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Our Former House Was Haunted


Our old house was big and it is owned by the mother of my aunt's husband. Since it is big, our aunt invited us to live there so my parents decided to leave the condo and moved there.

It is divided into 2 floors. Ours is below. The garage beside it is wide that can be parked with at least 8 cars. There are 2 main doors, one is ours, with 2 rooms upstairs and 2 rooms below, the living room and the other was used as a store. The other is the second huge spacious room that contains 2 rooms at the second floor and a wide living room and that time it was rented by a private school which teaches kindergarten. Those main doors are at the right side. In front of the garage, was an upstairs with 2 rooms, and not occupied (dark and we always see shadows there). Below of it was a way to the rest room and a separated cooking place.

That house was really haunted and we did not know it. Our house is connected by a sliding door to the other side that was rented by the private school, so they locked up that sliding door and put a curtain and blocked with a table.

The teacher complains to my parents and said not to let us (me, my older and younger sister) peep at the window of the sliding door because it distracts the students. The students said that a kid was waving to them.

My parents were shocked and said that they put a table there and that we are so young to climb up, I'm just 3 that time and my younger sister is 1. They asked my older sister (7) but she said she do not, and it is impossible because she is always going to school (grade 1).

My parents also told them that they hear loud sounds of moving chair at night and just thought it is from the second floor (aunt's) but it is too far. Some guards are also telling stories of seeing a white lady walking across the terrace. (Guard house is near our house because it I block 1 of the phase of subdivision).

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