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Is The Man Really Back?


Me, my mum, and my three year old nephew (not going to use names) were in the bathroom, I was sitting on the edge of the bath, my mum was doing her make-up, and my nephew was playing with his toys.

Suddenly, my nephew stood up, and stared through the door (which was open) for a few minutes. I was just watching him, wondering what he was staring at, then out of the blue, he asked me "Who's that man?" to which I replyed, "Which man? There's no man there?". My nephew had that puzzled look in his face, As if he was going to say "What the heck are you on about?" but this did freak me out a lot!

So once he stopped looking out the door, and carried on playing with his toys, I turned to my mum and I asked her if she heard that? She replyed saying "Hear what?" so I explained to her what happened, she just turned her head and laughed, as if I was only joking about it, but I knew what I heard.

I tried to forget about it whilst I was at school, but it wouldn't leave my mind! That same day, when I got back home from school, my sister (my nephews mum) told me that my mum told her about what my nephew saw. We were talking about it, then my sister explained that my nephew did the same thing during that day, she told me "He asked me 'Who's that man in the garden?'" looking out into our back garden, through the living room window. I was officially jumping out of my own skin by this time.

A few day's passed, and there was no sign of "the man".

My other sister, (who doesn't live with us) came over one day, for a 'girly night' and we brought up the conversation about what my nephew had seen, then my sister (the one that doesn't live with us) told me, that once, when I was fairly young, about three-fourish, the electric had gone out, I was in my parents room, (mine and my sisters at the time) and I ran downstairs screaming, saying that there was "A man" sitting in the wardrobe, coming to get my cousin and sister! I ran into the kitchen, where my mum, dad and sister were sitting, there was me, balling my tears out, whilst screaming! My sister and my cousin were terrified as to what I was saying. When my sister told me about this I was absolutly gobsmacked! I really had no idea about that!

Still, a few more days passed, until my sister mentioned that she was on the phone to one of her friends the other night, whilst getting my nephew into bed, and my nephew stood up in his bed, and stared behind my sister, and said "Mummy, who's that man behind you?". My sister froze for a few seconds, then said to her friend down the phone "Did you hear that?", then once she put the phone down, she said to my nephew "Please don't say things like that sweety, they scare mummy"

And my nephew has never mentioned that man since. But I know the man is still around, because sometimes, I hear my nephew playing with his toys, as if he was playing with other people, like explaining things and stuff, and as if he's having a go at something for not doing it right! I still hear him now, it's just whether he wants people to know he's there or not.

Do you think that it was the same man from when I was younger?

And also if there really is a man here?

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i_am_unknown (16 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-22)
Everyone is right, the ghost doesn't mean any harm but how can you guys not able to sense that he is there.
Justin_9493 (11 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-15)
Thanks for sharing your experinces. I don't have anything more to add than what's already been said. Thanks again.
mojojojoxx (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-10)
Emogaara -Yes, it is very scary, especially in the middle of the night when you can just hear little noises and banging coming from down the hall! 😭 I don't think "the man" has tried to hurt my nephew, but I don't know how to get it out of my nephew to see if the man is still here. And will do! 😊

PandaBear -I don't know the history of my house, all I know is that it's not very old, but maybe you're right about a man had died in this house! And I know, I sometimes get the feeling of being watched! But I just try and forget about it! It's very creepy!

Trix -Yes, I've heard that little children can connect with spirits, I've heard that a lot actually, so I'm just weary that this "man" has been here all those years and we've never noticed! And we've done that before! My sister showed him a picture of my grandad (he had died before my nephew was born) and my sister asked him who that man was, and he straight away answered with "grandad", but he would've reffered the man to "grandad" instead of "that man" it's all too confusing! I'll keep you all posted if any other things happen

Thank-you all ❤
Trix (14 stories) (407 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-07)
Hi mojojojoxx, I like your story. Thanks for sharing. It seems like you've got a ghost that is attach to the house. I'm sure he means no harm, because your three year old nephew is not scared of him. Your little nephew is sensitive to the paranormal and if there were more than this ghost of a man, then I'm sure he would have spotted them as well. I think it might be this man playing with your nephew. He seems like a kind ghost because he doesn't scare the little boy, not even though your little nephew is having a go at something for doing it not right. It almost sounds like a grandpa type of figure if you look at this behaviour. It would help though if you could get more information about the history of the house and the land. There is a change though that it could be a deceased family member watching out for you and your family. Did you ever tried and show some old pictures to your nephew and see if he might recognise the man on a picture? I saw my grandpas' sisters' husband in her house, and recognised him on one of the family photos one day when she shared old memories with me showing me all the photos. Take care, and keep us posted please. Trix. ❤
PandaBear (guest)
11 years ago (2011-08-06)
Dunno, maybe. Maybe the "Man" had died in the house and decided to "hang around" for a while. As long as he's doing no harm then isn't it OK but the olny thing is he might be watching you all day long, creepy. 😕 😕 😕
Emogaara (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-06)

This sounds a bit scary, I would hate it if any of my family spotted this 'man'. If this 'man' hasnt tried to hurt your nephew, then you shouldnt be so worried but keep an eye out for it because you may never know. If it does end up hurting your nephew or any of your family then I strongly suggest that you seek some help. Good luck, and please keep us all informed of this or any other matters:) <3

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