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Sharon Is Always Around


I go to Savannah for my birthday every year. I had bought a book called Haunted Savannah. Well I was writing all the places I wanted to go the next day on a piece of paper on a clip board that had a pen hooked on it. It was getting really late and my boyfriend was asleep, and I just dropped my clipboard on the floor beside our bed. (Our hotel is only two years old).

The next morning we go down stairs to eat breakfast and when we went back up to the room I was going to start marking them on my map. I picked the clip board up and it was still the same way I had laid it. I got to looking at my paper and there were all these S's on it but they kind of looked like $ or SH. I asked my boyfriend why he wrote on my paper because I am a very neat. He swore up and down he didn't write it, which I knew he couldn't of because he asleep before me and we went down stairs together.

Later that day we had went to palm reader woman and I asked her what did she think about it and I told her about what happened. She said I didn't have any thing to worry about, that it is a female sprit that passed away not to long ago on my side of the family and she was always with me. It meant that there was going to be change, finically. My boyfriend was going to start a new job Monday Aug 1. That isn't all. My step mama passed away in Feb and her name was Sharon.

My daddy and she were going out for their birthday which was Jan 7 was hers and my daddy's was Jan 8. They had been out drinking and driving, and my dad lost the control of the car and they crashed into a field. It was really bad. My dad broke his neck and banged his head up really bad and his wife Sharon wasn't ever going to be able to walk again. She started getting better and they put her in a rehab so they could help her learn to do some things on her own, but she had a trake and he son had went home that night because she was doing so good. Her trake got clogged up and she couldn't breath but the nurses brought her back but it was a little too late she was brain dead.

The paper that was marked on the whole word house was marked out. I had wrote down the Willink House, because it has a haunted past. I was freaked out because it made me feel like she wants me to keep an eye on my daddy and the house, or to tell me happy birthday! It was insane.

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bacchaegrl (506 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-22)
I'm with D/A. I'm not sure what really happened here, other than you experienced a great loss. And I'm sorry about that. The rest of the story makes little sense to me. I guess something weird happened, but I don't really understand exactly what it was.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-22)
Sorry, but I had a hard time following this story... There were some things that did not make sense. But I am sorry to hear about the accident and the state it left your dad and his wife in.
PhenoBarbiDoll (10 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-21)
Interesting story! Thank you for sharing 😁. That's pretty weird what happened with the paper on the clipboard - did the psychic explain at all what the changes to your words meant? That to me is pretty significant, as if who or what it was was trying to communicate in some way. I would think she would've told you why this lady would even do that as they could've done other simpler things to get your attention.

I personally have never seen a psychic because I'm very skeptical - a lot of them are fake and it's really hard to determine which psychics are real or not. Do you remember this ladies name or place of business's name? And the fact that you told her what happened is kind of weird to me - don't tell the psychic anything, because if reputable she would've picked up on it without your help. I myself do want to try it... Although I'm a little worried I might go to a 'real' one and find out something I don't want to know. X.X

Also, always trust your gut instinct and I'm not trying to scare you or anything, just giving my thoughts on the matter; but I kind of get the creepy feeling as Terri does when reading that the word 'house' was scratched out. Only because usually if you want to define a word or point it out specifically you underline or italicize it - not strike through the word which has a negative, or 'mistake' or a don't go there type connotation to it. Did you ever get to actually explore those places? If so, did you go to that house and did anything happen? If it's a protective spirit maybe they were warning you not to go there - who knows.

Have you had any other experiences since then?

Thanks again and good luck to you! ❤
TerriLewis123 (1 stories) (93 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-20)
Wow, this story is very interesting. Speaking of intoxicated, I'm a little, so I may be a little paranoid. It kind of bothers me that the word house was scratched out, almost like it's something you should avoid. But it's probably best to go with your instincts. I went to a psychic. It was a nice experience.

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