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This is about an experience that I don't know how to categorize, but you might find interesting. I have had paranormal experiences thrice apart from this (shadow people, smoke, dead patient ringing alarm) so I believe in these things but I am in no way psychic or gifted.

I live in the outskirts of a big city, in a flat right next to an old burial mound, something which is not unusual around here because there have been settlers since the Stone Age. It is a new apartment with a friendly feel to it.

Two years ago I was sleeping in bed with my young children. I tend to semi-wake up at night to pull up the covers if they've kicked them off or comfort them if they're dreaming. This night I was very tired. I woke up to find one of them had migrated to the foot of the bed. I hauled the child in so it wouldn't fall off the bed, and took it in my arms to transfer it back to its pillow. But it wasn't my child.

I should mention I have blackout curtains in my bedroom to keep out the midsummer night light. In winter it is like vanta black, you can see nothing whatsoever.

It felt very strange to the touch. Like those old thick TVs when you had watched until late and you turned the TV off, and you could pet the static with the back of your hand. If anyone remembers that, it felt like touching something real but not quite. Well, this felt like that but way more dense.

It was warm and limp like children are when heavily asleep. I examined it and it was like static electricity all over, but the head was not really there, only a big vague ball of less solid whatever it was. It was bigger than my children, like a four to five year old, long skinny arms and legs but not unhealthy.

I sat on the bed, groggy and confused, and I leaned over still holding it and tried to turn on the light, but it wouldn't work.

I became a little more lucid after that, but I was not afraid, as it didn't feel hostile at all. I "knew" it was a ghost and it wanted to share a bed with us because it looked cosy and it wanted me to be its parent too. It didn't speak or move, so I don't know how I knew that.

I sat with it a while wondering what to do. I remember clearly the feeling of warm heavy static body, it was so distinct and it just went on. I felt sorry for it but "knew", as if that was a normal everyday fact, that the dead and the living couldn't mix.

Then things became weirder because I heard girls playing outside our bedroom door. I opened it, but it was not my short, cluttered hallway but something I could not see but sense. It had the feeling of a big space streching away to the sides, farther than the apartment complex itself. I put the child on the floor, and I closed the door although I felt bad. Then I lay down between my real children and went back to sleep.

I'm saying I can't categorize this experience because the latter part, not being able to turn on the lights and the space outside my bedroom door, is more consistent with "spirit walking" or dreams. Also, my complete lack of fear was strange. Were I to meet a ghost right now I would not be terribly afraid unless it was angry, but I wouldn't be -that- calm either.

But I've never had a dream with such realistic physical sensations, nor one that kept its shape so consistently or was minimalistic like that. I have never had a dream without visuals either, and for the majority of it there were no changes, just me sitting confused at the foot of my real bed in my real room with this being.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading.

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Skade (2 stories) (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-07)
I haven't been logged in for years, so apologies for not replying.

To answer some old comments, I chose my username after Skadi, the norse goddess of winter, but yes "skada" means "to damage, hurt" in Swedish so it's almost the same as in Afrikaans. I however literally don't even harm flies so it's after the independent skiing goddess.

For those feeling sorry for the child:

I didn't add this before because it was definitely not a haunting, but a couple months after this experience I had a dream that I got a package. It had a note that said the osteology department where I used to study was spring cleaning, and had found a box of haunted bones that they thought I would be interested in taking care of. As you do. It was this old wooden box with the disarticulated bones of a child inside, and they could "speak" like a normal child. The dream itself was the usual vague nonsense if a bit unusually morbid, but I remember the bones and the voice were very vivid. This time I decided, mentally rolling up my sleeves, that yes, to heck with it, all children are important, and being a disembodied voice haunting bones was really just a special need when you thought about it. I was going to parent this one too and get him/her into kindergarten and school no matter the bureaucratic problems (because even in the dream I understood there would be such with a ghost adoption), and, I thought, my kids are brave and compassionate so they wouldn't mind this sibling.

After that, I've never dreamt of an extra child again. If there was indeed some outside influence affecting me, maybe it was satisfied.
RSAChick (115 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-15)
It seems that you only experienced this child once. This makes me think /hope that it's not a lost child, but rather a dream or past or future life or another dimension as the others suggested.

Did the child seem asleep throughout the experience? Perhaps you only got this glimpse into the other dimension or life. Could not interact with this child. But why?
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-15)
I don't think that the "other world" visited you; rather, I think that you somehow transported yourself into another dimension. Perhaps you were in two dimensions simultaneously without being totally in either one.
Cherubim (14 stories) (245 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-14)
Maybe the reason you weren't scared is because you knew each other in another life, and that's why the "child" felt safe there. Yes, I don't believe the dead and the living are meant to live together either. Strange how they can find and see us, even stranger is the way you've described the child. Very scary! 😲
RSAChick (115 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-13)
Hi Skade, your username means 'damage', in my language, Afrikaans.
I was interested to see it means the same in Swedish! What meaning did you have in mind when choosing the username? I am sure it could have more than one meaning. Like date - today's date or the fruit.

Your story is very creepy, I'm amazed you could keep so calm.

The blackout curtains seem great to keep out light, but might be too much sensory deprivation for me to handle 😆
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-10)
Hi Skade,

It might have been a dream but who knows. If I had a dream like this, I would find it very upsetting. Only because I can't have children and the thought of a lost child's spirit looking for comfort is very sad to me.

If it was real, maybe the child felt the warmth and love that you have for your own children and wanted in on the security.

Thank you for sharing, Maria ❤

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