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My Sister And I Saw Grandpa


This is my second story about Grandpa. My Grandpa died in 2001 and he was one of the reasons my parents divorced. One day I was in trouble so my Dad sent me to my room. When the time was up, he let me go back outside. The way my house is, if you stand out in the back yard, one can see the hall way leading to the bedrooms. As I was outside, I got a strange feeling. I looked up and saw an old man with gray hair walking down the hallway and then go into my room. He was hunched over and there was a white mist around him. My Mom said that she would have dreams of him walking through the house crying and upset. About five minutes after I saw him, I went back inside and there was no one was in my room. My Dad was still on his computer in the dining room. Weird!

That same year, my little sister Ann (not her real name) went over to my grandparents' house with my Dad. My Dad was in the office and my sister was in the living room playing with her toys (the office looks into the living room). My Dad said that Ann suddenly came running out of the room SCREAMING and she started banging on the front door wanting to go home. My sister, who was 4 at the time, later told Mom that while she was playing, she looked up and saw Grandpa sitting in his easy chair watching her. Ann said that Grandpa told her that he wanted to talk and tell her something. It was during this time that my parents were in the process of getting separated and later, divorced. Maybe he was sorry for all the trouble he had caused.

We live five minutes from their house and when we go over there, I still get the feeling that I am being watched. I had a recent experience with Grandpa this year (please read my story "Grandpa and sleep paralysis).

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Haunted_1000 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-02)
😐 I know how you feel seeing your Grandpa... Although... It wasn't me... It was my brother.
My grandpa died when I was 8 or 9. About 2-4 after his death, my little brother had said that Grandpa had come to talk to him around 2:00am. That day my Grandma called and said that she swore she saw him watching tv on the couch at 2:00am...
He had died at home on the couch because of cancer.
sinner (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-02)
I forgot to mention in the story that the room my sister was playing in is the same room that my grandpa died in.

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