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Shady Things Out The Corner Of My Eyes


Ever since I was a kid I have seen shadows move past the corners of my eyes. It always seems like people walking past me with demonic speed. I don't know what I can attribute to this and I only feel threatened by it occasionally. Sometimes I can see them longer than other times. But they are kind of just a dark faded thingy. I thought sometimes it was "floaties" (the things that float behind your eyes). But I don't have that. I have never been directly affected by them. But I definitely feel awkward around them sometimes.

I was in my room one night playing Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix MP Test and I had a shadow behind me for like 10 minutes. It was about 2 feet behind me. I am sure I could've turned my head and I would be looking right into its eyes if I wanted to. It seemed like a human presence. Like someone watching me play my game. My door was locked though and I doubt someone is really that sneaky like my brother or something. Whatever it is I always see it speed walk past me and like this case stand behind me and watch me. Hopefully it never turns out to be purely evil or anything. I am definitely always in negative situations. I am in the military. I am married and was recently separated and I have a child.

But I have also seen this since I was a child. My dad was an alchy once upon time though and me and my brothers had a rough life growing up. We went through 4 moms. My dad could never find the right woman for him and us.

Negative life, yes, drug use, yes. But I have never felt this thing was there because of this. Maybe I am wrong?

What is this humanoid?

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JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-02)

I feel it's a demon. Fear, chaos, and sudden depresssion are some symptoms of demonic assault. Black shadows out of the coener of your eye are also demonic. I normally counsel use of Catholic Holy water and of the names of Jesus and Mary, as a first line of defense. It is most effective. If Catholic, frequent receipt of the sacraments also helps a lot, as does the Holy Rosary.

Demons are experts at psychological warfare, often pretending to be a benign entity, and / or a psycholigical pathology. I actually often team up with a psychologist, for his input. Use the Holy water on your beds, especially at night, and those two names; see how the shadows react. Proof is in their reaction. Good luck and God bless you.

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