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Alice And My Late Night Frights


I've read hundreds of similar stories., most of them relating to creepy houses, late night frights, sleep paralysis, etc... I can't tell you that this is a different story.

I grew up in a new house., located in what used to be cotton plantations. The only odd thing about it is one of my neighbors. My left door neighbor appears to be into some sort of witchcraft (Santeria, Voodoo, don't know really) but I'll leave that for another post in the future. Even though our "issues" didn't begin in this house, they grew a bit larger there. Before I was born my parents used to live in an old house., my older brothers saw an apparition of an old woman in a closet with dirty shoes, they only dared to see the shoes, they couldn't look up. In this same house, my mother always felt that something was following her around, lurking, waiting for the right moment to jump and attack her. The opportunity came to buy the new house and my parents moved to this new place.

Everything seemed fine at first (doesn't it always?), yet our German shepherd kept growling and barking at the stairs for no apparent reason. Later on (1978) I was born., the smallest of 4 children I grew up playing by myself. My siblings were way older than me and were not interested in my games. I remember being always afraid, of what? I honestly can't say, all I knew is that if my mother sent me by myself to go downstairs or upstairs to pick something I would freak out and cried until she sent me with some of my siblings or, went crying all the way expecting to have something menacing and ugly jump at me.

Now to the interesting part. Its 1993 and I'm 14, just got into high school & I met a friend. She came from another town and was into playing with sticks (kind of a rudimentary Ouija board). Being the dumb girl I was I agreed to play with her, most of the times at school. We asked stupid questions like "is Lenny into me?", "am I going to pass Geography?" You get the idea. Then one day, while doing my homework at home I started feeling this presence. It was angry, I knew that it was mad at me. And I started asking questions I don't know how but I started receiving answers. "Who are you I asked?" "Alice", it said. "What do you want?" "you disturbed me", it replied. It began mocking me, telling me that I was worthless and pathetic, that none of my dreams would come true and that I would be miserable always. I didn't say a thing because I was scared of being crazy and that my mind was making this up. Then, came my 15th birthday. My parents threw a small party. A friend of mine brought me a metallic balloon and I left it in my room. Around 4 am I suddenly woke up feeling terrified and looking up I saw the metallic balloon spinning fast in circles right above my head. I began praying so hard that I fell asleep doing it. I didn't say anything to my mom either. She had some issues with one of my older sisters when she was a teenager and I didn't want her to worry about this.

So my late night frights began, always waking up at 4 AM, crying over an immense fear and praying until I fell asleep. It seemed to stop for a while, then, when I was 18 they suddenly came back, the same thing, waking up, 4 AM, irrational fear. I kept seeing in my head this grayish/black foggy like creature in the corner of my room with bright red eyes and hands like claws (the best description I can give you is a Skexis from Dark Crystal). It got to a point where I preferred sleeping in my parents' bedroom floor. My mom just said to me, pray...pray...and I did. We had a French Poodle named Suky then. She used to sleep with me but sometimes she dozed off in my mother's room. One Night I felt her in my bed, right on top of my legs, her movement woke me up, and I just said,- Suky get down-, felt the dog walk in the bed feeling like she was moving towards my head, and then jump down, but then my bed rose up as if a bigger thing crawled underneath it. She was a Toy Poodle, and this felt like a bigger dog, more like a cocker spaniel to me. I immediately rose and kept calling...- suky, sukyy, in a mouse like voice because I couldn't speak louder in fear. I amounted all the courage I had and turned on my bedside lamp. And looked down. Nothing, the dog was not there. I got up, went to my mother's bedroom and woke her up. I turned to her nightstand and right beside it was Suky, fast asleep, even dreaming. She said the same thing, pray. I obviously kept praying and eventually fell asleep again.

When I was about 20 a friend of mine lent me a book called Shadows of the empire, I'm a big star wars geek and love all sci-fi stuff, it was 2AM and I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs and read for a while. At about 3.30 I heard the dog coming down, I couldn't see her, since I was at the living room, then I heard her water plate move like she was taking a late night drink. I started calling her again, suky, suky, but then I heard silence, 2 seconds passed and then my moms birds (she had a couple of parrots) started squeaking like something had scared them out of their wits, then suddenly the loveseat where I was sitting shook, one violent shake. I tried to think rationally and thought "earthquake" since I live above the St Andreas Fault but when I turned to look at the chandelier to see how violent the earthquake could have been. It was perfectly still. I popped up from the loveseat and went to my room, turned on the lights (not to my sister's liking) and stayed there. By now I was getting more annoyed than afraid, so I just kept reading and expecting something else to happen, nothing did.

Small, weird things like this kept happening. We had one of the living room's walls covered with mirrors, and one day my mom wanted them off. So we began taking the glass tiles out. When we finished we saw what appeared to be 6 long moist shapes (humanoid like) in the wall, as if they were mimicking our family. They looked bizarre, in pain, we took a picture but my mother made us erase it. We called a priest and a praying group into the house. They prayed all around, marked some crosses with blessed oil in the walls, poured blessed water in the corners and said everything was fine. (at least for while)

When I was 21 my grandmother died, she lived with us in an annex to our house. She had Alzheimer's. We all felt devastated for her death. My mother took an old picture of when my grandma was 16 and placed it in a beautiful frame to be placed in the living room. As time passed by her expression in this picture began to change, from the bubbly 16 year old whose picture had been taken to this angry, full of rage look that gave us all the chills. My mother had befriended one of the persons from the praying circle and asked her to come around and take a look at the picture. As soon as she laid eyes on it she asked us not to touch it, that it was contaminated by an entity, that she had to bring it herself down. She did so while praying and took it to the backyard, she then informed my mom that the picture would have to be burned. She poured some oil in to it but it just wouldn't burn. Now I'm speaking of a 1940's old picture that should have taken flame almost immediately. Slowly it began to burn, first the corners, then the rest. The last thing that was destroyed were the eyes, those penetrating, full of rage eyes that haunted us as we passed by. The woman went through other pictures and burned others as well, all of them with eerie looking things that appeared out of nowhere like moist stains.

Now I'm 32, Since then my mother prays a lot, I cannot say I do, I have many issues in my life, and feel a little bit of anger towards some of the things that happened to me, but honestly, I do believe in God, I do believe in the Virgin Mary and I know that hey have helped us in times of need.

I'll later post a story relating my sister and an episode where she was haunted by an entity that communicated with her through automatic hand writing.

Please feel free to comment!


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lexhia (2 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-22)
Darkness: Indeed., my neighbor is a huge problem to us. It was worst when we were little and as we grew up things calmed down a bit but she used to do rituals in her backyard I honestly don't know what kind. I always pray a wholy father when she's looking at me haha.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-21)
lexhia: As you have pointed out, your family have all experienced some activity, this I believe may be because you are all spiritually open minded and can perceive these things. I think that what your neighbour was doing may have attracted negative spirits to within your vicinity/area and they have picked up on this, also you playing with "Sticks"!. This is just my explanation as to why you and your family did experience these events! I am glad you no longer fear this entity and you have moved on, well done. Look forward to your next submission. 😊

Thanks for sharing.

lexhia (2 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-21)
My mother did feel something following her when they lived on the old house but that was before I was born., I don't debunk that it could have followed us here. About praying, believe it or not., I do believe praying is the best weapon you have against this sort of things... Sometimes they mess with your head and don't let you articulate (its happened to me a lot) but they totally hate it when you begin praying...
The house feels really calm right now., I sometimes get feelings about things but it seems as though they are passing through., like they are not attached to the house or us.

About the entity., its nature is demonic., I'm 100% sure... Ghosts don't feel that way.,

"you survived all your experiences, which makes you a very strong person "... Thank you for your words Lynrith., even thnough I felt quite weak sometimes, it used to make me feel a lot of rage and anger and my poor family often paid the price.

Thankfully its gone., and it can no longer feed on my fear or my familys'.
lynrinth (guest)
11 years ago (2011-06-21)
Well, you said your mother felt something was following her, and then, started to focus on you? You have tried prayer, and even a priest blessing the house. Have you thought of a full-blown house exorcism? I wonder... Could you, and members of your family have some pyschic abilities, hence why 'it' hangs around? It sounds like a definite negative spirit (duh, yeah I know, like you didn't know that already), I wonder, a demon? Well, you survived all your experiences, which makes you a very strong person. Which is why it couldn't really do anything to you... Except frighten you. Feeding off of your fear, it found a supply with you. Has any other family experience it too? Your anger towards your issues, have to do with your 'ghost' experiences? I hope you have managed to find some peace in your life. You are a strong, and in control person, it sounds like. Even if you have more bad experiences, it seems like you will be fine. You are a survivor. Hope I didn't ramble too bad.
lynrinth (guest)
11 years ago (2011-06-21)
The title of this story sounds like a good fun, horror movie.
lexhia (2 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-21)
everytime something happened I told my mother., yet sometimes I just didn't want to alarm her... They eventually ended up calling the praying circle and helped most of the family... (it turns out almost all of us felt something., from touches, sleep paralysis, etc) I still got some issues though., the people in church calls them false charismas... For example., I look at a person and see nothing., but later on as I remember what I saw I see other things as well., things that were not there when I saw it at first... I know it sounds weird.
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-21)
Did you ever tell your mother or siblings about what you went though and what did they say?

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