeks he became ill with tonsillitis that led to glandular fever, he had two months off school and was hospitalized.

When he returned he wasn't himself and told us since that night he had terrible nightmares and would wake up early hours of the morning every morning. He'd lose things and they would turn up months later, he really did seem constantly on edge and distracted. Fast-forwards ten years or so and Mark became a drug addict, although now clean and living in Australia, my friend became a totally different person after that day! And other than Facebook I don't ever hear from him. Weather this was a coincidence or something really did happen to him I'll never know! Nothing happened to anyone else and we forgot about the incident, until I bought my first house.

As I was saying they were building houses at that end of the village and the inevitable happened, they reached the railway track, one side of the track is Geveze Way, this is the end of that housing estate and the other side is Coltsfoot Way the start of a new housing estate. I now live on coltsfoot way less than a football field away from where this took place. My house is brand new and I am the only person to live there. I constantly wake up in the middle of the night and see, only what I can describe as "objects" fading away from me, two three times a week this happens. I'm always feeling uneasy and watched in that house, and when my girlfriend is out I hear strange bangs and noises! The house is up for sale! Bad neighbours! Could this be a connection from what happened there all those years ago? Or for what used to happen, devil worshipping on that land before the houses were built?!

Please use Google or Google earth to look up the locations and let me know what you think.

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Jennilou87 (6 stories) (19 posts)
8 years ago (2013-08-27)
hi, really interesting!

I love stories like this. Although I'm sorry about your friend Mark.

I've done just as you said and looked up your village on Google. I didn't find anything about devil worship, although I didn't really expect to. You have a long history there! Dating back before the doomsday book. By the sounds of things its Roman, about as old as the city nearest to me, Lincoln, could this be the reason for your hauntings? Maybe there were houses built and demolished where your house now stands. Also, maybe it was a farmers land at one point. Who knows?
TheNathanNS (1 stories) (44 posts)
10 years ago (2011-05-07)
this has to be one of the weirdest stories on here
Sorry to hear about your friend
butthead (guest)
11 years ago (2010-11-02)
if the home you was in was built on land that used to be used for devil worshiping, then I'd say that the bangs and stuff are most surely something that either comes and goes or lingers, maybe there is a portal there as a result of the worshiping. I've got video evidance of a growl that occured at a very famous haunted location in the uk/Kent. Place called oxney bottom... Has an abandonded broken down lil chapel, and while there we didn't really hear or see anything. But when going past the corner of the chapel, twice we caught on camera a very evil growl... Felt like a growl something gives off when it does not want you there... Or is angry that you are there.
I believe we would never have caught that sound if there hadnt been similar worshipping activities.
Loganz_sis (1 stories) (150 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-01)
I am sorry about your friend; it is always a shame when friends drift apart!
Well about those animals, do you think they were sacrifices? I know that a lot of that happens in black magic and devil worship (I have a very bad experience with black magic, check my story and my sis's too). I would not be surprised if your friend got sick because of it, you know with these black magic stuff, even if you accidently touch/mess around with stuff that is not meant for you it can have very fatal effects. I am wondering if you guys disturbed something without your knowledge there...

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