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Well Hello Again Darling


"Well hello again darling" is what the creature has said to me most recently. I have not been on this site in quite some time considering as this entity has gotten very angry with me whenever I have posted something.

I am at my school right now typing this up on a laptop. It does not seem to notice anything at all when I do any research or anything when I am somewhere else besides my own home.

These four words have been about the only thing I can actually make out what It's said. Normally when I hear voices in my home, I cannot figure out what it is that it has tried to say.

You can't figure out the words at all.

When this being tries to communicate with me it whispers in my ear, or even in one strange occurrence tried whispering something through my pillow when I was lying down.

There was a time a few weeks ago that my boyfriend spent the night with me since we both had to get up at 4:30 for Speech competition and we were up a little late. He thought he kept hearing some shuffling footsteps in our basement outside my room.

I would be freaked, but it made me feel a little safer knowing that it didn't come into my room at all or do anything while we were sleeping. It was like my significant other was keeping him away somehow.

That's always a great feeling when you're not very pleased or you're a bit frightened by something.

This entity does scare me in a sense, but I am also very annoyed with it. I'm waiting until it decides to go away and bug someone else. I will not give it the satisfaction of it frightening me at all. I know that is what it wants. And I'm starting to feel as though there might be something I could do to kill it.

I'm just an angry, annoyed teenager honestly. At this point I want it to die in a hole on fire.

I also have questions. Such as:

1. Do entities so to speak latch onto someone like family members or friends and bug them? Like they left you and just moved onto someone you knew?

2. Something to get rid of it? Something that won't make it angry or upset really. I'm tired of its crap.

3. There was also a person who commented on my last story about the effects with the paranormal and All Hallows Eve. Your comment was appreciated because of the fact I know so much about Halloween because it fascinates me. I would like to chat more with you if that's a possibility.

Thank you all for a few minutes of your time. Please comment with help and discussions and such.

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PrincessMegan27 (5 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-23)
It could be a friend or a love one mybe you knew a long time ago try ask who are you? What is it that you want from me well I hope your day goes better~ God Bless 😁
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-19)
Can you provide more details as to what exactly is going on? You're story was rather vague, maybe I'm missing something. Do you know what it looks like? Do you think it is someone you knew once? What does it do, besides stalk you, that gets you so annoyed? I'm guess I'm just asking, could you share more with us?
CelinaCyanide (3 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-02)
Kim: I used to tell my grandfather (as he lives in the house with me. That's in my previous entries.) but he only said that it's all my fault for bringing it into our home because of the shows I watch and the books I read. It's really very irritating.
I'm just trying to deal with it myself now. It doesn't even seem to want anything to do with him. Figures.
It does freak me out at times, but the only thing I really can do is pray and ask for angels to surround me that night so I can be safe. It works. I have been paranoid still about it but I'm just trying to cope and figure it out.

Frankie: I'd like to compare notes as well:] It keeps irritating me so I haven't been the nicest person probably, but I tend to ignore it. But it will probably be there for as long as it wants to be. But on a side note; do you really want to get rid of him? You probably could, but why is he there? Questions... Questionss...
Frankie_Elise (3 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-01)
This has happened to me, and I'm also at school writing this. Nate (that's what I've called it) doesn't like me talking about him. Thing is, he hasn't left me alone. We've moved countries a number of times now, and he's still with me. I don't think he's a threat, but it can be irritating.

I haven't managed to get rid of him since I was 9, and I'm afriad I don't know what he'll do if I try. I suggest talking to it, because you might be able to reason with it, or learn about it.

If you want any info, or help about this subject, I'd e happy to talk to you about Nate, and compare notes. 😊
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-01)
In answer to some of your questions (in my own opinions and from some of my experiences), entities can become attached or attracted to persons, places or things. There are many reasons for them to come to 'be' and all or most of those reasons may never be known to us.

If you want to 'get rid of it', tell it to leave. Tell 'it' that you are not afraid and will not give 'it' any more of your energy. There is a theory that paranormal voices or any other types of manifestations require energy; when we become afraid or act in any way with our emotions, we are giving off this energy. I am not sure what your beliefs are spiritualy, but tell it to go to the light in the name of the Lord, place a cross in your bed room adn other rooms of the house.

Have others (besides our boy friend, I mean your family members that live with you) experienced occurances or incidents related to the paranormal? Have you spoken to your family about these occurances?

Thanks for sharing!
God Bless!

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