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Grandmother's Ring


My nana died in early October of 2005, as I have mentioned before. It was a huge loss for me, with as close as we were; she was like a parent to me as much as a grandparent. I never had any real doubt in my mind that she's still here keeping an eye on things, but she's done a few things to confirm it for me, mostly revolving around a pretty plain ring.

It was late one evening, around half past nine, I think. My younger nephew was having a late night, in his room being a little hellion. He had climbed into his playpen, which set against the wall between my room and his, and was banging the side of it quite hard against the wall. Directly on the other side of the wall against his playpen sat, there's a shelf high on my wall with a few wolf statues, and my computer desk sits catty-cornered against that same wall. I was already frustrated; I just hadn't had a good week and I wanted to get to sleep, but his banging against the wall kept knocking my statues over, I'd set them back up when I thought he was done, and he'd start again. Finally, probably sometime after midnight, he conked out. I got the statues set back up and conked out myself.

I woke up in the morning and went to my computer to get a little writing done; I generally start my mornings with guitar or writing since it wakes me up about as fast as coffee. I happened to glance up to make sure my nephew hadn't woken up and started banging his playpen against the wall again and knocking over my statues, when I noticed something a little off. I didn't have my glasses on yet, so I couldn't quite see what it was, and I stood to get a closer look. Hanging on the nose of one of the statues, one I had set back up the previous night was a ring. It threw me off a little, and I grabbed it and examined it. Silver in color, a little tarnished, a fake tear-shaped gemstone set into it with flowers engraved around it. It had little imperfections in the design of some of the leaves of the flowers. It threw me off a little, but it was early and I still needed waking up before I could do any real thinking over it. I set it on the desk in front of me and went to writing.

As I woke up more, and as my family began to wake up, I got a little more curious. I ended up asking my brother and my sister-in-law about it, and they said they'd never seen it before. My brother mentioned that it looked like something our nana would have worn, both in style and size; she had very slim fingers, as do I, and it fit the middle finger of my left hand perfectly. My thoughts were that she had stopped by at a time when I was having trouble to reassure me that there were still people looking out for me.

A few months later, the ring disappeared. By disappeared, I hardly mean I lost it. I kept it on all the time, really only took it off to wash my hands or to take a shower. I took it off one night and set it on my bathroom counter, along with another ring, a couple necklaces, and a bracelet, before getting in the shower. When I got out, that particular ring was missing. I cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom the next day looking for it, and it was positively nowhere to be found. I double-checked the pockets of the pants I'd been wearing, in case maybe I had absentmindedly pocketed it, but it wasn't there. It seemed to have just gone.

I was a little depressed over the fact that I had somehow managed to lose it, and frustrated that I had no idea how it had been lost in the first place. I didn't tell anyone else of the loss; it wouldn't have seemed such a big deal to anyone besides me, I figured. To everyone else, it was only a ring, after all. To me, it was a gift from my nana, possibly the last gift I would ever receive from her. My family had their own problems to deal with, however, and I kept it to myself.

Another few months passed. I was coming home from the store with my brother and a friend early one evening; the sun hadn't begun to set yet, and it was still very light outside. As I stepped out of the back seat of the van, I happened to catch a glimpse of someone in the open doorway of a house we use as storage, my grandmother and grandfather's first house on the property. As I did a double-take, my friend was opening his door; looking through the window of his door, whoever it was had gone and the front door of the house was closed and locked as it always was, but they had left a very distinct impression on me from that momentary glance. Though I hadn't been thinking about her at all that day, I felt sure it was my nana. I barely caught a glimpse of the figure, really only enough to know that it had been female and nothing else, but something told me it had been her.

Later that same night, entering the bathroom to take a shower, I found that ring in the same spot on the bathroom counter I had remembered placing it months ago, sitting there as though it had always been there. My bathroom had been cleaned more than once since the loss of that ring and it had been nowhere to be found. I was fairly thrilled; though later, I did ask my brother and my sister-in-law if they had found it and left it there. They said they hadn't, and that they hadn't even been aware I'd misplaced it in the first place.

Why it disappeared in the first place, I'm honestly not sure. It could be something else in the house took it; my best guess would be my shadow person, seeing how attached I was too it, took it to send me into a negative spell. I've called upon my mother and my nana to protect me from him before, and it has worked; that alone tells me that he holds some fear of them, and my nana likely could have gotten it back, or found wherever it was he hid the ring and delivered it back to me. I'm as careful with this ring as I ever was before the period in which it went missing, and it still remains on the middle finger of my left hand at nearly any given moment. Think of it what you will, discard it as nonsense, but it is what it is to me. Even if it does seem bogus to you, it's my way of having her with me all the time, and that in and of itself is comforting enough for me.

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geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-28)
Yeah, I have had experiences with my grandmother. For the first one, I don't know if I was going crazy because I was sick. It was during college finals and because of the administrative mistake, I ended up taking three exams in one day with an half hour between each exam. I think I must have worn myself out because of the exams but I ended up having a high fever to the point of my body sweating. At one point I started to feel cooler and felt someone stroking my forehead. I knew it couldn't have been my mother because she went with father to deliver the newspaper and brother and sister were sleeping (they sleep like logs). I actually had gone to the doctor and she gave me some meds and told me that the fever was going to last day but by the time my parents came home around 6 am. My fever broke and I was starting to feel better. I told my parents that I felt my grandmother. My mother believed me but dad said my brain was playing tricks on me because I was sick.
Comma (3 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-27)
geetha50: I actually don't have any pictures of her, and very, very few of my mom; they both hated having their picture taken, so it's limited. It scares me to death to think that I might even forget what they looked like one day. Even with my faulty memory, I still haven't forgotten anything; I hope I never do, but I know that memory can go with age, so... Well, my ridiculous fears aside, I'm really glad you don't think it's bogus; I certainly don't. This is something I can't force myself to be skeptical of, as I'd feel I was insulting her memory if I disregarded what she was placing right in front of me. I am very sorry about your grandmother; have you ever seen her/talked to her in dreams, by any chance? It's a long shot, but I think loved ones who have passed on can visit us in dreams. It's the only way I've had "contact" with my mom since she passed away; she hasn't come to me in broad daylight like my nana has, and I'm actually sort of thankful for that. I'm not at terms enough with her passing away yet to be able to handle it. A year ago, I'd have given anything for her to come wake me up in the middle of the night or something of the sort, but I realize now that it would probably only leave me worse for the wear, wanting her to stay or to see her again when I know she couldn't. But she's in my dreams quite often; sometimes they seem like just plain and simple dreams, but it's a bit different occasionally. It's really difficult to explain exactly how it's different, but there's just some quality that differentiates them from my average dreams, I suppose.

Taz890: I'm glad you think so, and you're quite welcome! I really doubt it was a coincidence myself, but with as accepting as I am of the "unusual", I feel I have to force at least a tiny bit of skepticism into myself so I don't come off as a total putz 😆

DeviousAngel: I wonder that myself xD More than a few odds and ends disappeared and reappeared in odd places shortly after my mom died. One, her favorite perfume went missing, and I found it one night a few months later in the medicine cabinet; I'd been going to get a few ibuprofen to dispel a headache I'd gotten from thinking too much and depressing myself. We also have a spirit of a little girl whose origins I'm not quite sure of; she's been around since we moved to this property when I was nearly five, and she really likes rearranging things and leaving little presents for people.

Misadee135: My nana didn't really come to me at all immediately after she passed away; I'm guessing she knew I wouldn't have been able to take it, the same reason I believe my mom has only come to me in dreams and never when I'm awake. I didn't have any dreams with her for quite some time, and I've only seen her that one time (if it was her; I didn't see her face, but it really felt like her, if that makes any sense at all); finding the ring helped me come to terms quite a bit with all the feelings I blocked out right after she passed away, and she only let me see her after I'd come to terms enough not to go into a total meltdown over seeing her again. Had it been my mom, I know I wouldn't have been able to take it.

Zzsgranny: I hope it did cause him problems, because it was rather unpleasant of him to take it in the first place if he did; I guess karma probably works in more than just our physical realm 😆 Shortly after my mom died, her whole jewelry box disappeared right out from under her bed; it had been there at least a week before she passed away, because we had been looking through it deciding on selling a few things since we were really short on money at the time. Maybe a week after she passed away, my step-dad went to look for it, and the box wasn't anywhere under the bed, wasn't in her closet, wasn't in one of the sheds. We tore apart the house looking for it. No one really knew where it was, and it would have been a rather short period of time for it to have gotten taken in, anyway; it's one of a few things that disappeared after she passed away that still remains missing. I hope it turns up before I move out; I certainly won't be selling any of it, I'd just loving having it as a memento.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
13 years ago (2011-07-27)
Comma: What a great story!...Yeah, it's hard telling where all the stuff that disappears goes before they're returned to the places we've looked a dozen times... Having read your other story, I have to agree that it most likely was the shadow guy... It may have been causing him problems to hold onto it 😆 we can only hope...

Again, great story, and thank you for posting ❤
Misadee135 (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-27)
My grandmother and myself were also that close. She only came into my dreams. I'm happy for you that she left you a beautiful present
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-27)
Aw, this is a great story Comma. Thank you for sharing it! I think it was your nana offering her comfort to you from the other side. Though I always wonder where objects like this go when they vanish? Do they go into some time-space pocket or something? I wonder if somewhere in the universe there is a little stash full of precious things that once belonged to our ancestors.
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-27)
comma this is a sweet story thank for sharing it 😊

Personaly I don't think it was a coincidence that you saw the figure you believe was your nan and then found the ring again, it sounds like a message from her to let you know it was back where it belongs, with you!
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-27)
I don't think its bogus. I would do anything in this world to have something from my maternal grandmother. It hurt like crazy when she passed away and now I only have pictures to remind me of her. If the feel that you get is that of your grandmother then it is her.

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