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Hand On Shoulder


I'm not one who has a very strong belief in ghosts but my family has had past experiences like light flickering before the death of my uncle and having an negative energy that gifted people pick up.

I was at school participating in sports inside the hall and it was around 10am. The opposite team hit the ball out so I went to get it but then I felt someone touch or grab my shoulder. I didn't feel them pull away or remove their hand or any like wind or cold air, just as if someone was to grab me. I'm a jumpy person so I obviously jumped and turned right around to find no one. It was impossible for one of my team members to walk up grab my shoulder and get back to their position. I was really creeped out about it and it was on my mind for while.

In the last period (2pm) I went to grab my pencil case from outside. As I went to open the door I felt the same thing, again no one was there and everyone was sitting at their tables completing work.

Does this mean anything? What should I do? Barely anyone has passed in my life apart from my uncle but I was like 2 months old. The only paranormal experience I've ever experienced was a weird shadow in my house (no, our house isn't haunted or old). It was a like a weird sensation as if someone was there and I saw like a black shadow the corner of my eye but I turned around and no one was there, it may seem like anxiety but at times the feeling would be so strong it would have been impossible to just be my mind. It got to the stage I was scared to be left home alone. What does this all mean?

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MrsRamsay (guest)
4 years ago (2019-12-07)
Biblio and Lady-glow, the main reason I was initially impressed by this website is reflected in the amazing and thoughtful way you have posted to this young person. I just want to say thank you to you both, for such truly thoughtful and helpful words. I believe each of us has come here seeking answers or insight, and the goodness and light of regulars such as yourselves is positive and supportive. Just wanted to say thank you and cheer you on, as well as offer warm regards to Gemma-rose.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-07)
Greetings, gemmaxrose, and welcome to YGS.

First, I want to stress that you should take each of lady-glow's points about alternative explanations very seriously.

Second, I have a thought for you. *If* this is paranormal in nature, what kind of pressure did you feel? Having someone "touch or grab" your shoulder has two different meanings. A touch on the shoulder is light pressure, as though to get your attention, whereas a grabbing your shoulder would be strong pressure as though restraining you from moving forward.

Because of the difference between these actions, clarity is important; it may make my next thought correct or incorrect, so your memory should be as accurate as possible. My initial reaction was that the presence only *touched* your shoulder; if this is correct, I suspect you have a guardian spirit or angel of some kind that wanted to let you know that it was there. This is ONLY a tentative guess based upon the feeling's repetition, not necessarily connected to the shadowy manifestation in your peripheral vision. I spent years frightened of the memory of a spirit that had grabbed both of my shoulders, but a simple question from valkricry (here on YGS) showed me how innocent & harmless the intent had been. Remembering the events as they occurred (calmly & honestly) can prove to be the most informative experience.

lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-06)
Hello gemmaxrose.

Since you were at PE, - would it be possible that what you experienced were muscle spasms?

There's not enough information in your narrative as to know what is going on, nor to conclude if the events are random or if they are connected in any way.

"my family has had past experiences like... An negative energy that gifted people pick up."

Was the "negative energy" following your relative/s around or did the "gifted people" visit your house and sensed the negativity there?

"The only paranormal experience I've ever experienced was a weird shadow in my house (no, our house isn't haunted or old)... It may seem like anxiety"

Not only old houses can be haunted, sometimes ghosts are attached to the land where a new building has been built. Are you the only one who has seen the shadow? Are you prone to anxiety attacks? If so, are you seeing a therapist?

Try to stay positive, if you practice a religion you could pray and /or use a blessed charm, ask for help if you think things are getting out of control, and avoid pinning the word "paranormal" to any little event without first trying to find all its logical and natural explanations.

Thanks for sharing.

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