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Ghost Sitting On My Legs And White Oval Orb


The white orb was the first freaky thing to happen to me in my little niece's room. I was woken in the middle of the night it was nice and warm in the room and the house was so quite. I remember opening my eyes and seeing what looked like a white oval mirror floating towards the end of my bed. At first I was like what the... Then I felt a warming presence it did not freak me out. I always keep my glasses close to me. So I put them on and looked at it I thought of all the people close to me that passed on and then I felt sleepy so I went back to bed. I didn't really tell too many people about it. But what freaked me out was when I moved back to my sister's house (she is an artist) I seen a painting that she had done of exactly what I seen. I told her, wow that is so freaky you painted what I told you I saw. I remember not telling her what happened. She proceeds to tell me about how she was awakened by the same thing but it was floating over her husband and she too was no afraid of it. I look at the painting daily and I wonder who was looking over us.

The next freaky story this is a hundred times freakier then the first.

I just came back home from a weekend of partying with friends. It was my first good night sleep I had from the whole weekend. I was sleeping by the wall as per usual. It was around 2:40am, I remember looking at my cell phone right after the attack. I was woken by the sheets moving in a wave like pattern like someone standing up and shaking them. I was freaking out it all happened in a matter of a minute or two. After I was woken by the feeling and the sound I felt something sitting on my leg mainly my right lower leg. I tried to kick it off. Then it jumped on my upper body. I can feel my eyes wide open staring at the wall. I could not speak up in my mind I was screaming and crying. It felt like forever it was just sitting on me. I could not move when it was sitting on me. After it got off of me I curled up in to a ball and I was in shock I turned to my niece and held her tight I woke her up and told her I was so sad I thought it was I sign I was going to die soon, she held me tight that night.

I told my sister in the morning she told me it was a sign from the creator that I was doing too much partying and it was showing me not to do bad things. I slowed down on the partying and it has not come back since.

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Marti2 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-13)
I see many things and would like to share some of it too. Your experience could be scary, but if you start your day, by asking God for guidance and protection throughout the day and night, I am sure He will open your mind as to why you are seeing what you are seeing. I still have many questions and even more pop up but at least the fear for the unknown has left me. I have realised that more and more people are starting to see Spirit and related things. I firmly believe we (the entire Creation) belong to a God of LOVE and the fear we feel, can be eliminated by a simple request for protection. Please note that we should never forget that as we respect the living, we also need to respect those who are not in a physical body anymore. I do not have all the answers, as I say, but I also believe we are who we were when we leave this natural body. Therefore I know that whilst still in a natural body, we should at least try and learn about love and respect for one another, so that it can go well with us on the other side. Be not afraid, rather be assertive, we are living in each others space, but indoors is your space and it should be respected by Spirit people if they want us to respect their presence. Therefore be kind, unafraid, and assertive.

Kind regards
Char89 (3 stories) (14 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-09)
He was posting before me but he was banned... Sorry for the confusion.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-08)
Char89: Am I missing something who is "V"?😕

Gabrielle: The mirror floating at the end of your bed is quite strange I haven't heard of something like that before. What you experienced whilst in your bed I don't think it's related to how much you have been partying, there is something else that's wants your attention, do the people you live with ever experience anything at all?

Thanks for sharing.

Char89 (3 stories) (14 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-08)
Thanks for sharing please don't listen to "V" they are completely inappropriate and should learn to keep there opinions to themselves its sad that some people feel they have to act that way. Your story is very scary. I suggest saying a prayer before bed might bring you comfort. Good luck and take care. ❤

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