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For as long as I can remember, I have had a male spirit attached to me. It didn't matter where I moved or how old I got, he has always been there by my side. At times, I grow fearful of him, other times he comforts me and sometimes he is dormant for so long, I tend to forget about him.

I first grew aware of his presence when I began puberty. This time period, he was the most aggressive. I remember laying in bed and watching a black mass of a man walk around my room. The crunch of the papers I had on the floor would crunch under his feet. At times, I thought this was a living human that had snucked in, but with the lights on, he would disappear. My bed would violently shake and at times, my hard to open drawers on my nightstand would fly open and slam shut. Books would be thrown at my head some mornings and other times, I would just cover my head and shut my eyes tight and pray it will go away. I am born and raised in California and have had my fair share of earthquakes, so I know what to look for and none of that was part of an earthquake.

He would often times appear to me the night before something bad would happen. The first time, my mother got into a car accident with a semi-truck. The second time, my grandma was sent to the hospital with kidney failure. The next time, the place next to ours got broken into and ransacked. The last time he appeared to me in an aggressive way, the hotel across the street caught on fire. I don't believe that this was his causing, but him warning me.

I used to hear his voice call out behind me. He would call my name, or ask me silly things, like who was singing. Many times, I would turn around to reply, thinking my dad was behind me since he was the only male in the house, but I would quickly realize that he would still be at his job. My favorite times was when he would whistle or hum me an enchanting tune whenever I was in bed or on a walk by myself.

When I was in my late teens, I would have sex dreams with a strange man. I soon began to see visions of him in the real world. He had dark hair, light eyes, a big top hat and a vest with a long sleeved shirt. He almost looked like the aristocrats of old. I realized that this was the man I used to dream of, but clothed. I describe my encounters with my dad and he was quick to remind me of my childhood imaginary friend, Spooky. According to my dad, the description I gave of his appearance matched that to my imaginary friend. I even used to say that he lived in a huge place, almost like a cathedral. So, every time we passed a church, I used to yell, "There's Spooky's house!" When my dad told me that, memories of my childhood 'friend' came back to me. I don't remember much except that he was tall, had dark hair and always wore a top hat of some sort. I remember one time, playing with him, he had told me that he had loved me and I laughed and told him he couldn't because he was a boy and boys were gross. That's all that I remember of my imaginary friend.

I started to think something might be mentally wrong with me. My then boyfriend, now husband and I moved into our apartment and brought our dogs along. I remember laying on the floor watching a movie with our dogs when that familiar terror feeling came back to me. I watched my dogs stand up, hair on end and growl at some unseen force before they stalked whatever it was into the bedroom. My boyfriend used to run to me saying that there was a strange man in our apartment or things were moving on their own. I would just laugh and say it was my ghost, or Spooky.

Things became dormant for a while, but then I got pregnant with our daughter. He started to make his appearance again. But once again it had more of a loving feel to it. I was sent to the hospital with premature labor and I squeezed my eyes during a labor pain and when I opened them, I saw him there standing by my bed, smiling affectionately at me. I closed my eyes with another contraction and when I opened them, he was gone. I was worried that he would latch on to my daughter, but he has been acting like she is his own. She is 8 months now, but was born with a rare genetic disorder, so she is very small and a bit behind. I would walk in on her squealing and playing with someone or something above her. She would have her blankets in a ball under her and I would check and the blankets would be draped around her and tucked in. She doesn't have the abilities to do that and I was the only one at home.

Recently, I started having dreams of him again. He would tell me that he has loved me for a very long time now and I can have anyone in the physical realm, but when I'm not there, whether through dreams or permanently then I was his. I tried to tell him tat my husband will be the one that was and always will be by my side. After that dream, I've had the name Cecil run through my mind constantly. I'm starting to wonder if that is his name. I wish to know what he is and what he truly wants. I've grown affectionate of him, but scared at the same time.

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SkyLoverr (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-31)
Thank you guys for your input! I do believe he is a gaurdian spirit, although I'm not sure why he is attracted to me or how it seems so powerful. My mental state is perfectly stable;) and I love the fact that when others are close to me, they end up having some type of ghost encounter, which makes it more obvious to me that it's not me or just in my head. I actually wasn't interested in spirits or anything like that until I was a teenager and he seemed to gain more power. But since my dad told me I even had him follow me as a child, it's made me very curious to know more about him. Does anyone have any info on gaurdian spirits? And I've done many cleansings and protection but he's still here. Sometimes active and other times dormant. I guess he's friendly then, right? Thank you everyone for your help:)
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-30)
Greetings, SkyLoverr, and Welcome to YGS.

I'm going to urge caution here, as a spirit transferring from an interactive presence to an entity within your dreams, then visibly manifesting could be indicative of a few issues: either you've had a traumatic experience in which your mind created a second personality to deal with the pain, or you're being followed by a persistent and powerful spiritual being. If any of your life experiences close to the time he started to walk around your room could be the cause of sufficient anguish to create a fugue state, you should speak with a psychologist a.s.a.p. (Psychiatrists can prescribe medications, Psychologists talk to you about your life, your feelings, your fears, etc. I recommend trying to talk through any issues first, only seeing a psychiatrist if necessary).

On the other hand, if this is an entity who is taking on a guardian's role, I'd worry a great deal about his motives. You stated, "He would tell me that he has loved me for a very long time now and I can have anyone in the physical realm, but when I'm not there, whether through dreams or permanently then I was his." Had a neighbor or a friend said this, I'm pretty sure you'd start to consider a legal action, such as a restraining order. Being protective of a person is due to either concern or a sense of ownership... Please check Rook's prfile page for his cleansing ritual; if the spirit is harmles, he will not be banished by the process.

Take care,
Antu (1 stories) (27 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-29)
I do agree with the other commenters; however I would add, in my opinion, a lot of the actions you describe during your teenage years--the bed shaking, drawers opening, etc.--sound more like poltergeist activity, which is extremely common for teenagers to experience, particularly when puberty really sets in. This activity can re-occur throughout one's life as well, usually when a major life event is occurring. But it's hard to say as the top hat fellow is so intertwined into your experiences if he did not contribute in some way.

I would be curious if you have any sort of idea if this fellow could be part of some past life experience? Maybe someone connected to your soul whom became trapped in the spirit realm and has now attached to your current physical state? I would be cautious though, even as it seems he is accepting of your relationship with your husband, you know what they say about 'All's fair in love and war'.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-12-29)
Nymeria - in the United States Cecil is male, Cecile is female. I guess there always could be females named Cecil though. Nothing would surprise me
nymeria (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-29)

I noticed that a big part of the activity took place when you were in your teens and when you were pregnant, which are periods known for their high hormones. More experienced members of this site will explain this better, but I read that high hormones attract the activity.

Also, I believe Cecil is a name for females.

Best regards,

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-29)

While I can not speak for others my marriage vows included the phrase, 'For Time and all Eternity' wife and I are in it for the 'Long Haul' 😉.


A few things 'stand out' In this series of experiences... While it sounds as if its the same 'spirit' I need to ask...

The 'dreams' you had as you entered Puberty... You stated they were of a certain nature... What types of books and or Video Media were you 'into' during the time frame of 'those dreams'? I ask because their content may have had more to do with 'mundane' interests rather than the 'spirit' you have been describing...

Another thing... You mentioned that the spirit appeared to you just before certain events in your families History... Once before your Mother was in a car wreck... Another time just before your Grandmother's kidney failure... And this makes 'him' sound like a Friendly Spirit...however...when he appeared just before the 'Fire' and just before your Neighbors home being robbed... Did you or your Family Check your home after his 'appearance'? If so then it seems his warning 'paid off' and your Family was somehow protected. If you did 'nothing' then I am not sure why his appearance was made as these events did not directly effect you or your Family, or did they?

MOST (with the exception of the 'sexual dreams') of the experiences you describe sound as if this spirit is a Guardian type... Watching over you and yours.

Thanks for sharing. Please ask any questions you may have.


Marinnenir (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-29)
I don't think you should be affraid of him anyhow. He is here for you, warning if sth bad may happen and helping you with child.

I think you also don't have to be worried of getting affectionate with him. It's normal thing.

If it comes to belonging only to husband, I'm sorry but that made me laugh. Human marriage lasts only one life. Humans rarely truly love each other staying strong through good and bad. I don't claim they don't know love at all. Some grow to such level. A few. Those, who, I believe are soul mates, and those who are like one soul together being it's male and female aspect. This way (as I see it) true care and love may continue through lifetimes.
Marriage is a way of organizing things and but a poor mimicking of a true union.

Don' worry. Anything and everything best to you and a baby.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-12-28)
Public Service Announcement: We will be watching the comments on this story very closely. Anything that is sexually related will be deleted without warning or explanation.

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