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Paralyzed In Bed While Conscious


Let me first start my story by telling you people that I am an empiricist and do not believe in things I cannot perceive with my senses, so ghosts and spirits don't really appeal to me. I am only writing this story to share my experience with people who have experienced similar ones. Ok so I decided to have a 2 hour nap during the afternoon and set my alarm to ring at 4 pm. I am not sure at what time I fell asleep, but remember having a bit of difficulty doing so as my roommate had his desk light on and was studying. During my sleep I remembered dreaming about some random person who told me he weighed around 160 kg and I volunteered to be sat on just for the sake of a challenge as weird as it sounds it was true!

Later on, I suddenly woke up laying flat on my back and remembered seeing a figure next to the door with light coming out of the door. There was some movement in the room and turns out that the figure I saw was my room-mate sitting on his chair studying with his light on. I was constantly trying to yell out his name, reaching for the bottle of water on my side drawer and banging it on the top of my bed for attention, but he didn't seem to have noticed anything. I was trying so hard to get my head up by my neck muscles wouldn't allow me too. When I woke up, I explained to him what had happened to me and he said that nothing was heard during my sleep. The experience felt like it lasted around 10 minutes, and my vision was a little blurred or else I could have clearly seen that he was studying on his desk and not someone staring at me with the door open. I then instantly felt released and everything was back to normal.

This is the second time I experience such a thing, but I must admit I was not scared at all, just angry that I was conscious of my surroundings while it happened and yet I couldn't do anything to get up and break the paralysis. Sounds weird if you ask me, but what interests me this time is that what I dreamt was actually carried on in the real world and has a strong physical effect on me. Maybe next time I'll dream about something more creative and it will hopefully manifest itself in real life!

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josephgogi (2 stories) (34 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-20)
What you experienced is sleep paralysis. This happens to me frequently. Sometimes is just like you describe it and other times it is a very scary experienced with unknown entities in the room. When I find myself starting to go through this I tell myself "here we go again". But like I said the experience can be scary. I wrote about some of my experiences under the story titled "Lillie" in this form.
drummerdimitri (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-16)
Thanks for the info, I sure was a hell of a lot tired that day...
Mace (3 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-15)
I have had the same thing happened to me, it actually happens to me about once a month. Its something called "Sleep paralysis."
Heres some info on it:

Basically you are half asleep/half awake, because your body produces hormones while it sleeps to paralyze itself when it is dreaming (so you don't act out your dreams, as a sleep walker would) you wake up from a REM sleep, conscious but still paralyzed and along with this comes hallucinations.
I know its an extremely weird feeling!
Usually happens when you are stressed or super tired.
Hope this helps:]

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