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My Oldest Son And A Possible Attachment


Very recently, my oldest son has given me an insight to some of his experiences.

Our night began with my husband's newfound neighbors/friends coming over to have a night of hanging out. The guys playing chess, while enjoying a few drinks, and us ladies enjoying each others conversation. I'm not sure how the conversation ended up with us chatting about the "paranormal", the guys had joined in and we all sat around our living room talking about our experiences; mostly mine.

I was excited to say the least. I had finally found other people in everyday life that wouldn't judge me because of my belief and experiences with the spirit world.

On a small side note the kids, including my oldest were in the game room playing on the PlayStation. None of them were in the living room with us as we were talking about all of this.

After the night had come to a close, I turned my TV to my favorite show. My oldest (I will call him D.) came into the living room and sat down.

He simply asked, "Mom, do you remember the other night when you heard that girl's voice and that weird sound?" I said yes. He told me he had also heard the strange noise, but right before that noise he started to feel uncomfortable in his room. While laying down trying to fall asleep, he kept feeling as though he was being urged to face the wall, and when he fought it, he felt something trying to turn him physically around to face it. All the while the uncomfortable feeling increasing. He continued to fight this urge to face the wall. He glanced around the room trying to figure out what could possibly be causing his body to react this way, he knew to check off all possible reasonable explanations first before believing it could be anything other than himself. (He learns quickly, I have taught him well.) He is the only child I have that isn't afraid of these experiences and will sleep in he and his brother's room alone if he could.

He glanced around the room, looking at his younger brother only a few feet away fast asleep in his bed, as well as his youngest brother. When he looked over to his youngest brother, he saw what he describes as a perfectly round shadow hovering over him. He stared at it for a few seconds not believing what he was seeing, rubbed his eyes and it was still there. He was excited, but concerned. He shot up in bed and when he did this shadow slowly moved away from above his brother and into the bathroom. He then heard this noise that I can only describe as a string being pulled extremely tight and someone strumming one finger across it.

He got up out of his bed, checked on his brother saw he was OK, and started for the hallway towards the living room, when he felt something physically stop him mid-walk.

He was at this point a little afraid because he didn't know what to do. He turned around, hopped back into bed, and layed there until he fell asleep.

This is my account of that late evening. This is important, I don't drink or do any sort of drugs. The only thing I take is Aleve for my constant migraines.

I need to sleep in total silence, and in complete darkness, as I find it helps for my visitations to come through more clearly without any sort of interference, TV, music, voices. Also helps with building my energy back up because I am often drained by the end of my hectic day.

I turned the TV off, laid back and started to meditate; helps with my sleep, otherwise I will lay for hours fully awake.

Finally complete and total silence, and darkness. A few minutes later I came out of meditation, sat up and positioned my pillows just so. Turned my body towards the open area not the wall (in the past I have been terrified of leaving my back exposed), and slowly sunk into the perfect position.

I closed my eyes and heard the same exact sound my son had heard. It was loud and sounded as though it was only a few feet away from my husband's side of the bed. I opened my eyes, but stayed in the laying position to adjust my eyes a little better to the darkness.

A few seconds after the sound ended, I heard a small girl's voice scream out "Oh no, what is going on!?" from my husband's side of the bed. That's when I shot up and turned around to look, nothing that I could see was there. So I got up out of the bed and ran into my daughter's room, she was still fast asleep, and made my way into my sons' room. Two of my boys were asleep except for my oldest. After that, the rest of the night went without incident.

More experiences to come. I have a whole bunch to share. Which may explain why I believe either my son or I have an attachment.

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spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-08)
Oh my gosh I was going through my profile and forgot I had posted this experience!

Sorry for not responding back.


I remember him saying it was as though he felt someone trying to stop. Like a physical wall.
And more of it preventing him from leaving the room.
Now the layout...
My bedroom was the first room off the hallway only a foot away from the living room.
My son's room was the very last bedroom off the hallway which was about 10 or more feet from mine.
At that time we hadn't any neighbors on either side of us or above us.
We were living in a corner apartment which was way bigger on the inside than what it looked like on the outside.

Perhaps it was looking over my youngest, and trying to prevent my oldest from being scared. I really never thought of it like that.

Since we have moved twice, and I'm so ever grateful we have. We left the Mirror behind (in some other experiences) .
And thinking back on all of it, it has become very clear that mirror may have brought in a lot that I wasn't prepared for.

ms_st0308 (6 stories) (66 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-22)
Haha DanDK, "chili night" made me laugh! I can totally relate. And my husband looks at me like he's seen a ghost! 😆
DandK (11 stories) (344 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-01)
Hi Spiritwaiting, this is an interesting story. I hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions that made me curious as I was reading. Can you describe the layout of the house with respect to your bedroom (husband's side of the bed) and the location that your son saw the dark mass go? Is there a certain location in the house where this sound, black mass, and little girl's voice could be coming from or converging on, like a focal point?

Also, I'm wondering about your son feeling like he was physically stopped. Was it like he ran into a barrier, or more like he was moving in molasses? Did it feel to him like protection or antagonism?

Very interesting experiences you've had. I can relate to needing total darkness and silence when sleeping. These days I have to go as far as wearing ear plugs to bed. A side benefit of this is I won't hear any ghostly noises! That's ghostly, not ghastly! Though there's always plenty of those after chili night. Sorry, I couldn't help myself!

Thanks for sharing this!
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-01)

I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Knowing this than yes, I can now see and agree with the little girl being the spirit. It would make sense that she is attached to your family. Ok regarding the other spirit after your explanation of how your son feels and what was going on with your little ones surgery it seems that it was just looking over him in a protective way, and perhaps it wanted your oldest to face away because he didn't want to scare him. Regarding your hubby, thank goodness you made him go to the doctor and get checked out. I constantly try to get mine to go for check ups but he is so stubborn. I told him if I ever feel like he needs to go, I will drag him there myself LOL! 😆 Thanks for your response take care. 😁
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-01)
You bring up some good ideas. I have noticed when spirits come around, I get these migraines.
Ive noticed more activity in the home as of recently, but died down, when my hubby got himself checked out.

Then this morning, my pup only barks when one of us is around his crate, as he gets excited to be let out. He started barking as though someone was teasing him etc. We put a blanket over the top completely covering the crate. So he can't see us as we move around early in the morning.

I will for sure, ask a few neighbors about the area, history maybe even look a few bits of paperwork up, and see what I can find out. I will definitely keep all of you updated.

Thanks for reading
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-01)
Ive questioned him about this experience. He tells me hes not scared in the slightest, these happenings just catch him off guard. He told me he got the feeling that it was looking over his little brother (a few days before he had his cleft lip surgery, and the appointment to set it up). This was literally 2 days prior to us even knowing his surgery would take place, as the appointment was the next day, and we were lucky enough for another family to cancel at last minute.
I believe this little girl may be their sister. I'm not sure though, because my husband tells me, when were out in public, ie grocery store etc, he always feels like were missing a child. Which may explain a child being in the home. I experienced a devistating miscarriage in 2009.

And then 4 days ago, I convinced my hubby to see a doctor.I've been telling him I feel his energy, and it's not right. Something is way off, and my concern kept growing stronger. So needless to say, he gave in and found out he has High Blood pressure.
If he went anothee year maybe less without taking meds for it, he would have most likely ended up having a stroke and or heart attack.
What prompted me to convince him, was the little girl. Her voice seemed urgent in a way.

Thanks for reading
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-01)
Hi Spiritwaiting,

Not sure about an attachment to you or your son, could also be this ghost, or ghosts, have come with the house so to speak!
I've had an encounter with a child ghost, a young girl, in a newly moved into house (My Mum's house... AGAIN with my Mum, good grief, Charlie Brown)...anyway, perhaps ask your neighbours, and the people who know the area well, about who lived in the house over the years. You could get an ID on the ghost, with a bit of supernatural sleuth work. Not like that Supernatural show, which I never watched, but some kid on here once educated me on. No CGI required, just some over the fence chats. 😊 Seems like whoever this is has gone to a bit of trouble to make contact with you guys. Interesting to see where it leads.
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-29)
Hi spiritwaiting,
This is a very interesting story. It appears that you and your son had a related experience. Whatever was happening in your son's room prompted this little girl to try and get your attention by saying. "Oh no, what's going on?" Do you think it is possible there could be more than 1 spirit in your home? Whatever or whoever that black cloud like mist was didn't want your son to be facing his brother because it could sense that your son could see it/him. Then when he got up to follow he was stopped in his tracks. Can't really say if it was malevolent or just a curious spirit, that depends on how your son felt during this experience. Was he scared, or threatened by it? It seems kind of strange that the little girl would call out if nothing was wrong. This spirit or spirits could have an attachment to you, your son, the house, or the land. Maybe once we learn more about your sons experiences someone will be able to determine where the attachment is. Thanks for sharing your story. 😁

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