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My story starts back when I was 12 in Tennessee my parents third house which we've been living in for about 11 years now. Until that time I had never expierenced anything paranormal and no one else in the house had either.

The year was 2004 and my little bro and I were living in the same room with bunk beds. I don't remember why but we both slept on the bottom bunk that night and everything was cool. The next moring I woke up to find a big black hand over my face stretched out like it was trying to cover my whole face. I was scaried to death and covered my head under my blanket. I then poked my head back out and saw a tall, black silhouette figure walking out of my room. This was pretty early in the morning like sixish so I was the only one awake and no one else in the family saw or heard anyhting. They all thought I was imagining it and just dismissed it.

The next encounter with this thing was after we had an addition done to our house in 2006. Three new rooms were added including my new room, my sisters room, and a playroom. One night all my siblings and I were sleeping on a streched out futon in the playroom. I woke up in the middle of the night and was feeling all hot and sweating and then immediately started to get a feeling of dread. I looked around to see if anyone was awake and as I did I saw a white cloudy looking thing right behind where I was sleeping. As instinct I buried my head in my covers and feel back asleep. (I know this isn't the black thing but just thought I should mention it)

By this time I think my brother and sister had started to hear and see things out of the corner of their eye but nobody had seen the full body thing, and even I had not seen the thing until I was about 15. It was in the middle of the night and I just woke up with a jolt and was just laying in my bed in my addition room. I was shuffling around in my bed to go back to sleep when I saw something standing in front of my window. I looked and there was the tall black silhouette standing there. I covered my head and just layed there. I had that feeling of dread and just intense fear and knew this thing was not good.

The next few times I saw this thing was over the next few years and it was standing in front of the window and I would always just be completely terrified of it. I told my parents and they took olive oil and went around blessing the house.

Then the most freakiest time I encountered the thing was when I was either 17 or 18 years old and was sleeping in my room. Woke up and right on the side of my bed looking straight into my face was the black silhouette. I just flipped and covered my head. I was breathing so freaking heavily and was just completely terrified. The feeling of just horrible dread and fear was back. All I did for what felt like forever was just sit there and peek out my covers. The creepiest part about it was that it had a neck and shoulders and looked like it was crouching there looking at me and not just some floating head. Also, when I was peeking out my covers it was bobbing its head back and forth like it was looking for me.

Since then, I haven't seen the full figure again. I still get a paranoid feeling when walking around my house and will still see out the corner of my eye something, or hear a voice that calls my name.

I have done a good amount of research into this thing and pray about it and ask friends about it but still I need some more info cause there are some other things that happened to me and I can't tell if they were real or not and might have something to do with this spirit. All I know that this spirit or demon or whatever it is was not good in any way and may still be affecting me in what I draw and feel around it the house, especially in my room. Please respond with some info and thanks for reading.

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johnnyrebelghost1861 (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-03-12)
Ma'am the best thing to do is go get blessed and wear a blessed cross necklace and a blessed cross over your bed. Read the Lords Pray each and ever night before bed
Bonifaz (2 stories) (51 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-28)
I agree that the thing you have seen is indeed a black shadow. It is true that there are good and bad ones. In your case I would say that he is harmless, probably connected to your house or the ground where it was built. He seems to be interested in you, not to say that he likes you, as you are the only member of your family he is trying to make contact with and never tried to do you any harm.

I would contact a medium to find out who he is, and why he is there. Maybe he is a spirit trapped on earth, and you can help him to finally go to the other side.
Reaver11 (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-11)

The dreadful feeling I had would start the moment I would wake up or be around it even if I didn't see it so that to me was a bad sign as is, and the thing started appearing before the renovations and got worse afterward so the renovations would be a big factor in why the activity heated up.

Thank you everyone for the comments but another thing I want to know is there anyway to re-establish communication with it. Its been a while since its done anything. At most ill still get the paranoid feeling and my room still feels uncomfortable, but I'm not tallking ouiji board stuff or any rituals, what I mean is there anyway to discover its intentions were? And also has anyone ever heard of spirits like this affecting dreams and what people think?

Once again thank you all for the comments
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-09)

When did the renovations begin on the home... When you were 12, or were they started and completed in 2006?

I ask because the activity may have started because of the work going on in the home...

You've said you felt this (I'll quote)..."feeling of dread and just intense fear" you go on to say that you know this Spirit is 'not good'. Gut feelings can go a long way in helping 'determine' what 'intent' a Spirit has... So here's my question... Is this feeling that you get simply because you are 'Scared' of something you do not understand or is your 'feeling' a true 'gut reaction' to what you 'feel' from this Spirit.

I know a Basic cleansing Ritual and I'll gladly share it with you, it's yours for the asking... Thank you for sharing this experience with us and Please keep us updated.


zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-08-08)
ghostGuy: Although I am intrigued by your handbook, I'm going to ask you to put that info on your profile, and try to keep it out of your posts... Your knowledge may be invaluable, but we frown upon "spamming" the site... Looking forward to your helpful comments... 😊
ghostGuy (45 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-08)
Any occurrence is a good opportunity for communication with an entity. Let whatever is there
Know that they are sensed and not especially wanted around.
Be strong.

Mark Kerman
Handbook For The Recently Haunted
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-08)
This entity sounds like a negative one, but not necessarily a hostile one. It seems like the type to feed off of fear. The best thing that you can do is really tell yourself not to be afraid of it, do not believe for a moment that it can hurt you, and if you sense it nearby tell it out loud to go away. I would say be polite, but be firm. Do not let things mess with you in your own home. If you have any more encounters with this entity, there are some knowledgeable users here who can tell you how to cleanse yourself and your home.
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-08)
Good point on asking others for cleansing rituals, champion. But I wouldn't be so sure that all shadow entities are harmless. In a way, all spirits are like living people, some are good and some are bad. I've heard of pretty aggressive shadow spirits, while others remain docile and out of the way. Just letting you know, nothing paranormal can be covered with a blanket statement.
champion (3 stories) (172 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-08)
sounds like a shadow person to me and from most of the other stories I've read they are harmless but if you want rid of this there are some other posters who have cleansing rituals that will be more than happy to assist you. Thanks for sharing!


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