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Grandfather Passing Away and my Fever


It all started when I was 13 year old, I saw a shadow figure with red eye in my backyard. When I was 15 year old, I saw a white orb past my mother room to my room, out the window to my next door neighbor's house, it freak him out so bad, he fell in his toy box. When I was 18 year old, I heard a voice calling my name at times when I was home alone.

I was at school when it happened again, this time it said "Come with me..." Of course I shrugged it off because I thought my mind was playing tricks with me.

On November 8, 2004, my grandfather past away. That day I was supposed to die too because I got sick with a high fever. I was told by my mother to lay down on the couch but I said I couldn't do it because I was going to die if I laid down. It was 8:00pm when this happened, my grandfather passed away at the same time and I got worst. I was crying so bad because it hurt at that time. My mother decided to call my dad who was up with my grandfather. My dad got worried about me also because I was really sick and he thought I might died too.

Later my mom told me that my grandfather passed away and I cried so much because I was so connected to him. Later that night, while I cried myself to sleep, I saw this shadow figure next to me, it sat on my bed and I quietly slept. I thought to myself that it was my grandfather trying to cheer me up. I started hearing more voices calling my name.

Now I'm 20 year old, every now and then I would hear voices and coughing like an old man. I have been possessed by a demon for a while, but I kicked it out of my body because I'm very strong in spiritual power I was born with and I got rid of it.

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BeLiVe3368 (17 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-25)
To tell you the truth, I think (in my opinion) that you were feeling the pain your grandfather was feeling when he was dying. God knows when it is time for a soul to go to Heaven. I'm sorry for the loss of your grandfather, my grandfather passed away for almost 3 years now. I wasn't very connect with him, but we still talked to each other like friends.

Just remember that your grandfather is still with you.

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