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Is It Me Or Someone Else?


When I was small, I woke up in the middle of the night to see my windows open and the shadow of a man on the wall next to my armoire. I saw he had horns and a long tail and he was moving everything inside it around. He noticed me looking at him and he gave me an evil smile. I prayed really hard and closed my eyes. The next morning, a necklace my godparents had given me for my baptism was gone. My mother kept it in my armoire in a small box and I never saw it after that night. Throughout the years, I kept hearing noises outside of my room. I would hear chains being dragged in the pavement and animals yelling.

I didn't feel or see anything for a while since we moved houses. When we moved to Texas, the house we moved into had various personal items that we took out (pictures, clothes, furniture). The first night I stayed there, I felt someone in the room, but my door was locked. That person felt familiar so I didn't think much of it. The next day, I was sleeping when I felt someone holding me down and not letting me move. I panicked and started to pray. I cleaned my room the next day and sprinkled it with holy water. Nothing happened for a few months until my brother broke my window. I felt him again. By then I learned to pray the rosary and would recite it every now and then. It was calm for a long time.

I started college and worked in the evenings, spending my mornings alone at home. I started to hear people knocking on the house door and when I opened it, nobody was there. It happened a few times but I didn't think anything of it until my grandmother came to spend a few months with us. She saw people coming up to the door and we both heard the knocking, but nobody was there. For the next couple of weeks the situation would repeat itself. When my aunt came over for brunch, even she saw the figures and heard the knocks. I knew I wasn't crazy. I tried telling my parents about the weird experiences and they didn't believe me. I told them to ask my grandmother and my aunt, since they witnessed it as well. My mother finally came around and blessed the house out to our driveway, the same way I did to my room. Since then, nothing happened.

I moved to a different town and the first night in my apartment, I saw a fiery glow coming in towards me while I was sleeping. In the light, I could see the figure of a person coming towards me. It didn't feel like a dream. I thought it was a good sign since I had never experienced anything like that. Since then, I've been experiencing someone harassing me. As I lay on my bed, I feel someone holding me by the neck and not letting me move. When I ask them to let me go, they ask me why. I feel a man, a familiar man. I also feel him running in my room throwing my things around and taunting me.

What should I do?

Should I talk to someone?

I'm starting to get really scared. I don't want to be alone or go into my room again.

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ghostproblemhelper (5 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-18)
girl, your in big trouble! Get out and stay out of that house that's the ghost minotar! He is very dangerous! But there's a way to keep him away fing arthur spiderwicks feild guied look for the toad stol potion and make and put it around your house keep some with you to keep him away! 😐

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