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Spirit Attachment Is Incubi And Sucubi


What I have written is about what I have experienced and learnt about...

I struggled for years to find a definition for it as I believed my health problems were all unconnected. I did not make a connection between some of my afflictions and my attachment or that they were spiritually induced e.g. Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, mental breakdowns, tinnitus, general tiredness and irritability. It lay hidden in the background afflicting me with all sorts of diseases and discomforts.

It took me a lot of introspection and the more terrible expression of this spirit on my being for me to 'wise up' to it. It took its more violent expression after years of mind games where it played a spirit guide/holy spirit. The bible teaches that the Holy Spirit communicates to us through dreams and visions and so this spirit spoke to me with false dreams, false visions and for a period of over 20 years.

I mean I had to experience the following before I realized the range of its abilities:-

- Pressure on top of my head (I was informed this was witchcraft and believed this for years)

- Suppression of breath

- Continuous irritation of my private parts.

- Voices

- Noises and

- Heighten anxiety

- Tinnitus/loud ringing in my ears

- Seeing images flash before my mind when I momentarily close my eyes

- Induced Claustrophobia (Unable to use public transport)

- Pain, general body pain and pain in specific body areas.

- Tiredness and fatigue

- Sleep disturbances i.e. Elongated/Lengthen sleep, shortened sleep and no sleep (i.e. Prevented from sleeping by evil spirits).

Sometimes I wake up and it's like I have been talking to someone in my sleep. Once or twice it tormented me, preventing me from sleeping by nudging and causing me awake all night.

They have a whole range of ways they may inflict a host however this is what I suffered. My senses were cruelly manipulated at random and it's was such that on a daily basis I do not know what to expect.

Spirit attachment = Jin = Qarin/Qareen = spirit husband/wife = Incubi/Succubi = evil spirit = demon

In different cultures it is known by different names, Spirit attachment to the secular world. To Muslims it is known as Qarin, which means 'constant companion' which can be good or evil. It studies and knows you which are why I imagine it is called a familiar spirit by Christians. And uses what it knows in dreams or voices. It is also called Foreign Energy Interference (FEI)

A lot of people live in ignorance of this and I am afraid to say even deliverance ministers. If you Google these terms you are likely to find a lot of information about it. I didn't have a reference term for it and struggled for years to find out what indeed was wrong with me.

If one is experiencing recurring dreams/nightmares of:

-Masquerades chasing one

-Animals chasing one

-Being feed food in dreams

-Having sex in your dreams (Wet dreams) (Incubi/Sucubi)

This would suggest one may have a spirit attachment or spirit husband/wife depending on who you are talking to. It may or may not express itself more aggressively in time. In some Churches it is also known as 'strangers in the body' and it is known to limit one and can make one do what does not want to do. For example it could make one go from place to place seeking a solution to the problem. I.e. Seeking help in places where you shouldn't go, traditional healer, mediums, psychics, clairvoyants, magicians e.t.c.

It is known to cause Ill health, unemployment, poverty and even early death. Severe infestation and long time infestation could lead to suicidal thinking. I.e. By making ones life not worth it's while and forcing one to think of a desperate way out. It without question is an unclean spirit that makes life harder for the host.

I found it has the following abilities.

-It can interact dictate and manipulate the content of your dreams

-it sees and hears all you see and what you think... Re

-It can make noises

-It can speak in languages

-It can use different voices

-it can mimic known persons perfectly

-It is opportunistic

-it can cause pain in different ways

-It can affect your health adversely

-it can cause audio visual hallucinations to manipulate and deceive.

-It can lay dormant for years.

As I said this spirit at my earliest encounter with it played the Holy Spirit with me, dropping gentle messages to guide me in my dreams pretending to be the Holy Spirit. It was not sexual in the beginning only later has it shown its true colors, appearing to explore my sexuality via dreams.

If you know no better once you hear soft gentle voices whisper to you, if you are spiritually inclined, you believe its a spirit guide or holy spirit (If you are a Christian like I am) and it plays on that, playing the game to suit the individual. It introduces you to its multiple personality ability when it applies its mind games on the host. They perfectly mimic people, tone and personality.

It took a period of about 20 years before it fully manifested to be an evil spirit and began to torture, taunt and torment me. Here is someone's experience and I experienced the same thing too at the peak of its negative influence:

."...Then the voices in my head became harassing and plaguing--running constantly--commenting on everything I did. As I would see a dish, the voice would say, "sees a dish" and as my eyes shifted it would name the next thing I was seeing or doing or thinking or feeling--constantly all during the day. Then I really thought I was going mad--which after doing research I no longer believe. But this stage has continued for a couple of weeks now and has been nearly unbearable at times. The voices often keep me awake all night. If I fall asleep they bring me a sexual dream and just as I am succumbing in the dream I realize it is them again and I wake myself up..."

It has a mind of its own and can remain sane while it sets a pursues a path of insanity to its host. I do not believe these spirits are confused at all as most authors on the subject opine but know what they are doing.

I will never forget one of my friend's advice, a wicked person would not kill you out right, and he would first torture you or toy with you. That is what this spirit does. Essentially the nature of this evil spirit is one of hatred. I can substantiate this with my experience i.e. The recurring dreams/nightmares it gives of hateful, spiteful traumatic past encounters.

It taunts torments and tortures/ engages to amuse itself. They torment for fun. It is sport to them. They seem to like playing (toying) with me on one hand and destroying me on the other.

I hear their voices and the voices came much later so also the sexual dreams. It blasphemes God/Jesus and it at often times has given me and sick and perverse dreams where it manifests and approaches me sexually as a male or a hermaphrodite. Since I am a male heterosexual it does these to torment me.

Other times it comes as a familiar face (it takes its form from the mind of its host) or as a seductive female. This demon/entity appears to be sexless/bisexual. It's sexless in the sense that it can take on any form, male, female or hermaphrodite.

I can count only 2 occasions when it manifested as a male. Once as a male voice that gently attempted to spread my legs. The other as 2 homosexual males that had me pressed down, face down on the bed. (Re: Old hag syndrome, you will find sleep paralysis or the old hag symptom is a common feature of having a spirit attachment.) This happened in sleep wake state and frightened me. The other times it has manifested in my dreams. I tend now to know it's them and wake up.

What I have written is really out of experience. That is 20 years of experience. It first manifested in 1990. The bad manifestation of this spirit started gradually in 2001 and climaxed in 2005/6. It still attacks me but is not as aggressively as it once was. I hear voices just before I am about to fall asleep and in my dreams and I have tinnitus.

It is bisexual or asexual and has many people fooled into thinking it comes in a feminine form and masculine form. Succubi and Incubi are one and the same creature. Stories may differ but its modus operandi will always be the same. It is highly intelligent and just as highly deceptive. They manifest on the subconscious level/sleep but can manifest on the conscious level via voices or audiovisual hallucinations. They have no specific appearance and take their form from the host they are feeding on. It may be one or many; my impression is that it is one with the ability to pretend to be many.

It essentially may be seen as a vampire of sorts as its existence is parasitic. It is a Spirit and it may choose to relate to you in one or a number of ways for example dreams, nightmares or in dreams of sexual context or both. It primarily does what it likes at do to the host and this seems to vary in degrees of manifestation from person to person. And at the tale end of the relationship it keeps it would reveal its true colors to be highly intelligent, deceptive and, wicked.

These spirits have so mastered the art of deception that they will use the faces of people you are familiar with when they visit you at night. They are very intelligent and can play on your mind by what it may be preoccupied with. Nobody told me you don't just hear voices but that they actually attentively engage in deceiving and manipulating you as they did in my case. They are highly deceptive and use the familiar faces of known people of the host to relate with the host in dreams. It loves to interact with one in ones dream state.

It is a monitoring spirit that is not constrained by time... It doesn't share our concept of time. Time appears not to hold any meaning to it. It monitors you 24 hours of the day silently. And from time to time it probes to see if it still has influence by subtle afflictions which may be acknowledged by the host's thoughts. (It shares the mind of the host) It shares the mind of the host but does not appear to have executive command of the host body. It operates like a partial possession. It however has the power to afflict it with varying degrees of ailments.

You would find it is a spirit that does what it likes. It may ply you sexually i.e. Through dreams or afflict one with diseases. This spirit is known to be able to cause mental, physical and emotional Illnesses and is known in the Church (Mountain of Fire and Miracles) to cause low sperm count in adult males.

It likes to work hidden and unnoticed in the background often along the way afflicting one with diseases leaving the host to run for the Doctor for help time after time. Seemingly making a hypochondriac of the host. As they have done in my case. I have found it chooses to hide its presence and in time it grows in influence and confidence.

It is a spirit that communes with you and has relationship with you in your dreams. It checks out your behavior/ responses in your dreams. It tests the subconscious person and often places you in dream situations e.g. Of a sexual nature. You will find it enjoys this. Sex or the prospect of it also excites it. (I get dark flashes or lights out of the corner of your eye as a sign of its attentive presence) They love to observe our thoughts and actions and do this in our subconscious/sleep state or even consciously while one is awake.

From experience I know it could be put one in dream situations where it fools you into believing your actions are your own and have not been controlled by it. For example giving one the impression that one is willingly succumbing to it. For example forcing you into illicit sex in your dreams.

In my case they appear to have control of my dream life. In my dreams I was being interacted with. They appear to enjoy interacting with me in my sleep where I have a limited consciousness or control. Presently It interacts with me when I am sleep then it becomes active in my dreams and physically on my body.

It seeks to interact with me in my dreams using familiar persons from my past. Some family, some friends. My dreams are written, directed and produced by this entity. They star this entity also in the sense that it takes on the appearance of known people to me in the dream. All my dreams were manufactured by this being with at times all sorts of dirty polluting messages have been downloaded into my mind and at an alarming frequency. I wake from sleep sometimes and it's like I have been in a conversation with someone.

They had once threatened me with blindness and put a shade over my eyes so that I could not see momentarily. On one occasion it made me feel like there was a gush of wind in my body on another it made me feel like I had been given an injection. The injection I was made to know is a common trademark of it in the Church. (Mountain of fire and Miracles.)

It took me through a long learning curve. It hid in the background and was sabotaging my health with illnesses over a long period of time before I realized that I had an unclean spirit... They (spirits) have being with me for so long and initially manipulated me into thinking I was having communication with the Holy Spirit. I did not connect my ill health with this spirit.

I am a born again Christian while I have prayed and gone through several deliverances the symptoms of voices when I am about to sleep, dream intrusion/manipulation, tinnitus/ringing in my ears, poor concentration and irritation of my private parts still persists though not as aggressive as once was. And they have continued to taunt and mock me.

And there are things they have done to me I am not proud to admit to. Once at night in my dream they took my manhood and I have since not had a full erection. I also have a low sperm count since the day these evil spirits attacked me about 5 years ago. And they have continued to taunt and mock me with it. The Church (Mountain of Fire and Miracles) knows it likes to destroy the male sexual functionality or sperm production causing low sperm count. (It does this probably because it is the one ability it would have loved to have. And so it destroys it out of jealousy I imagine.

Presently It interacts with me when I am sleep then it becomes active in my dreams and physically on my body, particularly my private part with an odd irritating sensation that makes me know it is working on preventing from having erections and producing quality sperm.

My dreams or nightmares it's more of a forum or rendezvous point for them to engage and interact with me.

What I know for a fact is, it is wary of measures taken against it and often checks to see if still influence has i.e. Again flashes at the corner of the eye are indicative. It seems to be unsure of what may effective in getting rid of it or harming it, which would suggest that it doesn't think it's invulnerable.

It doesn't appear to know what may destroy it as it is as cautious when the host makes moves to get rid of it. It doesn't think it is invincible and responds to certain efforts against it. They do not really know what may harm/destroy them. And are ever watchful and apprehensive as to what one may do to ward them off.

They have emotions and can be angry and it may react when it feels threatened. They like using the TV to mislead their victims for example in my case it took me a whole while to realize that what I was seeing and hearing on TV was what this spirit was feeding me. At it did this over a period of time tactfully injecting its own content, mixing with the overall content being broadcast. And the same applies to Radio.

This spirit pretty much played me into thinking some people could communicate with me via TV, Radio and finally by mind. They deceived me into believing that was the case. And they feed me over time a different take on reality. They kept momentarily influencing my vision so what I was seeing/hearing on TV/radio was what they wanted me to see/hear...

You may have been told that you have audio visual hallucinations, but no one warns you that the audio-visual hallucinations are vehicles to used to manipulate with design and intent to deceive the host, leaving the host to say that the TV or radio is talking to the them...

Causes, there are a lot of speculation as to what may be the cause but nothing really conclusive. Some say it's the luck of the draw, the way one may catch a cold. Usually what people say is playing on an Ouija board, viewing certain materials/programs like books, dabbling in the occult, going past graveyards one may pick one up. As one who has neither played the Ouija board or dabbled in the occult. I would say It is likely that it is attracted to a chemically imbalance in the brain. In other words a vulnerability or sensitivity of the host.

I believe if one is vulnerable i.e. Is prone to being mentally chemically imbalanced, then they may chose to invade the host. It might be something in the brain chemicals that attracts the spirits to us.

I say this speculatively as I have known of people who have attachments yet demonstrate no psychotic symptoms. This brings me what the bible says. They take of those of us that they chose. Re: Genesis 6:2.

The lines between mental illness ala hearing voices and spirit possession/oppression often overlap one another, however it should be said where there are voices that have ability. Then one can say that spirit oppression is the likely culprit.

Symptoms often overlap with mental illness and I am sure there are many people in hospitals that are yet to properly diagnose their condition.

The difference between mental illness and having a spirit attachment is when the person with mental illness not only hears voices but the voices have ability. I.e. The voices backed up by the ability to afflict the host physically. In my case I was left in no doubt that I had a spirit attachment or suffered from a demonic attack by the assortment of ways in which my body was plagued by problems. Problems such as mentioned earlier and the voices complimenting and commenting on the problems I was experiencing. Threatening me and following up the threats with action.

I suggest where it's appearing to have an ongoing personal relationship with you, where it's waging a campaign of terror, commenting/causing and afflicting you with diseases for months and years on end then you wouldn't need to tell you have an attachment/evil spirit. One may struggle with a definition but one will be in no doubt that one is suffering from some form of psychic attack. The level of interference or degree of influence / infection will leave the host in no doubt that they are being attacked.

I found it to be a witchcraft spirit. As a girl I meant over the internet argued passionately in favor of it. It was only later that she revealed to me that she was a member of a coven who was being groomed by it. And it has its own dark knowledge which would suggest its entity of origins and mind not of the host. For example I had a dream message from it of my 2 stars being cast away. I was found out later in the Church that we all have stars that are spiritually inherited as children and are indicative of our future destiny.

It is a non respecter of our faith. It is desperately anti - God/Christ. It caused God/Christ and has tried to have me blame God/Christ for the problems it gave me. I personally believe they are too deceptive to submit themselves to spirit release therapies. As they can switch on and switch off at any time, choosing to remain dormant for years/decades on end as it did in my case.

Solutions - It is known to be difficult to get rid. Having a caring and listening family, friends and doctor help. Taking medication as prescribed. The bible however recommends fasting and prayers. (Re: Matthew 17:21) Exercise and prayer. A combination of these will see you through. And if you are still afflicted its best to see a Prophet with 'sight.' All other sources would prove to be a waste of time and money and may even prove lead one further down.

I disagree with a lot of authors who say that if it causes you mental illness do not take medication for it. I will give my reason why? If it causes the host to have backache, one may be advised to take pain killers for it and it would work. Then if it causes one to have mental illness then it stands to reason that the medication for mental illness will work but I have to say that the underlying problem would still be there. That is the spirit would still remind to wreck havoc. And may still decide to inflict the host. In other words the symptoms' have been taken care of, the underlying cause reminds.

Medication in other words may not get rid of it entirely but may help regulate its influence in other words medication would get rid of the symptoms but the root cause (attachment) would remain.

Consistently and summarily the ability to talk in your head and/or to cause pleasure/pain (diseases) to their host are paramount qualities to this beings and should be noted. And they prefer to take a long term approach.

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3 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-20)
In case you check back here. I'd strongly advise you to get the book "Never Be Sick Again" Some of the incidents you spoke of maybe do to a high sensitivity to flour, refined sugar, or glutton. A chemist/engineer has cured a lot of people where nothing else worked. One case a guy was suicidal for years, he had a high toxicity reaction to sugar. Another patient of Dr. Raymund Francis was bed ridden with depression for 20 years. She had a high toxicity reaction to glutton. I hope you look into this, I bought the 15 dollar book myself because of severe absorption issues. It's help me a great deal! Good Luck with every thing.
slimnina (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-19)
Hi cephas, know exactly what your going through. I have had identical illnesses and 5 doctors and 6 specialists are at a loss. I might be bipolar, and I am open to the possibility, but that did not explain to my husband why I became ill when he proposed and why I feel a lot better after praying for long periods. Its all the coincidences and strange dream conversations that convince you, especially when you realise there are other people out there that have exactly the same as you. My incubus calls himself daniel, and has even entered my husbands dreams to scare him. I don't tell my husband the full extent of the daily battle as I realise how nuts it sounds and God is the only way to contain it. Put it this way, if you have one, you will get to know about it sooner or later, but I hope not.
All my love cephas, and I hope God gives you the strength to hold it at bay.
guyinsane2008 (guest)
11 years ago (2011-05-11)
the story is indeed long and it tends to make you lose focus but it is thought provoking... Well at least to me. I read it in its entirety which is something I don't usually do for stories of similar lengths.

1. Like you I also believe an entity is interfering with me.

2. My blood sugar level is normal, my blood pressure is ok I guess (the doctor said I have a lazy pulse rate)

3. I get vivid dreams that vary in content and sometimes it seems like I live a new/different life when I go to sleep.

4. I've experienced the pains/phantom pains. My joints have been aching for the past 2 weeks, first my legs, then my arms (usually left - from where the entity would usually approach me). Sometimes both arms and legs feel like they are on fire.

5. I'm also a christian and most times I want to stay away from church - other things just pop up. I'm fighting those urges now and I'm making the effort.

Personally, I learned a lot from your experience but I feel compelled by something inside of me to tell you that this battle you are fighting is a very personal one and only you can overcome it.

1.You must not believe that this thing have control over you.

2. Go to church and work on your relationship with God.

3. You are in your current state because subconsciously you believe you are powerless against it. Fight on my brother! Fight on! Pray to God. I'm doing the same. Relief will come.
cephas66 (1 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-11)

Hi, What I meant to say was that having recuring wet dreams may and may be indicative of having an attachment but that in itself is not enough to diagnosis one as having one.

If you have any other questions please let me know.
cephas66 (1 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-11)

Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. They are well appreciated.

princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-05)
Thai you so much for being honest and sharing. You have the right idea about these demons and I pray that others see this. I pray right now in Jesus name that these binds be broken. Much love.

Walter_R (1 stories) (81 posts)
11 years ago (2011-04-30)
I have read all of your story and I'm begining to wonder if everyone has had a Succubus or Incubus at one time or another, because I know everyone has wet dreams. Why do I have sex dreams with a woman I won't sleep with in real life? Dreams can be very odd in deed.

Take care,

Walter 😁
Worried_Brit_Chick (6 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-16)
thanks, I'll read it when I have time... And er... Why are they a "doctor"?
cephas66 (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-16)


Here is what a "Doctor" has to say about Spirit attachments.
Worried_Brit_Chick (6 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-16)
I don't think you're a religious nut at all! Close members of my family are Christian, my mother-in-law is Catholic and although I am not someone who goes to church myself, I am superstitious or whatnot. I just think that you are being misinformed by people you should be able to trust, such as your doctor and some of the people at your church.
cephas66 (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-16)

I do not think I should give your post the benefit of the treatment I give other posts, however I would say that I too can read between the lines and I know that when one mentions 'sex' and the 'Church' they do not go. People switch off and even get ANGRY.

People tend to think people who subscribe to the faith are religious nuts who blame all their problems on demons/devil and can't see straight.

All I will choose to say is, you are very wrong here.
Worried_Brit_Chick (6 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-16)
I did finish the story, but I had to skim over a few of the paragraphs because it was a jumbled mess of repetition and paranoia. I definitely got the general gist of it.

I think the reason that your attitude to the sexual dreams has been addressed several times by not only myself is because people are able to read between the lines. The posters on here are not stupid. It doesn't matter that you didn't specifically say that you think the dreams are something to be ashamed of, the whole tone of your original post comes across with that message. For me it did anyway. The fact that you blame erectile dysfunction and wet dreams on demonic activity kind of points to you thinking that these things are so bad that they could only be brought about by something evil. If you didn't want people to get the wrong message then you could have worded your post better. I don't like to say things like this, I feel pretty mean right now because it's clear that you have problems that are not your fault and need sorting by a professional doctor, but you have made me feel quite cross. I know a lot of patients who have the same problems as you, and the fact that your doctor, someone who is trusted with fragile people's health, has told you your health problems are spiritual... Well that sickens me. You could end up going through your whole life thinking that evil spirits are ruining it, when there are many forms of medication that could help you and give you a better quality of life. Argh. I'm sorry for the long post, but I really am genuinely upset that you have been encouraged to feel this way by your doctor and your church. I really hope your situation improves ❤
cephas66 (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-15)

If you have not read the story to the end, how can you come out to criticize it?

You wrote "...I do also wonder whether you aren't trying to blame your explicit dreams on a separate "evil" entity because your "CHURCH" has told you that sexual dreams are a sin perhaps?

I think we are going over old ground here. Please read the story or even the previous posts. I or my Church DO NOT believe sexual dreams are a sin. We do believe its continuous recurrence coupled with other symptoms such as I had given, MAY be indicative of having a spirit attachment.

Otherwise thanks for writing.

Cephas66 ❤
cephas66 (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-15)
Hello Rook

I really cannot remember exactly how old I was at the time but I believe somewhere between 6 and 11 years old.

We may use the word - hex, curse or attachment spell, (seems like we are playing with interchangeable words) as long as the essence of the message is conveyed and you get my meaning that is really in my opinion what matters.

The story of how I believe I may have been 'jinned' is as good as I previously wrote. I do not think I can add more details to the story.

I attend church as regularly as I can and yes I am a born Christian and included that detail in my story.

Kind regards

Worried_Brit_Chick (6 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-15)

I ended up skimming over this story as it became very difficult to concentrate after the first couple of paragraphs.

I think you are suffering with depression, and possibly a disorder such as bipolar or paranoia. The constant repetition, anxious, muddled, rambling and fervent tone of your post and the way you have so easily attributed common symptoms of everyday illnesses that have been listed in the comments section to something supernatural seem mind boggling to me. I work in a diabetes and endocrinology centre, and honestly your symptoms are something we see everyday here, including the tinnitus. I do also wonder whether you aren't trying to blame your explicit dreams on a seperate "evil" entity because your "CHURCH" has told you that sexual dreams are a sin perhaps?

I do feel very very sorry that you feel so disturbed, and I really hope you can find peace in a way that works for you. With all best wishes ❤
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-15)

That first encounter may have been 'when it began'...

I can think of a couple of things (right off hand) that the paper she handed you could have been...

One: A Hex or Curse

Two: An 'attachment spell' as you use the word Jin it makes me wonder just what that paper was for...

If I may ask...

How old were you when this happened, or better yet... Could you please share this tale with us, it may help us better understand 'where you are coming from'... If that makes sense.

And if it's not too bold of me, what Faith are you? (Do you attend church?)


cephas66 (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-15)
Hello again Rook,

You wrote "The way you use the term Jin and 'created' the word Jinned sounds to me like you may be referring to being Hexed/Cursed"

I particularly singled out the word Jin due to the specifics of the experience I had when I was much younger. Briefly putting it, I had been sent to buy something one late evening when a stranger comes up to me with the request of if, I could give her directions. She then proceed to produce a crumbled piece of paper which she handed to me and then she quickly redrew from it.

I remember looking at the piece of paper and losing focus (of my sight), the content of the letter then came in focus and the writings were all in what looked like Arabic. I remember hurriedly handing the paper back to her and running back home.

This is what I meant when I said..." I had an experience early on in life that lead me to believe I may have had a Jin invoked on me." It is not included in my story and is the 1st supernatural encountered I ever experienced.

I suppose I may said someone hexed/cursed me on that occasion but I chose to use Jin as the origin and activities of this spirit in my life fit the definition as previously researched.

I hope my answers satisfy you. Thanks for writing again like I said before, feel free write.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-14)

Thank you for clearing up my question about the medical diagnoses, that does help some.

The way you use the term Jin and 'created' the word Jinned sounds to me like you may be referring to being Hexed/Cursed

"what I meant to say was that I had an experience early on in life that lead me to believe I may have had a Jin invoked on me."

Or do you mean to say that someone conjured a Jinn and had them 'attack' you in some way?

I am only trying to understand what is happening to you so that any advice I may have to give does not cause more problems/ do nothing at all.


cephas66 (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-14)
Hello rookdygin

Thanks for writing and in the same tone I would try to answer your comments.

You wrote -...You are healthy, that the doctors can find nothing wrong with you yet within your tale you say you have...

Tinnitus - is the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound.

This is a medical condition and in and of itself could (may) explain some of the 'sounds/voices' you may be hearing...

My answer to that is what I tried to say was that the cause of it could not be found in other words the cause of the problems I have been experiencing could not be found. They were only able to diagnose and give a medically tag/label to what I was experiencing.

You wrote "...You also refer to being 'Jinned' in one of your comments... Could you please explain that as all I can find in reference to that term is in the 'urban dictonary' and it's a game term meaning "To be beaten in a sound fashion, in a violent way. Stems from the game character Jin Kazama who is the cheapest character in Tekken 4. (got Jinned) "

I am sorry if I mislead you or anyone to think that the term "jinned" is grammatically correct. The truth is that it was a term I made up and used freely to express what happened to me. By that I meant the origin and source of my problems.

I agree with you," - is a middle eastern spirit..." what I meant to say was that I had an experience early on in life that lead me to believe I may have had a Jin invoked on me. So please forgive the colloquialism as I made up the term - JINNED.

I hope these answers satisfy you. If you need further clarification or answer s to any questions you may have, please feel free to write me.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-13)

There are a couple of tings I would like to ask you, if I may...

You state that you are healthy, that the doctors can find nothing wrong with you yet within your tale you say you have...

Tinnitus - is the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound.

This is a medical condition and in and of itself could (may) explain some of the 'sounds/voices' you may be hearing...

You also refer to being 'Jinned' in one of your comments... Could you please explain that as all I can find in reference to that term is in the 'urban dictonary' and it's a game term meaning "To be beaten in a sound fashion, in a violent way. Stems from the game character Jin Kazama who is the cheapest character in Tekken 4. (got Jinned) "

A Jinn to me is a middle eastern spirit (in the west we call them genie's) and is in part some of the reason my screen name is Rook (bird of omen/wisdom) Dygin (pronounced Jinn) in reference to the mystical/magical...

Could you please explain just what you have menat by these terms?


Rook Dygin
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-11-08)
cephas66: Thank you for the reply... Since you've taken the time to rule out all other causes for your maladies, it does appear as though a spirit has attached to you...However, I must argue that not all attachments are Incubi/Sucubi/Demons...This is just my belief, and you are entitled to believe what you do...

I, for one, take offense to your statement that most of us have a mere passing interest in this subject... We are all here seeking answers and trying to assist others in their own quests...It's very hard to empathize with someone so closed off to other possibilities... And I believe that NO ONE is an expert when it comes to matters of the paranormal, like you claim to be... Your "I know everything about this subject" attitude has left a bad taste in my mouth, and I won't attempt any further assistance, as all you seem to want is for someone to acknowlege that you know it all...
cephas66 (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-08)
Hello all
I have been away but would like to try reply all your posts.

DCinAZ, sorry I am no literary genius but the 'monologue' no 'soliloquy' has all the raw elements of what an experience with an entity attachment can be like. I will however try to embrace the art of 'brevity.'

Zzsgranny, I am sorry you found the story too long. You wrote 'Your symptoms: fatigue, listlessness, erectile dysfunction, dizziness, insomnia, pressure on the top of your head, tinnitis, illness, a general feeling of illness, aches and pains... All are symptoms of high blood pressure and/or diabetes...'

I have had my system checked and rechecked by taking a series of blood tests and over a period of time. And I can assure you I do not have high blood pressure and or diabetes.

Badjuujuu, I have been medically examined time and time again and by different Doctors all to no avail. The diagnosis is always the same, nothing can be found wrong with me.

And as anyone who has experienced these things would tell you, it all fails to show its causes under medical examination.

Rasidah, I believe the above is as good an answer to your post.

LF2582, Hello Linda, it would seem there are two types of readers, those that have experienced what a spirit attachment can do or those that have a passing interest in the subject.

I do not expect empathy from any one that just has a passing interest in the subject. I say this knowing how easy it is to dismiss the subject as all medically induced as against spiritual. Sadly I know it takes having the experience to be able to relate with the possibility of being spiritually oppressed.

I would write to let you how am getting on in trying to rid myself of this attachment. Thanks again.
LF2582 (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-07)
I just bought the book from Amazon: "Practical Psychic Self-Defense: Understanding and Surviving Unseen Influences". Check out the similarities of our experiences to his description.

LF2582 (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-07)
Hi. I'm Linda. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I am having exactly similar experiences and I can relate with you. It makes me sad that god can't take this away from us. But anyway, I appreciate your sharing this information because there is not too much information online and some people may be embarrassed or unaware of what the problem is.
I can send you some information that I read if you want where I learned about envisioning yourself in the country and feeling very relaxed and then looking up at the sun (god light) and breathing in the light from the sun. Keep sending that light through your entire body. The "attachment" may start to "burn" in the location it is, but continue to flush your body with this light and they will leave.
I will try this myself.
I have been suffering from similar scary and sexual dreams, to the point where I go to bed every night with the spirit having sex with me but also burning my front left thigh. I have struggled with the enjoyment and then the questioning of what I should do. The problem I have is I have always liked and fantasized about submissive sex so the spirit behaves as my "master" and I fall easy for it most of the time except once in awhile when I feel regret.
I'm discouraged that this would happen to me with all the "protective" things I have done like burned Frankinscence& Myrr and Sage and called all the archangels for help and did the communion for Jesus daily, etc.
I would be happy to share with you our experiences and info. I'm collecting to get help online if you'd like.
Thanks again for sharing your article. It's really important that people who are experiencing the same thing can relate and share solutions.
My email is LF2582 [at] VERIZON.NET. For those going through similar experiences and can relate to what she's talking about, feel free to contact me.
Take care,
Rashidah (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-07)

I myself have hypertension and diabetes. So I have similar symptoms as Cephas.

I do not see any connection to these illnesses and the demonic.

I really hope you try to use the logical approach to this instead of superstition.

Again I ask if you did seek a holistic approach to treating these diseases? I believe from experience, that this helped me out a lot.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-07)
Did you seek a second opinion from a different doctor? I am a believer in the paranormal, but if my medical doctor told me I was being spiritually oppressed, I would find a new doctor. Medical issues can be difficult to diagnose, especially if your doctor preferrs to blame a sex demon for your symptoms. Very medieval.
You have evidently spent a great deal of time researching any paranormal causes. Did you put as much effort into researching medical causes? Take another look at a medical solution. Go to a different doctor this time. Tell him all your symptoms, don't hold anything back.
I really think you will end up hurting yourself if you don't seek proper treatment.
butthead (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-07)
cant remember who posted the link (someone from here), but I have read that story 'hostage to the devil'. It took me 3 visits over 3 nights to finish it, but I'd reccomend it to anyone wishing to learn more about the 'familier' spirits in this world.

butthead (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-07)
think you have got some respectful responses to your story.
I, like 'zzsgranny', could not finish the story, you do seem to be repeating the same kind of thing over and over and after a while I was not sure if you had copied and pasted endless paragraphs of information to back up a point that I could not come across... Perhaps I would have if I finished the story.

You do also seem educated in what you claim to know, and while I didn't finish the story so cannot really give my piece of mind, I would have to pretty much say that for as far as I got, I agree with the majority of what has been posted in response to it.
Nighthingale23 (60 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-07)
Wow. All I can say sir is... I hope you find a way out of all this, wether paranormal, physical or mental. Though all this sounds strangely familiar... Read something similar in a very interesting book Called Hostage to the Devil By Martin Malachi, It wouldn't hurt to look it up. I couldn't finish it due to how sensitive I can be to anything paranormal and didn't need to dwelve anymore in to the occult that I've already have. And truth is that book scared me half to death in only the first chapters. Anyways I do hope you get some help, I think this matter has gone so long it may have disturbed deeply not just spiritualy but also mentaly. May God bless you, we are never alone.

zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-11-06)
cephas66: Although I do enjoy long stories, this one was too much, and I could not finish it...I'm sorry, but I actually got bored...However, I commend you on your attempt to enlighten others about what your "Church" (Mountain of Fire and Miracles) believes...

Your symptoms: fatigue, listlessness, erectile dysfunction, dizziness, insomnia, pressure on the top of your head, tinnitis, illness, a general feeling of illness, aches and pains... All are symptoms of high blood pressure and/or diabetes...

I'm not trying to discount your experiences, but I think the Church (Mountain of Fire and Miracles) is leading you to believe these things are all paranormal in nature... Not only paranormal, but DEMONS...

Your account, though long winded, is very informative, but I must ask you to not assume that the readers here are all uninformed and ignorant, as you are making yourself appear as such... Thank you for your post

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